More Reactions

The proof is in the pudding. My first semester, I busted my ass. I studied more in one semester than in 4.5 years of undergrad. I made B's & C's. I took LEEWS (audio CD program). The next semester I made all A's & B's, won the "Best Brief" award, and Am Jur'd LRWII!

— Wes Hobbs, South Texas College of Law '08 (repeating LEEWS as a 2L)

I'm a 2nd semester 2L. I'm kicking myself for not taking this a year ago.

— Sean Foster, Georgia State U. '08 (taking LEEWS as a 2L)

I've already started recommending [LEEWS] to people. I ended up at the top of my class last year, made law review, and have interviews, callbacks, and offers from the best firms in the country. Studying definitely played a large role, but the help from LEEWS was invaluable in aiding that study. I came to Cornell from a school that was not a top tier undergrad. To do so well is a testament to LEEWS, and how it helps you sift through the multitude of material and get to the meat professors want to see on an exam. I fared far better than I expected. Thanks so much.

— Sean Akins, Cornell '07

A friend at Georgetown took LEEWS and scored the highest in two of his classes. Great lecturer.

— Lawrence Wu, Columbia '99

[Mr. Wu took LEEWS as a 1L. He was editor-in-chief of the Columbia Law Review for 1998-99.] All of the 2nd year students I spoke to who did poorly on their first semester exams (about 8) took this program and got on the Dean's list. Some went from low C's to A's.

— Althea Kippes, Golden Gate U. (SF) '93

I wasn't going to come. I made that choice last semester. Three weeks ago I ran into one of the A's in my class, and I was surprised to find that 7 of the 10 A's attended LEEWS. Needless to say, I signed right up.

— A. Jarrett, Temple '91 [A.J. proceeded to raise every grade a full point and make dean's list.]

I was truly astounded by the program. It matched up to all of the guarantees, quotes, statements in your advertising. I cannot believe how much this class simplified the things that I feel I need to think about and focus on. I also feel much more confident both in terms of effectively using my preparation time and in terms of taking my actual exams. All law schools should offer this class.

— Gabrielle Prisco, NYU '03 [Gabrielle made law review and became a teaching assistant.]

Provides information for taking an exam that would be impossible to get elsewhere or come up with on your own. Makes the idea of taking the exam manageable. Fear is diminished by having the right tools.

— Nicole Bussi, UC Hastings '07

I feel like I'm cheating coming here. I would've paid 5X the price had I known this course was going to be so invaluable!

— Jason Glantz, U. San Diego '05

I feel fortunate to have had an opportunity to attend LEEWS. This is instruction that law students should receive IN LAW SCHOOL. The law school enterprise should consider it an embarrassment that it fails to impart these skills to its students.

— Vince Hammer, North Carolina Central U. '05




Student Reactions to LEEWS

NOTE: We no longer post live program reactions. Live programs will be occurring with less frequency. Moreover, reactions have remained a constant.

The many posted accurately convey appreciation, even wonderment students have long expressed respecting both the live and audio versions of LEEWS. Transitioning from academic learner/thinker to reasonable facsimile of practicing lawyer thinker/learner (learning – finally! – how to analyze "as a lawyer"), while also acquiring proven effective systems – for methodically, yet efficiently identifying issues in any fact pattern; presenting analysis in concise paragraphs; day-to-day, week-to-week preparation – and much more is game changing. Law school becomes more than doable.

…900+ attested(!!) reactions from law students at over 190 Schools

(including prelaw reactions; British Am. Univ. and Concord [on the internet] are listed under California Southern.)

Very enlightening and, I hope, helpful. I'd actually prefer two days — or 1 1/2 so we could practice more in class with feedback. Mr. Miller is fantastic and should be teaching somewhere! 

— Agnes Felton, Arizona State U. '09, reacting to a live LEEWS program (See her followup e-mail below.)

[LEEWS note: Mr. Miller IS teaching somewhere! Over 30 live programs each year to many more students than any law professor.]

Your program was great. I bought the audio program [first semester] and then took the live program in LA my second semester. First semester my highest grade on an essay final was 86. Second semester I received two 89's, a 93, and a 95, and I know your program helped. It makes you think a different way about the problems, and avoid coming to a conclusion too soon and ignoring the other side of the argument. I will recommend your program to anyone looking or help. Thanks.

— June '07 e-mail from Ms. Felton (an older student pursuing a second career)

I want to thank you for the help that I received by way of the CD's [LEEWS audio program] I ordered.  My GPA was about 2.49 after my first year, and I had seen more grades with the letter C than I care to enumerate.  I listened to the program [and, we trust, did the exercises interspersed throughout, and also the follow up practice exercises], utilized the strategy, and my grades this last semester [fall '08]were much better (A, A-, B+, B, B).  Put simply, it worked.  Thanks.

— February '09 e-mail from Joseph Moore, Pepperdine '10.


Toward the end of a live LEEWS program every attendee receives an evaluation questionnaire — rate the program, presentation, and materials; what was liked, disliked, etc. A space is provided for comments. If permission is granted to reproduce the remarks on this website and elsewhere, the attendee is requested to sign his or her name. LEEWS NEITHER SOLICITS NOR PAYS FOR ANY ENDORSEMENT.

Over 95 percent of attendees take the time to fill out the questionnaire, in itself a remarkable endorsement. Understandably, the vast majority are unsigned. We have wonderful reactions we won't print, because they are unattested. Therefore, despite (possibly many) students having attended, there may not be a reaction from a school. However, some students do attest their remarks. In addition we occasionally receive letters describing how helpful LEEWS has been. Permission has been given to print excerpts from some of these letters in the RESULTS section of this website.

Think about it. You have to be pretty impressed with a program to associate your name and reputation with it for all the world to see, especially friends and classmates, and especially (in most instances) before the results of upcoming exams are in. Therefore, we hope you will appreciate the enthusiasm and sincerity behind each attendee reaction.

The overwhelming majority of attendees rate LEEWS "valuable" to "very valuable," the presentation "excellent," the materials "good" to "excellent." Few rate LEEWS merely "useful." Only 1 in 200 or so rate it "so-so," or a "waste of time." We think these extremely rare negative reactions reflect the circumstance that some are looking for a "magic bullet," not a programmatic approach that assures success, but requires some effort.

We make law school easier, in the sense of imparting confidence, making it a GAME, enabling you to know exactly what you want to do and why, not just on exams, but day by day, week by week, throughout the term, and enabling you to avoid time-wasting missteps (e.g., excessive briefing and note taking). But law school will never be easy. It will always involve hard work.

If there is no evaluation from your school, ask around. (Your law review is a likely place to find a LEEWS grad [!!]. For example, in 2000-2001 40% of members of law review at Washington University [St. Louis] including the editor-in-chief took LEEWS as 1Ls. 25% of members of law review at Duke did the same.) Or call us for a reference (1-800-765-8246). 5-25% of students at most of over 170 law schools have taken LEEWS.

Reactions of hundreds of current and (the best of) former students from over 190 law schools in over 40 states follow.

Nearly 1,000 Reactions of LEEWS participants from over 190 schools grouped by state

Law schools are listed alphabetically by state. Click on the state and scroll to the school to view student reactions. We have many more than the ones listed, over 99 percent positive. However, excepting schools from which we have only a few signed reactions, only reactions of current students and those of former students that continue to be instructive are listed. This still approaches 1,000 from over 190 law schools. Internet schools — e.g., British American, Concord — are listed under California (southern). Scroll beyond Wyoming listings for prelaw student reactions.

Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California (Northern)
California (Southern) Colorado Connecticut Delaware District of Columbia
Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois
Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana
Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota
Missouri Mississippi Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire
New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota
Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island
South Carolina Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont
Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming


University of Alabama School of Law

Toya Johnson '11 —  I spoke to Tiffany Johnson (quoted below).  Valuable.  The program is very inspirational.  Presenter [Mr. Miller] seemed very knowledgeable.

Natasha Snow '10 —  Very valuable.  It is a great program.  Outstanding.  Thank you very much!!!!

Tiffany Johnson '08 — Very helpful! Was very skeptical, but it was very informative. Entertaining! I only wish it was longer.

David Mink '08 — Now I know why the upperclassmen who cared about my performance recommended LEEWS.

Kandice Pickett '07 — Very entertaining and engaging. I felt I learned more in 7-8 hours than in half a semester in law school. It was very effective.

Jay Averitt '05 — Miller's presentation was excellent. He keeps you entertained for the full seven hours. I believe the program has provided an excellent basis for tackling exams.

Tiara Young '05 — I was definitely skeptical about attending. LEEWS gave me the precise tools I needed to improve my exam and general writing skills. I am glad I came.

Samford University Cumberland School of Law

Jonathan Wilson '04 — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation. LEEWS gave in depth analysis of essential study habits my professors merely referenced one time. I feel I have a meaningful way to study for exams.

Jones School of Law

Alicia Briancon '12 — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation. I almost backed out at the last minute, but I am so thankful that I did not. Mr. Miller really helps give you a systematic approach to attack the mind-bender that is the "law school exams."

Stephen Slocum '12 — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation. You do not chage enough.

Priscilla Duncan '97 — Without an idea of how to take legal essay exams, I limped through my first semester. This course should be mandatory for all first year law students.

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We are not aware of any law schools in Alaska. 


Arizona State University School of Law [Note that ASU students typically order the audio program.]

Agnes Felton 09 (2nd term) — Very enlightening and, I hope, helpful. I'd actually prefer two days — or 1 1/2 so we could practice more in class with feedback. Mr. Miller is fantastic and should be teaching somewhere! (See followup quote following!)

Agnes Felton '09 (via e-mail, June '07) — Your program was great. I bought the audio program [first semester] and then took the live program in LA my second semester. First semester my highest grade on an essay final was 86. Second semester I received two 89's, a 93, and a 95, and I know your program helped. It makes you think a different way about the problems, and avoid coming to a conclusion too soon and ignoring the other side of the argument. I will recommend your program to anyone looking or help. Thanks.

[LEEWS note: Ms. Felton is an older student pursuing a second career.]

Blair Moses '10 —  Very valuable.  Extremely well presented facts with a great deal of application.  This made the information easier to understand and more applicable.

Lyle Jones '04 (attended live program in LA) — When compared with my practice exam and feedback from my professor, I can see how much better I would have done and how much better I plan on doing come finals. Thanks.

Joquese Blackwell '04 — Outstanding course! I would recommend it to any law student!

Arjun Mody ’03 — Very valuable. Gives legal knowledge head and shoulders above what anybody else has showed me.

Gale Burks '90 — My grades increased by eight points. I wish I had learned of the course as a first year.

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University of Arkansas School of Law — Fayetteville

Carrie Robbins '00 — The program presented a completely new type of thinking for me. I would never have attacked a problem in this manner on my own. It's very insightful.

R. Charles Wilkin III '99 — I feel like I've been given the key to exams that no one else will have. I can't wait to try it out.

University of Arkansas School of Law — Little Rockk

Connie Phillips '00E — I was quite skeptical that spending one day would significantly help me to organize a semester of work. I was wrong. The method is easy, understandable, and can be practiced immediately.

Lisa Walton '09 — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation.

Whitney Moore ’03 — This program is essential to a first year student. Without it your exam skills will never reach their full potential.

Jill Stewart ’03 — This class was very helpful. I thought it would probably be slightly boring, but it was fun! Thanks.

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California (Northern)

Boalt Hall (U.C. Berkeley)

[Click Results — to see letter to LEEWS from Randall Aiman-Smith, Boalt '85, attorney, and writing instructor at UC Hastings law.]

Jim Philiou '94 (who went on to make law review) — I checked LEEWS out with upperclassmen. It actually changed my attitude from fear to eagerness.

Matthew Staples '04 — Very valuable program. I had purchased the tapes, but wanted the "full experience" of the live program. I'm glad I chose to attend so I could reinforce the LEEWS techniques.

California Northern College of Law

Monika Brockway '09E — This course should be a prerequisite of every law school! Well worth the time and money. A professor recommended LEEWS.

Shellie Pyle '08E — Very valuable. I wish I'd known about this when I was researching LSAT/law schools. We were all blindsided on our first midterms!

Ed Wetta '08E — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation.

U.C. Davis

Christy Johnson ’02 — Very Valuable. Mr. Miller’s approach established and validated his credibility immediately and throughout the day. When I read a comment on the brochure that the "time flew" I laughed. It seemed “canned” and insincere. But I now completely concur. I only wish Mr. Miller taught all my law school classes.

Justin Bosch '08 — Valuable program. Excellent presentation. Particularly liked Mr. Miller's energy and clarity.

Chad Mahalich '07 — Definitely enjoyed this, and I think it showed me where the trees go in the forest.

Greg Adler '04 — LEEWS cleared up the exam taking fog. I now have a clear vision of what is expected of me by my professors, but more importantly I know how to give them what they want.

Jason Baez ’03 — The LEEWS seminar was gold. I went in completely unprepared for exam writing, and left more than confident.

Steven Cannata ’03 — Valuable program. 2nd and 3d year students highly recommended LEEWS. [Mr. Miller] was enthusiastic, entertaining, and insightful.

Empire College of Law

Jason Thwaites '13E — Valuable program. Law school is like climbing Everest. Coming in I was looking for a helicopter ride to the summit. Then I came back down to earth. This program gave me better ice shoes, a better pick, and a warm sleeping bag. Quite useful even though I still have to climb by myself.

Bill Mullan '03 — Very valuable. [Mr. Miller] is direct and on point with the real issues facing law students — i.e., survival, how to approach hypotheticals with a meaningful system, organization, competence (thinking like a lawyer), and using a lawyer's tools.

Karen Tynan '01E — This is my second time. My average at the end of first year — 74. My average last semester after taking your course — 84. And I think I can improve even more.

C. McBeath '01 — Very valuable program. The IRAC method as discussed in our school does not get a student past the intimidation stage. LEEWS does! Provides a direct approach to writing that first sentence.

Golden Gate Univ. School of Law

[Click Results — to see letter to LEEWS from Randall Aiman-Smith, onetime GG student and currently a lawyer and writing instructor at UC Hastings law, who transferred to Boalt after taking LEEWS (where he made law review).]

Kim Hunter '85 — Without this approach, one has difficulty understanding how to use IRAC effectively, if at all.

Althea Kippes, '93 — All of the 2nd year students I spoke to who did poorly on their first semester exams (about 8) took this program and got on the Dean's list. Some went from low C's to A's.

Scott Temby '92 — I took LEEWS last year, and my grades improved almost a full letter from midterms!

Wesley Hassler '04E — This is the single most important course not offered in law school!

Jessica Franzen '02 — This program is great! I cannot wait to try it out! It has given me a new and enlightened perspective on law school. I love it!

Carol Tran '06 — Very valuable. You [Mr. Miller] are an absolutely amazing speaker! The note-taking and organization tricks presented are the best advice I have received since starting law school.

[LEEWS note: we offer no "tricks." However, going from page-long to 2-4 line case briefs and taking less than a page of class notes WILL seem like a wonderful trick.]

Hui Yeo '06 — It was mostly nothing new that I hadn't already been doing or had considered in the past, BUT [original emphasis] Mr. Miller organized it in a way that made it possible to execute quickly on an exam situation.

[LEEWS note: We think about 85 percent of what we offer is advice that can be found elsewhere, but it has not been put together the way we have. Moreover, the 15 percent makes all the difference. We seriously doubt Mr. Yeo has heard before or thought of, and our unmatched instruction on how to "think like a lawyer."]

(U.C.) Hastings College of the Law

[Click on — Results — to see letter to LEEWS from Randall Aiman-Smith, UC Hastings writing instructor and LEEWS grad.]

Heidi Hansen '12 — The information seems very applicable. I'm looking forward to putting it to the test. At the very least, it offers me a platform I can confidently launch from.

Nicole Bussi '07 — Provides information for taking an exam that would be impossible to get elsewhere or come up with on your own. Makes the idea of taking the exam maneageable. Fear is diminished by having the right tools.

Robin McCall '07 — Very valuable. Lucid, fast paced, very funny, and on point.

Jordan Silber ’02 — Your materials promised I could compete for A’s. I didn’t imagine that I could get all A’s – but that’s what I did.

Brian Collins ’02 — Very valuable. 3 people in my study group attended last semester, and they got straight A’s.

Heather Abelson '02 — Very Valuable. I immediately saw what I should do differently. When I attacked problems with the LEEWS tools, everything became clear.

Alex Saksen '00 — Very valuable. A nice balance of clear but extremely useful information and tactics for exams. The program literally brought a method to the madness of law school.

Humphreys College of Law

Ken Hedberg '00 — Excellent. Looking forward to applying principles.

John F. Kennedy School of Law

Ralph Carter '10E — Very valuable program.

Tracy Wright '05E — Boy, I think this is going to be a big help. I'm glad I came.

Lovenia Glaude '04E [as a 2L] — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation. Great info.

Dana Dean ‘03E — Very valuable. After 9 months of law school, my friends and I understand we are not getting all we need to excel from our classes and individual study. We need the kind of precision you discussed. Thanks.

Janet McAfee '01 — Excellent presentation. We were shown how to identify less obvious, but critical exam issues by adopting "lawyerlike" analysis. That is, look for additional ways to win your client's case.

John F. Kennedy School of Law

Ralph Carter '10 —  Very valuable program.  I would like to be a rep.

Lincoln University School of Law

Norman A. Boatman ’02 (as a 2L) — I did both Flemings and LEEWS. LEEWS is by far superior. I have some learning disabilities, and LEEWS took the fear and mystery out of briefing cases, course outlining, exam outlining, and simplified my writing. I believe LEEWS may save my career. Thank you, Wentworth.

Kathy Bailey '08E — Very valuable. Excellent presentation. Particulerly liked the step-by-step approach.

Frank Denby '06E — I was about ready to throw in the towel, but LEEWS has given me a clear path out of the morass.

University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law

Bridget Riley '99 — A professor had heard good things about LEEWS. Reduced a lot of anxiety about exam taking. I feel more in control — looking forward to "playing the game." Kristopher Carpenter '09 (2nd term) — I was highly skeptical at first, but after the instruction I felt a hundred times more confident about my essay exam taking abilities. I actually look forward to using the system I learned on my Spring exams!

Jose Diaz '08 — Truly useful way to approach a 1st year filled with confusion. Mr. Miller is incredible. He seems to work without notes or anything! Truly impressive.

Theresa Rea '03 — I was very nervous about my analysis and unsure of how exactly not to be "conclusory." LEEWS has provided a method that I can use confidently in any exam.

Caleb Lihn '02 — The supposed "art of issue spotting" was broken down into a simple method in a matter of hours. My ph3>Northwest Calif. U. School of Law (on the internet)

Andrew Schulman '08E — This is the material that law schools should be teaching! I wish I attended a full term course like this. (Also attended Fleming's.)

San Francisco School of Law

Shari Taylor '03E — Attending LEEWS gave me the confidence I needed to not only take, but take with enthusiasm my first law school exam — a midterm in the next 24 hours.

University of San Francisco School of Law

Rosemary LaPuma '89 — I have always been skeptical of this type of workshop. But I heard good things from friends who took the course. I feel confident I will master exam taking now that I have a system.

Victoria Reierstad '07 — Very valuable program. Gave me the tools not to panic.

Amy Van Prooyen '98 — I learned more in one day about mastering law school than in my entire first semester.

Dawn Balzarano '02 — Very Valuable. Motivated me to welcome upcoming exams as opportunities. Definitely worth the price.

J. McIntyre '02 — O. W. Holmes meets Tony Robbins meets George Carlin.

Santa Clara University School of Law

Susan Lake '05 — Valuable course. Excellent presentation. LEEWS was recommended by an attorney I used to work for.

Vishad Dewan '10 —  This was a fantastic experience.  Very valuable program.  Excellent presentation and materials.  These are precepts that my law school should have introduced the summer before my first semester.  Better late than never here!

Magi Yang '10 —  Very valuable.  Engaging and enlightening, but long.

Nancy Haley '10 — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation and materials.

Joseph Myszka '07 — Very good and insightful. Much better than any school-provided program and definitely worth the money.

Patricia Massey ’03 (2nd term) — When I walked out of my first exam I told my study group that I needed a systematized way to approach my next exam. This is just what I was looking for! Now I’m not fearful. I’m energized!

Alex Chung '02 — I think I've finally figured out how to tackle the law school exam monster. Mr. Miller guides you from start to finish in a way you believe will actually work! Now that's teaching.

Stanford University Law School

Ann Pease '95 — I learned more about lawyering in a $75 seminar than I did in my entire $18,700 first year at Stanford.

Jacqueline Sutton '99 — Mr. Miller is witty, captivating, and halts boredom as it begins to creep in. I was not going to attend, but I am very pleased that I invested a mere eight hours of my time. The course, inter alia, gives you the confidence to begin to tackle the exam hypothetical. I also liked the way he brought his approach full circle by discussing class prep methods.

Michael Camunez '98 — The best thing about this program is that it eliminated my unwarranted fear of the exam- taking process. I feel I've definitely acquired tools and a method of analysis that will help me survive the exams — and that's a big step up from where I was at 9:00 this morning!

Jeff Jordan '98 — Epiphanous! I expected to be hoaxed, but figured for the price I'd take a chance. Rather than being hoaxed, I discovered how to take law exams. This is the best money I've spent on law school yet. My only complaint — it should be longer (2 days).

Cathleen Donohoe ’03 — I took the week-long BAR-BRI class. I think this was much more effective in preparing me to write law school exams. This class was excellent. I think it will help me be a more effective lawyer as well. Thanks!

Corene Kendrick ’03 — Learned issue spotting (finally!), and in the course of seven hours learned more black letter criminal law and torts from your parenthetical asides than I have all semester. All law professors should be required to attend LEEWS to learn the true pedagogy of law.

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California (Southern)

Abraham Lincoln University School of Law (Also on the internet. BAU and Concord below)

Jim Chang '13E — Very valuable program.  Excellent presentation and materials. It's like basic training for the mind. A must. Bring on the essays. Crystal Screen 13E [attending in Atlanta, S '09] —  Valuable program. Excellent presentation and materials. I am attending law school online, and this is the first time anyone has shown me how to effectively write an essay.  Although I am struggling to maintain a "B" average after one year, I think this seminar will make the upcoming Baby Bar exam easier and less stressful.  Thank you. Terri Musa '11 —  Very valuable program.  Excellent presentation and materials.  Instructor [Mr. Miller] used his knowledge of the subject and humor to maintain student interest and energy.  I will definitely recommend this class to others.  I have learned so much from the lesture and class discussion.

British American University (on the internet, Concord below)

Dr. Marie Miczak 03E — Excellent. Workable solutions for use on hypo fact patterns.

Susan Hornsby ’00 — Very valuable. I was told [LEEWS] would not help, because I’m graduating soon. I am obsessing over the CA bar low pass rates – my MBE’s are better than my essays. Now, I’m not so worried.

UCLA School of Law

Lincoln Ellis '11 —  Very valuable program.  Excellent presentation and materials.  Would be nice to discuss approaches to each first year subject.

[LEEWS note:  LEEWS is designed to make the approach to any and all subjects/classes exactly the same!  This should become apparent with follow up practice of the approach to exams and the various skills.  Initially, some subjects -- torts, crim. law -- will seem to lend themselves more easily to LEEWS.]

Megan Holbrook '11 —  Very valuable program.  Excellent presentation and materials.  My husband took LEEWS last year.

William Ferreira-Seney '08 — I came in with a pretty good idea of LS exams — IRAC, clear, concise interweaving of facts, etc. I had the foundation. Your program polished those principles through a focused and direct method of attacking exams. I'm ready, and I can't wait to kick ass and take names.

K. Amar Murugan '00 — I've taken courses from the Princeton Review, Kaplan, and others. This seminar is head and shoulders above all of them in terms of substantive content and the imparted useful skills.

Kimberly Yang '99 — Don't waste time or money with IRAC workshops. I've been there, and LEEWS is much, much more valuable.

James Fitzgerald '01 — Surprisingly helpful. I'm always skeptical of seminars that promise to work wonders, but LEEWS provided easy to use steps to tackling and overcoming the anxiety of preparing for exams.

Jaime Calderon '01 — Very valuable. Cleared up some of the mystery of law school hypos. Established a simple system to break down hypos in easy steps.

Brijida Rodarte '00 — I feel so cheated! Why didn't someone incorporate these techniques as part of the 1L curriculum? I'm a 2L now, and looking back I can see the mistakes I made in writing my exams — mistakes I couldn't have seen without this program.

California Southern School of Law

Unattested '13 (we couldn't resist this one) — Valuable program. My agency professor took LEEWS when she was a law student and recommended it. She said it is "invaluable." Her bar test is on Bar website as a good example. .... [Of the prof's skill at applying LEEWS?]

Rebekah Main '05 — Very valuable program. I wish I could take my next exam tomorrow. Thank you.

California Western School of Law.

Thomas Sansone '00 — My undergraduate degree is from MIT. In other words, I was a number cruncher. So the idea of a law school exam intimidated me. After LEEWS, that apprehension has been greatly reduced.

Justin Stecke '98 — I was skeptical of these courses until I had to take an in-class practice exam. Now I have the confidence and the much-needed tools to conquer difficult complex hypothetical fact patterns.

Chapman Unversity School of Law

Carrie Teasdale '03 (taken as a 3L) — Great jokes. Very upbeat and entertaining. After taking so many other commercial courses — I took Fleming, but it didn't help much —, this really helped to pull it all together.

Concord University (on the internet)

Johnnie Smith '10 — Impressive / Erudite / contractually a "bargain" in more ways than one.

William G. Sarm '09 — Enjoyed program and found it very helpful with regard to how to look at a fact pattern and "find issues." I would recommend this program to all prospective law students.

Carol Houghtaling '08-09 — This was fabulous. I very much like the conflict pairing, and think it will make exams easier. Will definitely sing your praises.

Dr. Joseph Francis '07 — Very valuable program. I have never been exposed to this detailed analysis.

University of LaVerne College of Law

Cora Cooper '04E — Very valuable. I like the feeling that Mr Miller cares about students doing well, rather than this seminar only being a vehicle to make money. This is shown by his availability before, during, and after the seminar.

Nicholas Rowley '01 — My eyes have been opened! It all fits together now!

Janet Lopez '03E — Great presentation. I'm glad I attended . Techniques will be useful.

Loyola Law School

Peggy Drayden '86 — The program was terrific! I was so worried about exams. I had a 3.91 gpa as an undergrad, but have felt like a complete simpleton thus far in law school. [LEEWS note: This was long before grade inflation made undergrad A's commonplace.] I now feel more comfortable with the exam process. Your 3 step approach is VERY helpful! Thanks so much!

Carlee McCullough '98 — I was very skeptical after reading a flyer that looks generically like all other flyers. But damned if I'm not glad I spent the money and attended. You cannot put a price on the information you shared with me today. It was invaluable. Thanks.

David Perez '03E — Miller, a cross between Jim Bouton and James Carville, speaks in a frank, concise manner. It was shockingly valuable. This is stuff law schools don't want you to know.

Mike Mense '01 — Cuts through all the possibilities in exam writing. Addresses the nitpicking style required on exams. I would love to have taken LEEWS before I entered law school!

Pepperdine University School of Law

Joseph Moore '10  [Via 2/17/2009 email.]  —  I want to thank you for the help I received by way of the CD's I ordered.  My GPA was about 2.49 after my first year, and I had seen more grades with the letter C than I care to enumerate.  I listened to the program, utilized the strategy, and my grades this last semester were much better (A, A-, B+, B, B).  Put simply, it worked.  Thanks.

Alicia Campbell '10 [as a 2L] —  Valuable program.  As a 2L, it was very useful to have the real life experience of the terror that is induced by exams, b/c it gave me perspective & made the session extremely relevant.  I now feel I don't have to fear the exam, but instead will welcome the chance to demonstrate my knowledge!

Nathan Mc Murray '97 — I would pay whatever the cost to attend this course.

Mike Robinson '98 — Fantastic — I couldn't believe it! Absolutely mesmerizing! The time flew by! I can't wait to take exams!!

Monica Webb '08 — The program was definitely worth the time and money. I now feel comfortable in gathering the "tools" for my exams. My profs said to never pay for an essay class. Just take old exams and come to office hours.

Gabe Egli '06 — I've never stayed this awake in class! Thoroughly enjoyable and informative!

Gregory Smoler '06 — The first few weeks of law school I was excited and motivated to learn as much as I could. I actually found school enjoyable. Then I hit a wall, and everything became a burden. I've taken some practice midterms, and the only strategy I had to rely upon was IRAC. The "Blender" and strategies learned today will be primo. I believe! Once again I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Bring it on, Professor!

Lisa Rorman '04 — I learned more about being a lawyer and thinking like a lawyer in one afternoon than my first semester of law school. This was extremely helpful and lessened my anxiety about taking my first finals.

Matt Arbaugh '02 — It takes a great presentation with valuable information to hold my attention for 7 hours. This program had both.

Kate Zimmermann '02 — The most worthwhile Saturday I've ever spent all semester! Bring on the exams!

University of San Diego School of Law

Patrick Flynn '91 — The information in this program is priceless. I am surprised that anyone would hesitate to spend what is really a relatively small amount compared to tuition, or the later job-related rewards that high test scores can provide.

Zach Roberts '98 — Mr. Miller has a captivating style, a fascinating, amusing synthesis of Jack Nicholson and George Bush. You have to see and hear it to believe it. You can't afford not to take this class.

Nicole Hudspeth ’03 — Very valuable. I contacted 3 upperclassmen who took LEEWS, and all recommended it. 2 of the 3 made law review. I also attended Flemings [2-day exam writing workshop] in early Oct. The difference between the two is off the charts. F was a good intro to IRAC, but failed to give an effective method of how to issue spot. I like the way LEEWS taught to break it all down. Truthfully, after this instruction I am eager to get my outlines done and to start playing the game.

Amy Boatright ’02 (repeating) — I came before. It was invaluable! Admittedly, I only used your techniques on my torts and contracts exams – because I didn’t practice enough with other classes. Well, I got an “A” on both torts and contracts. I spoke with my torts professor about what he liked, what I could do better. He specifically pointed to my format (your format!) and my nitpicky analysis of each element, and said, “Good use of the facts.”

Jason Glantz '05 — I feel like I'm cheating coming here. I would've paid 5X the price had I known this course was going to be so invaluable!

Melissa Drugan '05 — The presenter [Mr. Miller] was like a stand-up comedian. He made what I was expecting to be a very long day fly by.

Scott Rahn '02 — Very helpful. If you don't know where to start a law school exam, this will get you going and carry you to the top.

Santa Barbara School of Law

Jeanne Regh '07 (as an upperclassman) — Valuable program. You should send me some flyers. I'll put them up.

Renee Malloy (Oxton) (as a 3d year evening) ’02E — Very valuable. I wish I had had this information two years ago! If I had not heard the [audio program] tapes, I would not have attended, and I would not have convinced three others to attend. If I had more time I would have convinced the entire law school to attend. Thank you for developing this. My dean, Heather Georgakis, would like us all to take your course, and I think anyone who hears you will be easily convinced. (You look like Ghandi. You sound like Jack Nicholson!!)

Southern California Institute of Law

Mel Goldstein '99 — I will definitely benefit from the course. The flyer promised that I would attain requisite skills in exam writing and save time. I am certain now that I received "the benefit of the bargain."

University of Southern California Law Center

Melody Bell '04 (repeating) — I took this program before. I would highly recommend it. Not only did it improve my scores, but it helped reduce my fear and increase my confidence.

Melody Bell '04 — I really enjoyed the program. The information was both insightful and useful, and it was delivered in such a way that I wanted to listen and learn. While I am not ready to say I am looking forward to exams, I feel more confident about getting through them successfully.

Ana Gellegos '08 — Presenter's [Mr. Miller] style, manner is outstanding. It is so so much to take in in just one day. It couldn't have been done if the presenter were not as engaging and very effective in teaching as Wentworth Miller.

Mike Norman '08 — Really enjoyed the candor and clarity of the presenter [Mr. Miller}. Just hope I will be able to write with the same clarity and conciseness come December.

Southwestern University School of Law

[For 3 letters from SW students attesting to how LEEWS helped them get A's, click on — Results and scroll to letters re audio program.]

1990 Southwestern dean of students [name omitted by request] to Michael Stone '92, who took LEEWS after a disappointing first semester — "Your improvement in grades is unprecedented in the history of the school."

Michael Stone '92 — You'd have to be nuts not to take this seminar.

Valerie Abrego '12 — Overall I really loved the program. It definitely gave me basic steps that immeiately made me more confident with exams, as well as more enthusiastic to get started taking practice exams.

Gerri Marshall '12 — In one day you learn so much! This was an excellent program. It has motivated me to begin practice exams. I feel more confident in attacking exams. I want to play the game. I also attended Flemings. I like how LEEWS focuses on issue spotting.

[LEEWS note (quibble?): We teach a disciplined approach to issue identification. Issue spotting implies precisely the sort of haphazard, hit 'n miss approach to exams that we want to avoid.]

Joy Terrell '10 —  Very valuable.  Excellent presentation and materials. Very long day, but worth it. This was a great program taught with so much enthusiasm.  It provided a lot of insight!

Gustavo Aldana '04 — As a Hispanic law student, English was my second language. Thus, writing law school exams was very hard. You touched upon all the points I was failing on tests. Thank you.

Linda Fuoco '04 — If you're after what you need to know about taking exams that professors won't tell you, LEEWS is it.

Dennis O'Neill '01E — Very valuable. Learned more today than on any other. George Carlin would be proud of [Mr. Miller's] delivery.

Thomas Jefferson School of Law

Jenna Allensworth '06 — Valuable program. I told a few friends about it, but they (for whatever reason) decided not to come. I feel sorry for them. This day has given me more confidence and less anxiety about taking exams.

Ventura College of Law

Julie carmichael '13E — Awesome and insightful information. It met all of my expectations. Great presenter, useful formats. <any examples and models. Take the class!! James Marsh 12E —  Very valuable program.  The Dean said, "Take LEEWS." [LEEWS note: See comments under sister Santa Barbara School of Law above.]

University of West Los Angeles School of Law

Kenneth Tucker '99 — A concise way to brief, analyze, and write persuasive exams — superlative!

Western State University School of Law (Orange County)

T. Q. O'Hara '98 — This is extremely valuable to first year students, but if they are like me, they can't comprehend the value or need. If you master this, you have it made. If you fight this, you will fail.

Chris Dull '08 — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation.

Samyra Porter '06E — Excellent presentation. Great energy and keeping us engaged. Although I generally have difficulty concentrating during any long lecture series, I was still able to take away just a few "golden nuggets" which were real eye openers. Thanks!

Whittier College Law School

N. Ridgely Goldsborough '86 — My initital skepticism was quickly replaced by the happy thought of having tremendous edge over my competition. Worth every penny!

Brian Oliver '97 — Clears up all the ambiguities of law school exams. Should be taught to all law students before they enter law school.

Maria Farias '03 — (As a 2nd semester 1L.) You sit in [the LEEWS program] wondering why this was never taught to you your first semester of law school. When law professors teach you how to write exams they basically say, "here are some engine parts. Go figure out how to put it together." But LEEWS says, "here is what each engine part consists of and how it works, and this is how you put it together." Thank you, LEEWS! I truly feel I have an advantage over my fellow classmates.

Sabrina Roque '08 — Very valuable program. Excellent style, inflection, presenting. Otherwise length would be unbearable. You [Mr. Miller] make it really interesting and fun, even to sceptical law students. Reminded me of Ram Dass. Should be called the Guru of Law Exams.

Athar Khan '08E — Mr. Miller was so entertaining, I didn't notice how much I was learning. The time just flew! I loved it!

Robert Doble '06 — I feel this class not only taught me a systematic way to write exams, but also the mental state to be in when going into a law exam — a positive one. Because it enlightened me on the rules of the law school game and how to excel at it. Best $110 I ever spent on my legal education.

Grace Rosales '06E — I feel more at ease regarding finals. I feel like I'll have more control, especially with the "tools" I've learned today. Well worth it.

Susie Lee '05 — The program gave a practical day-to-day, week-to-week plan to improve exam skills that was motivating, and will inevitably yield confidence and speed when taking exams.

Donald Sweet '05 — If the "black box" of legal analysis was not explained by professors, or the books on "how to" do legal analysis were lacking, you, like me, may find a solid investment in this class.

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University of Colorado School of Law

Dina Cannariato '98 — I thought the program was extremely helpful. Not only did it teach me to get right to the important issues in my essays, but it gave me confidence that I am looking at hypos in the right way. This confidence will help me as I head into my first semester finals. Thank you.

Tiffany Taedel '09 — Very valuable program. Presenter [JoAnne Page] had an easy-to-follow teaching style, and always made sure we were able to follow what she was teaching.

Katherine Ross '07 — This program really took the mystery out of class preparation, outlining, and exams. I now feel much more in control. (Original emphasis.)

Brandt Swardenski '06 — Great program! Day flew by. Wish I had had this 3 months ago. Both my cousins will be 1Ls next year. I am recommending it to them.

University of Denver College of Law

Rachel Ellis '08 — Valuable program. I do feel like I've got an edge now.

Chris Stroh '05E — My comfort level greatly increased after the seminar. Very well done.

Andy McCall '01 — Excellent program! After almost a full semester of uncertainty, I finally feel I have the confidence to succeed on law school exams and in law school! Bravo!

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Quinnipiac College of Law

Adam Rattner '07 — Very valuable program. it calmed my fears and gave me a new sense of hope that I could tackle all law school exams.

Jacqueline Wieronski '04 — Thanks for the belief that good exam writing is possible.

Ron Grieco '02 — For eleven weeks I have been learning the law. Now I have finally learned about "learning the law."

University of Connecticut Law School

Anonymous '02 — OUTSTANDING! Phil Miller, my TA for lawyering process who is #1 in his class, swears by this class. He has been a great mentor, and all his guidance has been great. I feel I finally have the tools to study and prepare for class. I am no longer a fish out of water.

Lauren brown '10 — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation. I really enjoyed the presenter's [Mr. Miller's] style. I am much more relaxed going into my exams now, and will be able to prepare more efficiently.

Natalie Khan '07 (attending as a 2L) — Provided much needed systematic/formulaic approach to writing law school exams. Wish I had known about this program last summer before I started law school. Facilitator [Mr. Miller] hilarious. If my law school profs were like this, life would be so much easier.

Marlon Munian '05 — Excellent program. Mr. Miller's enthusiasm, sense of humor, and organization made the material enjoyable and understandable. Looking forward to implementing it.

Elina Zak '02 — Wentworth is awesome and humorous. He explains step by step how to crack legal essays (without putting you to sleep). Loved the program.

Vivien Montoya '00 — Valuable training in the methodology of a legal mind. More helpful than all my [first year] lectures put together.

Yale Law School

(Sorry. No signed evaluations from currently enrolled students on file. Indeed, LEEWS does not distribute literature at Yale because Yale is small, first semester is pass/fail, and thereafter grading is broad and non-pressured. However, Yale law students can benefit from LEEWS, the same as those at Harvard and Stanford do.)


Widener University School of Law

Brian P. Hughes ’01 (attending as a 3rd year!!) — I’m a third year B- student, and I wish I had known how clueless I was before today.

Latrena Bynum '06 (as a 2L) — Very valuable program. Total clarification on what law school professors expect.

Joseph Conlan '05 — This course provided me with information and techniques that I wish I had learned before my torts midterm. It would have been a tremendous help in raising my grade.

Julie Ufberg '05 — Very valuable. I like that it is a one-man show. It makes the program feel more honest and authentic.

Annabel Lee Fields ‘04E — Offers a new way to analyze law school hypos that is not offered by law school professors. I needed help with analysis, and this was it!

Keith Sklar '00E — Loved it. [Mr. Miller] reminded me of Dennis Miller in his presentation. Very informative and interesting, as well as funny.

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District of Columbia (Wash., D.C.)

American University Washington College of Law

Anne Braucher ’03 — The lawyer who recommended the program was right. I came away feeling more prepared than ever to take on my first year exams. I’m actually looking forward to practicing the LEEWS method.

Bridget Rainey '09E — Very valuable program. Fast-paced and content heavy. Particularly liked the humor of Mr. Miller.

Dalia Georgi '05 — After this course, I am actually looking forward to attending my classes and especially taking a law exam using the methods I learned! Never lost my attention with great speaker (J. Page).

Leila Abdi '05 — I came in with no idea of how to approach a hypo, and I have left with a clear understanding of a method I really believe in.

Michele Lee '05 — I've had 3 hours of sleep because of a family emergency late last night, and I've been engaged pretty much the entire time. I feel a lot more confident about exam test taking based on the specific helpful hints.

Anita Horn '02E — Wentworth Miller presents law school — not simply exam writing — in a down-to-earth, methodical, and demystifying manner.

Lucy Cook '01 — A long day, but definitely worth every minute!

Catholic University Columbus School of Law

Meredith Swartz '08 — I appreciated helping out the LEEWS program. I know that at least 3 and possibly 5 of the people on law review with me from my year took your class, and we've tried to spread the word of how wonderful it is.

Michael Farrar '87 — The hardest parts of writing are seldom addressed specifically. Miller goes to the core of the problem, like How to start, How to analyze, How to outline effectively.

Nikiis Harrell '00 — Very valuable. Miller was very direct and broke his method down in a basic, understandable, common sense way. It breaks down the barrier or fear of tackling essay exam writing.

Sandra Mayoral '00 — Very valuable. This instructor [Ms. Page] is superb. I got more than I bargained for.

Georgetown University Law Center

Carol Vassallo '85 — The mystique about law school exams is perpetrated largely by those who have done well. They want everyone to think that they have an uncanny ability to master the whole supposedly esoteric process. There is nothing uncanny about it at all. It's simply a matter or organization and application. I now realize that I'm as capable as my peers who received better grades. They just happened to learn about LEEWS before me.

Jaime Willis '03 (as a 2L) — As an instructor for a major test prep organization, I have advised LSAT students about the importance of understanding the exam. LEEWS is the method for effectively understanding law school exams. This is an essential first year tool.

Brittany Nelson ’03 — Our Instructor [JoAnne Page] was incredible – kept interest and knowledgeable, clear, and encouraging! I would recommend this to anyone worried about exams.

Lawrence Wu (Columbia Law School '99) — Valuable program. A friend told me that his friend at Georgetown took the program and scored the highest in two of his classes. Great lecturer. (Mr. Wu took LEEWS as a 1L. He was named editor-in-chief of the Columbia Law Review for 1998-1999.)

Julia Sarnoff '12 — I feel better about finals already.

Suzyn Smith Webb '11E [as a 2L] —  Very valuable program.  The instructor [Mr. Miller] clearly knew the subject backwards and forwards.  I really feel better about playing the game.  It makes sense that this couldn't happen over two days, but I wish it weren't so.  Great program, though.  I learned a lot.  Would be happy to be a rep.

C. Winton '06 — Very valuable. Worth the day-long investment of time. Highly beneficial, and believe it or not, enjoyable.

George Washington University National Law Center

[LEEWS note from many years ago.  Three GWU law professors that we know of, who have asked to remain anonymous, are LEEWS graduates.  This is not something we keep track of.  We learn such things anecdotally.]

Sean Johnson '94 — I don't think it occurs to many first years that you can approach a final exam systematically and thoroughly without driving yourself crazy. By taking apart the exam, piece by piece, the exam becomes manageable, and, more importantly, this takes away the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Robert Boden '10 — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation and materials.

Alexandria Serra '11 —  Very valuable program.  Excellent presentation and materials.  I'm shocked more 1Ls from GW didn't attend this session.  It flipped my dwindling perspective of law school 180 degrees.  Miller reminded me why I chose law school!

Kim Clark '10 — Very valuable program. I am disappointed that I did not learn about this BEFORE the midterm. I no longer feel lost about approaching finals.

Elizabeth Gray '08 — Excellent presentation. I now feel I'm equipped with an applicable "attack method" for my exams. Every mistake I'd made on midterms and all of my anxieties were addressed and remedied in this one-day session.

Jeff Showalter '06 — Certainly taught me to love ambiguity.

Van Lawrence '98 — Not B.S. general information on how to answer an exam question, but a literal walk through of a method that can help you not only pass, but excel on an exam.

Howard University School of Law

Leslie Simmons '12 — I am absolutely ecstatic that I was able to attend this session. Mr. Miller is incredibly knowledgeable, charismatic, funny, and skilled in teaching. I have total confidence that the techniques I learned today will set my exam apart and help me to earn top grades. This is one of the best choices I have made for my career to date. thank you!

Stephen Davis '11 —  Very valuable program.  Excellent presentation and materials.

Debra Johnson '11 — Very valuable program.  Excellent presentation.  This was much more comprehensive.

Deenea Shepherd '11 — Very valuable program.  I loved the metaphors used by Mr. Miller to help us comprehend large ideas that normally would be dispersed across an entire semester or multiple week program.  I will definitely remember the "tree trunk" and "UBE."  Thank you!!

Reshaun Finkley '11 — Valuable program.  Excellent presentation and materials.  A mentor took this class and recommended it.  Made the IRAC method clear and applicable to exam writing.

[LEEWS note:  IRAC is not a "method," but merely a format for presenting the analysis of an issue.  IRAC is helpful to know, but not nearly enough.  IRAC doesn't instruct HOW to find issues, HOW to do analysis, HOW to present analysis concisely, HOW to brief cases in 2-4 lines, etc., etc.  IRAC merely scratches the surface of the problem.  However, once LEEWS is understood, you will be able to "follow IRAC," "IRAC the exam."]

Loreal Andrews '10 — Very valuable program. New perspectives, new approach. After attending LEEWS, law school exams are not neearly as intimidating. Now I have a plan to attack them.

Albert Asphall '10 — This program is great, especially {Mr. Miller's] style and the knowledge that is given.

Sasha Buchanan '10 — Very valuable program. Mr. Miller's style was humorous, engaging, and informative, characteristics that I haven't seen in most professors. I have to admit that I didn't believe, as he said at the outset, that I'd be excited to use his method on exams, but I actually am.

Damien Giles '10 — Awesome! A Howard Law alum who graduated at the top of the class persuaded me to attend.

M. Moses '10 — Best 100 bucks I ever spent. Really opened my eyes. I know I am prepared for my exams.

Danielle Perry '09 — Very valuable. I can see from these past 6 hours how I am going to improve already. I took a midterm last week, and I see and understand all the mistakes I made and know how to fix them.

Erin McCoy '08 — This program brought clarity to my jumbled mind. Wish I had taken the class earlier this semester. I'm excited to tackle my finals now.

Azizah Ahmad '07 — Ms. [JoAnne] Page was like seeing an oasis after walking in a desolate desert for the past two months. I knew that my page-long briefs and excessive notes from the book were ineffective, but I didn't know a good alternative until taking the LEEWS course. I now know how to use my valuable time more effectively on what really matters — the test. I am excited about using this method on my outlines, briefs, and classnotes. I know law students are broke, but worth the $.

S. Raphael '07 — Excellent! LEEWS is the only thing/program that helped me feel confident about taking my law school exam as a 1L. Thanks.

B. Stewart '07 — I went to the "how to take a law school exam" seminars in school, but they didn't teach me how to do anything. They just told me arbitrary statements like "you need to know more than the black letter law." I was actually told [here] what I needed other than the black letter law, and how to write the exam.

Michelle LaBennett '06 (as a 2L) — Law school is like no other schooling I've ever done. But because of the ambiguity of the law, one needs something to pull it all together, something that helps it all make sense. ... That something is LEEWS. Excellent!!

Natalie Ward '05 — I cannot imagine taking my exams without taking this class first. Every law student needs to be here, unless you were a law professor in your previous life.

Erika Cain '96 — I loved it! Very informative. I'm a third year, and I wish I had taken this my first year of law school. I feel much more confident now.

Dawn Donaldson '02 — Engaging, eye-opening, insightful. My professor took this seminar and recommended it to the class.

Lyn Andrews '84 (taken in fall '02) — I learned for the first time the scientific approach to writing an answer to a legal exam. An older attorney was kind enough to mention your program after I told of my lack of success on the DC bar exam. Your program has shown me in one day what I have never learned. Thank you.

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Barry University School of Law

Ashley Bolender '09 — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation.

Brandon Remington '09 — Very valuable. After taking this course, I feel much more confident about taking my first yeear exams.

Michelle Ghedina '08 — Very valuable. [abbreviated] Briefing and class notes idea sounds great! I can't wait to attend class on Monday so that i can start saving time and earning A's!

Robert Bowden '07E — This presentation was excellent and very practical to put to use. It greatly reduced my uncertainty about how to answer exam questions.

Michael Burnett '06 — Very valuable program. More than just a roadmap for legal essay writing — this class created a road in a vague landscape.

Jamie Biancosian '05 — I wish our professors would offer just 1/10 of what we learned in this seminar.

Joe Moss '05 — I feel like I got an A just by taking this course.

Florida A & M University School of Law

Lakia Scott '11 —  Valuable program.  excellent presentation and materials.  I really enjoyed the program.  Law school does not teach these methods.  I will tell everyone I know!

[LEEWS note:  We hope Lakia will, but our experience indicates otherwise.  Students simply do not want to share the LEEWS advantage.  But perhaps the following fall to incoming 1Ls.]

Chris Rountree '10 [as a 2L] —  Very valuable program.  I am a 2nd year student who was a little lost on exam taking.  But with LEEWS' and Wentworth's teaching, I feel as if a light bulb of law school's hidden knowledge has gone off!

Lauren Buchanan '10 — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation and materials. Very funny.

Michael Clelland '06E — This instruction is like no other. It gives you a clear and attainable roadmap to a successful law school career.

Tony Covington '05 — The LEEWS presentation is a valuable and much needed tool for law students. I would highly recommend that every law student attend this well put together and informative program.

Linda Hildebrand '05 — This course should be a required class for all first year law students. I loved this class!

C. Woody '05 — The program was excellent. It makes you feel empowered to take and succeed on any exam.

Florida Coastal University School of Law

Brett Chisum '12 — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation. Professor Devito spoke very highly of the process.

Sheryl Ellis '12 (2nd term)— Very valuable program. Excellent presentation. I feel almost excited at the prospect of putting this in to practice.

Brandon Gibbs '12 — The presentation was very helpful. It was a reality check to the law schoolexam.

Austin Hamilton '12 — Valuable program. Excellent presentation. Conflict pairs is great. I hadn't thought of or been taught to find those first. Professors said everyone who has attended did grreat.

Adrian Middleton '12 — Very valuable program.

Manzunakhan Talipora '12 — A professor told me about it. Valuable program. Excellent presentation.

Domenick Cama '11 (as a 2L) — The course reduced essay writing to a scientific formula, which really gives me confidence going into exam week.

Gabriela Narvaez '11 (as a 2L) — I really enjoyed this class. We have an Academic Success department, but they do not explain in depth how to write a good law school essay. I feel confident that I will do better after taking this class.

Clarence Sydnor '11 (as a 2L) — I did the [audio] course this past summer and got an A and a B in summer school. Wanted to reinforce the ideas, so I attended the in-class session [in Miami!] and brough 6 friends. I know this semester will be my best semester.

Adam Habibi '11 —  Very valuable program.  Excellent presentation and materials.  I have been enlightened by Miller in understanding what lawyering is all about.

Fredrick Quintana '11 —  Very valuable program.  This was an entertaining, easy going, informative way to handle a stressful law school issue.  Should be more than one day, or slower?

Spencer Baldwin '10 — Very valuable program.

Ashley Bauman '09 — Very valuable program. You opened my eyes to another aspect of legal analysis.

Leslie Garner '08 (as a 2L) — I was told by an assistant dean to [come]. Very valuable. I liked the case briefing advice. The exam advice was insightful and great.

Rachel Holmes '09 — Very valuable. I now view law school success completely differently and very achieveable.

Sharlene Stanford '09 — Beneficial and highly intellectual. [LEEWS] is a great tool, conveyed in a humorous yet comprehensible manner, which made the program outstanding.

Alisa Wilkes '09E — The program far exceeded my expectations! Too many programs/conferences advertise success, and I have been disappointed by attending them. But LEEWS did what it said it would do!

Tera Fenixx '08 — This may well be the best ot many, many training sessions I have attended as a teacher, graduate student, law student. It is far superior to law student trainings I have attended at my school. [Mr. Miller] is highly personable and effective, and especially able to make complex, highly viable concepts readily understandable.

Stephen Smith '08 — LEEWS provides the basic and crucial framework needed to complete essay exams — Analysis. Professors talk about how the most important part is analysis, but they give no systematic approach whereby 1Ls can grasp it prior to ruining their GPA. I am very impressed and satisfied with LEEWS! A great value for the price paid!

Brad Thompson '08 — Great presentation of an overload of material. It would be easy to get less out of the presentation if it wasn't so effectively presented.

Coral Williams '08 — Very funny and amazingly helpful!

Tobias Horne '08E — Very valuable program. By default entering law students cannot see the trees for the forest. LEEWS not only shows you the trees but each branch, and that (i.e., issues) is the difference between surviving and striving.

Lisa Dasher '07 — An attorney who took the program recommended it. It will take practice, but it seems to be well worth the time and effort.

Suzannah Simmons '07 — The confidence expressed by LEEWS is what drew me to the program, as well as the testimonials of upperclassmen. Nothing presented to me by my professors or my school made me feel confident to tackle pre-exam preparation or the exam. Not only does LEEWS express confidence, but it gives you the confidence you need for law school by giving you the proper "tools." I think LEEWS is a must for any law student.

Dustin Ogden '06 — Very valuable. All the briefing I was doing was preventing me from properly preparing for doing well on exams, the real measure of my grade.

David Hall '05 — I thought it was a myth that you really taught so much in one day. I learned more here than I have all semester.

Jamison Harrold '05 — Time went by exponentially fast during the seminar. By the end of the day I felt I learned more than I did the first month of law school.

Florida State University College of Law

Gladys Andrea Ortega '11 —  Valuable program.  Excellent presentation and materials.

Stephen Radford '11 —  Very valuable program.  Excellent presentation and materials.

Chris Carlisle '08 — Very valuable program. I needed something concrete to improve my writing style. This course gave me something to follow.

Mike Moody '08 — Great program! Miller's entertaining style is fun, but secondary to the insight from his system. I think this can help most, if not all law students.

Karlyn Hylton '07 — [Mr. Miller's] style was great! This was my most valuable law school experience yet!!!

Lakia Morrison '07 — I was sitting in class, and it hit me that briefing, reading, re-reading, and class attendance was not enough. However, I had no plan and no idea of how to formulate a plan. LEEWS gave me a plan and instilled confidence.

Marc Thomes '06 — Having an engineering degree, I appreciate the straightforward logic behind Miller's method. While I may have caught a glimmer of some of the principles involved in LEEWS, the tools provided today are invaluable in knowing how to learn in law school.

Laura Ward '04 — Really enjoyed the presentation. Very motivating. A long day, but kept my attention. I loved it!

University of Florida College of Law

[Click on — Results — for a letter from Earl Christy, Jr. "99 detailing how LEEWS helped him both at UF and on the Florida bar. It came to our attention that the ed-in-chief of the UF Law Review in 2009-10 took LEEWS as a 1L. Moreover, two members of the class of '10 who took LEEWS as 1Ls subsequently transferred to Berkeley and U. Michigan schools of law (where they became LEEWS reps).]]

Kristin Carpenter '08 — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation. Mr. Miller is very entertaining and organized.

Jowanna Oates '01 — LEEWS helps alleviate the stress associated with being a 1L. Provides the information every 1L is seeking — from how to prepare for class to how to prepare for the exam. Mr. Miller destroys the "Paper Chase" mystique associated with law school.

Shelton Bridges '99 — This is a program every law student should attend. I wish I had taken it my first semester.

John D'Antico '99 — The price is a drop in the bucket for what you'll learn!

Neil Rambana '98 — I found the course invaluable. It will take much practice to shed the old ways of thinking. Thanks for the insight.

University of Miami School of Law

Lauren Grous '07 — Very valuable program. Exams begin 12/3 (next Friday), but I feel as if my possible study/freak-out time was well spent. Thank you!

[Indeed! Lauren wrote us in June '05 (letter reprinted under Results). She received 3 A's, a B+, and a B first term. More practice with the LEEWS system and instruction in spring term (which she described as "FUN!") resulted in all (5!) A's.]

Stuart Horowitz '93 — LEEWS provides knowledge that I believe cannot be acquired elsewhere. I've been looking.

Samantha McDaniel '11 —  Excellent program!  Worth the time!  Teaches you how to use your fear of law school exams effectively.

Naeem Bawla '10 — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation and materials. More than anything, I walked away with confidence after taking LEEWS. That's something they don't teach in class.

Chris Clementi '10 — Great Program. Cheap. Very helpful.

(Ms.) Randall Forbes '09 (2nd term) — Learning the law was not the problem for me. It was dealing with the anxiety. LEEWS helps me "breathe" easier.

Kristin Ketelhut '08 — LEEWS is fantastic. It explains how to write law school exams better than IRAC by teaching the specifics of analysis. It provides a surefire way to find most/all of the issues and teaches students everything they need to know to prepare. It's the best kept secret in our school!

Michelle White '08 — I wrote you an exam specific e-mail, to which you responded and gave me an idea of how to approach it. I then applied it and showed my prof, who liked my approach.

Paul Kaster '07 — Given how I felt earlier on this week, I can only say that this program would give any law student a structured approach to taking exams that will reduce stress and allow for a more focused approach to studying for finals. Humorous, engaging, very valuable.

Charlie Whorton '07 — Absolutely the most helpful program available. Wentworth should be proud of how many students he has helped through the years. Thank you!

Joe Jimenez '06 — Very valuable program. I appreciate the fact that knowing the material taught during the semester is still essential. Mr. Miller does not put forth stupid shortcuts that will create stupid lawyers, but a system that will improve the quality of students graduating from American law schools.

Nova Southeastern University Law Center

[Daniel Read, Nova '03, took the LEEWS audio program in August prior to first semester. He repeated live in Gainesville in September 2001. He received all A's his first year at Nova and transferred to Duke. Click on — Results — for a letter from Mike Howard '02, describing how he initially ignored the LEEWS flyer, finally ordered the audio program on the recommendation of a friend, and saw his grades jump "dramatically," including receiving his first A.]

Matt Kunka '06 — Loved it! Wish I'd known of it sooner!

Mike Howard '03 — My grades in subjects where essays were required jumped dramatically [after doing the audio program]. I even received my first (but not last) A.

Joanne Tinsley '02 — I feel I learned more in one day of LEEWS than I did in a whole week of another program I took!

Eric Baime '02E — A great class. Worth every penny and every minute. I will never miss an issue again! This is what every law student needs to know.

Emanuel Anton '01 — An extremely effective method that breaks down all the elements of exams and builds confidence to manage each element.

Cerille Nassau '98 — Gave me a blueprint for the final. Everyone talks about IRAC, but no one shows you how. Mr. Miller's method teaches you how.

Saint Thomas University School of Law

David Whelan '12 — Valuable program. Excellent presentation.

Nikasha Wells '06 — I looked forward to this presentation for about two months, and it (and the instructor [Mr. Miller]) exceeded all my expectations. I don't know how well I will do on my first set of exams, but I know it will be better than I would have without the program.

Sherifaj Alare '06 — I truly gained all of the knowledge that I need to execute a law school exam.

Michelle A. Allen '02 — Clear concise. A more informative, thought-provoking day than a whole week of another program I took!

Ileana Ruiz '02 — I flew to NYC just for this course. It was well worth it. Unfortunately, some students that registered for the Miami seminar did not attend, because a (2L), Dean's fellow discouraged their attendance. It was a mistake.

C. J. Mooney '00 (as a 2L) — Excellent program. Miller has devised an efficient way to wade through the knee-high grass of facts and issues to get to the elements professors want addressed.

Lynn Rhodes '98 — W. Miller's energy and expertise moved the day along so fast that the 8 hours seemed equivalent to one class at school. I left with more energy and excitement about law than I've ever had before.

Stetson University College of Law

Bobby Vaughan '08 (as a 2L) — Very valuable. Mr. Miller wastes no time getting to the game and the fundamentals required to win. He is a dynamic coach, a master teacher.

Keith Appleby '04 (as a 2L) — Awesome and entertaining. Taught me to work smarter and focus on what is important for law school exams.

Shakonda McDaniel ’02 (as a 2L) — I actually was taught how to write my exams. I’m impressed. Who knew taking a law school exam could be so sensible.

Christopher Boswell ’02 — Very valuable. Breaks IRAC into something that works. I was afraid to take this course my first semester, because “I didn’t have time.” In reality this was the most effective day I have spent in law school so far.

Sharon Hines '98 — I knew by lunch break that I had made a good investment. I have only been in law school 3 or 4 weeks — and was stressed to the max! IRAC was not enough. And this confirmed that for me.

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Emory University School of Law

Kathy Herbert '98 — I taught Argumentation and Analysis at Georgetown University. In more than 20 years as a professor I've not seen a more succinct or helpful discussion. Many thanks.

Robert Thay '96 — I took this course again as a refresher, because I felt the program worked so well last year. This material is crucial to law school, but is somehow overlooked by all other sources, programs, and the law school itself.

R. Marsden '98 — Gave a clear method of dissecting and answering exam questions. Gives structure to the most important part of law school, and the area almost completely ignored by professors. Gives the tools to excel at the single most important and least discussed task in law school — exams.

Jon David Huffman '12 — Way better than Law Preview, and Law preview was $1,400. Thank you! Very practical!

Jeff Riesenmy '12 — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation. Liked the systematic approach.

Brian Osimiri '11 —  Useful program.  Good presentation and materials.  Liked the breaking down of outlining.

Nirvana Harris '06 — Valuable program. Wentworth Miller is very interesting and funny. The method seems like it will be helpful, and I now think I have a better handle on how to format the exam.

Lauren Sable '06 — This program calmed me down just when I was starting to freak out about law school. Mr. Miller was extremely entertaining — made the day go by quickly.

Teresa Lazard '04 (as a 2L) — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation. The 1L who took your course got an A in my torts class at IUB.

Angela McCord '04 — Thanks. I really enjoyed the program. I think it will make an incredible difference in my law school career.

Georgia State University College of Law

[It came to our attention that the students ranked 1, 2, and 3 in the GSU class of '02 all took LEEWS as 1Ls. A student in one program was certain that the exam that got the highest grade in her torts class last fall was written in the distinctive LEEWS format.]

Elizabeth Cooper '04 — Very valuable. Two lawyers recommended LEEWS highly. After being convinced that there was no way to sift through the volumes of reading and writing in law school, I came to this program. I only wish I had this course before taking class notes for six weeks.

Stephen berger '12 — Very valuable. It all seems to make so much sense! Why don't they teach these skills in law school. (Having taken this course, I'm glad they don't.)

Sarah Lathrop '12 — Program was engaging and entertaining. The time flew by.

Courtney Cranford '10 —  I hate to say it, but I'm happy the 7 hr. Saturday program is too daunting for most students, because I really feel like I now have an advantage over them.  Thank you!!

Joslyn Jackson '10 —  Very valuable program.  I feel so much better going into my second set of exams.  I believe that I now have the tools I need to study more effectively.  I feel your course was designed just for me!

Troy Wakefield '10 —  Valuable program.  Excellent presentation.

Ruth Hughes '10E (2nd term) — Thank you for this class. I think you may have saved my career (and my sanity). I think I will take this again in the fall as a refresher.

Sean Foster '08 (as a 2L) — I'm a 2nd semester 2L. I'm kicking myself for not taking this a year ago.

Chonta Clemons '08 (2nd term) — I had no idea how to approach my fall semester exams. After attending LEEWS I actually feel like I have a workable roadmap to prepare for spring exams.

Elizabeth Li '08 (2nd term) — A systematic approach that gives a strategy to attack an exam. Results in a clear, concise answer.

Dustin Covello '08 — Very valuable. Mr. Miller seems a little abrasive, but structure is great.

Alcide Honore '07 — Miller's style is engaging in a similar manner as a good law professor. He presents components of the LEEWS program in digestible nuggets while constantly keeping focus on the "big picture." I would recommend LEEWS highly.

Jaime Wojdowski '07 — Very valuable. I particularly liked that this can be applied to any exam question. So helpful to see the big picture.

Sheila Rambeck '06 — Very valuable program. Good rep among alumni. LEEWS gives advice on in depth analysis of issues (premises) that I had never considered.

Tiffany Carlisle '05 — I truly enjoyed the program. Mr. Miller was exciting and made the material interesting. After taking this course, I feel I have "The Right Stuff."

Ashley Baker '03 — Really is a motivational course to get you thinking about exams and preparations. Also boosts confidence about law school. After being drilled and grilled in class amongst peers, I developed a fear of asking for help. This provides an outside way to ask all those "dumb" questions.

Margaret Carpenter '00 — Mr. Miller is an entertaining instructor, whose wit on a rather weighty subject — surviving exams — is appreciated. Although I'm not eagerly anticipating this semester's finals — yet, my "fear and loathing" have greatly diminished.

University of Georgia School of Law

[It has come to our attention that the 2007-2008 ed-in-chief of the UGA Law Review is a LEEWS grad! Frankly, not a surprise.]

Emmanuel Azih '12 — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation. Particularly liked the system.

S. Aliya Charlery '10 — My best investment in law school thus far. definitely feel I gained an advantage and a strategy to work from.

Sarah Kelman '05 — You'd think sacrificing a Saturday mid semester is too much to ask. But it was worth every minute (and getting up early on a day I could have slept in).

Dylan Howard '02 — Effectively turned a feeling of helplessness to one of mastery. Extremely helpful and worthwhile. Not to mention Mr. Miller sounds just like Jack Nicholson, which is extremely entertaining.

R. Alembik '91 — I hate to say this, but I definitely won't recommend this course to law school friends. It's too powerful.

John Marshall Law School

Clay Davidson '12 — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation.

Wakeelah Cocroft '12E —  Very valuable program.  I liked the tools givento help with success in law school and understanding the law, and look foward to putting the tools to work!

Darlene Hughes '11E (as a 2L) — Very valuable. Excellent presentation. This program gives the law student an effective, workable science to handle any exam. Awesome!

Corey Martin '09 (2nd term) — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation and materials.

Neethu Venagopal '09 (2nd term) — Very captivating speaker [Mr. Miller]. I am more confident than ever in taking my final exams. I am very fortunate to have heard about this course. Thank you so much.

Mark Anthony '09E — Valuable program. Mr. Miller's credibility comes through from his opening remarks. No student should have to slog through an essay exam before being exposed to premises arguments and counterarguments. Nice energy for a full day!

C. Henry '09E — Very valuable program. Very intriguing presentation of a simple approach. [LEEWS note: The individual facets of LEEWS can seem common sensical, even simple — e.g., "identify premises, analyze each in concise paragraphs." Overall, however, the "how?" requires much instruction, and the approach is sophisticated.]

Cynthia '08 (as a 2L) — The program offered several time-saving techniques that get to the heart of what's asked in exams. I thought it was very informative. I would highly recommend.

Hilary Smith '06E — After an albeit grueling day, I feel well armed and further empowered to handle law school exams and compete and succeed as a student. Thank you.

Neera Bahl '01E — Very valuable. I liked the sense of humor in Mr. Miller's presentation. Kept us interested every moment of the day, yet delivered invaluable guidance. I'm delighted I attended, and am actually looking forward to writing an "A" exam. Thanks.

Mercer University School of Law

Laura McCook '12 — Very helpful. Good explaining of what we need to be doing. LEEWS tied the loose ends together and gave me an idea of what to start doing with the information I've been learning in law school. 

Graham Roberts '12 — Very beneficial. Kept me motivated and captivated.

Alex Brown '10 —  Good program.  Gives a scientific, systematic approach to exam writing, which is not explained in classes.

Jeannette Salter '10 — Very valuable program. Mr. Miller kept me engaged through the entire session with his energy, sense of humor, and valuable and logical points.

Eric Trivett '08 — Superb.  <My professors had "heard good things."  A good, comfortable framework from which to begin. many thanks.

Jamila Wideman '08 — Valuable program. One professor had heard LEEWS was good. Two hadn't heard of it.

Alan Fowler '06 — I took this as a prelaw last fall. I practiced extensively and got an A on my Intro to the Study of Law exam. I found taking the course a second time to be equally enlightening as the first time, and a motivating factor for my exams in December. Worth every penny and every minute both times!

Jeffrey Kolokoff '06 — Very valuable program. When I took my first exam (in introduction) I was scared, but did fairly well. After receiving an A I was afraid that I had nowhere to go ut down. After this program I feel confident that with practice, I can continue to compete at the top of my class. I can say that even though 35 other 1Ls from my school attended.

Kathy Harrington '05 — Very valuable program. Mr. Miller was very effective in conveying important information — very strong speaker. Even though I was tired toward the end, he kept my attention, and the day was fun.

Michelle McDonald ’03 — This program gave the first concise format to follow when preparing for and taking exams. I feel more confident in having attended, and would recommend it highly to others.

Jennifer Moore '01 — I got my money's worth in the first hour.

Katherine Neville-Franklin '01 — I came in feeling law school was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. After what I've heard today, I have real hope that I can make it out alive and maybe even do well.

Justin Heideman '00 — I almost didn't come. But once here the light bulbs just kept flashing on over and over. I learned more about the test in 8 hours than in 5 weeks of law school.

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Sorry, there are currently no evaluations on file. We are in need of a rep/distributor.

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University of Idaho School of Law

Angie Snodgrass '04 (taken as a 2L) — Valuable program. Excellent presentation. Liked the common sense advice and humor.

Jeremy Featherston '00 — SBA should recommend this to all incoming students. I will.

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University of Chicago Law School

M. Arnold '93 — How wonderful to find, finally, someone on our side! Much less nervous about facing an exam now that I know how to deal with one.

Rob Goldbaum '92 — Just knowing that you have a plan — i.e., the steps — keeps you from worrying about panic.

David Potterbaum '05 — Mr. Miller is energetic and engaging. His systematic approach to attacking essays reduces uncertainty and nervousness. Great job, LEEWS!

Jordan Ginsberg '04 — Wonderful and concise. Particularly liked breaking exams down into something manageable, mathematical. It's the first time yet I have felt just a little confidence. Thanks.

Thomas McLaughlin '04 — If you took an LSAT prep course, then you know why you should take this course too! Now I feel confident, even excited about taking finals! Chris Montgomery '12 — Excellent presentation.

IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law

Dr. Clifford Kraft '96E — I took LEEWS first semester. Since then I've received five A's and a B+, directly attributable to your methods. While others sweat and groan, I cooly write meaningful, organized answers. Thanks for the edge. The small amount you charge is one of the bargains of the century.

Pamela Jones '02 — I've attended several exam-taking workshops. Each said issue spotting was important. No one offered instruction on issue spotting. LEEWS had a system for it.

That gave me the confidence I could attack any hypo aggressively and effectively.

Maura C. '09 — Your [Mr. Miller's] presentation was engaging, insightful, and practical. You were right — I am lookinf forward to at least practicing exams, and even taking them. Thanks so much.

John Kunes '09 — Very valuable program. Mr. Miller's presentation is extremely engaging. I already own the audio program, but it was well worth it to attend the live program as well.

Denita Dorsey '08E — LEEWS made exam writing simple, concise, and effective. The techniques LEEWS teaches are invaluable.

Ken Jackson '08E — I found this program helpful. As an evening student, I especially liked learning legal reasoning and exam taking. I can be more efficient with this system. Can't wait to take exams.

Sean Iske '06 — Comprehensive and relevant! Anxiety about the "horror of law exams" was greatly reduced. Worth 5 times the fee in piece of mind alone!

Kim Jones '05E — I highly recommend this course. It relieved the "disease" of the mystical law exam as "uncharted territory" in comparison to exams taken up to this point.

Erin Krone '05 — Very valuable program. Very humorous and entertaining, realistic and helpful. Thorough. Applies to all aspects of law school. If my professors taught as clearly, law school would be a breeze.

Tiffany Booker '02 — Excellent. You did what our school seminars on exam taking didn't. I now know what "IRAC" stands for, ... how to use it and apply it.

Depaul University College of Law

Frank Hattula '04E (taken as a 2L) — Instructor was very engaging. I found myself thinking, "Oh, so THAT'S how it is supposed to be done." After three years of taking exams on my own, I have added an arsenal of incredible tools. Thanks. My final two years should be much more successful.

Monica Kaye '10 — Very valuable program. Particularly liked the in depth approach and visual aids.

Kelly Llorens '06 — After taking the first set of exams, I now realize what I did wrong. Can't wait to plunge into exams this year.

Paul Daugherty '05 — I wish I'd taken this before my first semester or sooner! This class has provided me with all of the tools to do well, and has removed the frustration I experienced with law school exams.

Joseph Emmerth '05 — Presentation was great! I look forward to crushing my peers.

Charlie Bachtell '03 (as a 2L) — Presentation is so captivating I'd do the program again. I'm actually looking forward to exams this year.

Matthew Beese ’02 — You’re like the Tony Robbins for law students. Should be required for 1Ls.

DePaul University College of Law

Monica Kaye '10 — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation.

University of Illinois School of Law

Robert Heath '12 — Very valuable program. I liked the conversational style and the in depth knowledge exhibited by [Mr. Miller].

Wesley Bullock '11 — Very valuable program.  Excellent presentation and materials.  A true method of mastering the "lawyering" perspective.

Brandon DeBerry '08 — I especially appreciated Miller's insights into the types of things that professors say when describing their own exams. He explained the rationale behind these statements and how to approach those professors' exams specifically.

Russell Knight '06 — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation. It would be my privilege to be a LEEWS rep.

Cori Brown '05 — LEEWS gave me a confidence in and control over law school finals that no amount of studying could have. Thank you.

Vanessa Caleb '97 — LEEWS is a necessary component to a complete legal education. Learning the law all semester does little good, if you don't know how to effectively apply it to an exam question.

David Barrocas '01 [taken as a 2L] — It was just what I was looking for — answered all my questions in 1 day, ... what [another program] didn't do in one week!

John Marshall Law School

Veronica Campos '11 — Very valuable program.  Excellent presentation and materials.  Very engaging and common sense approach to elusive law school exams.  P.S.  I am diagnosed ADHD, and was overwhelmed by how to approach the 2-3 page essay.  By lunch I was thinking of what to do to learn the black letter law -- no longer feeling overwhelmed.  Wow!  As ADHD, it is very difficult to maintain focus.  Not the case at the LEEWS seminar! Regina Calcagno '07 (as a 2L) — I ordered the audio program after my first year grades were considerably lower than expected. During the summer semester after listening to the program, my gpa jumped 3/10 of a point. I can't wait to apply the LEEWS method to this semester's finals.

David Mullins '09E — Eye opening. Entertaining and enlightening. I look forward to exams and law review.

Frank Vosholler '06 — Excellent rendition of how to be more precise in writing for both exams and legal writing!

Delilah Lomax '05 — This program helped fill the gaps. I really liked the program, and feel as if I learned a lot of insider techniques. This is my second semester of law school, and one of my biggest concerns is that Legal Writing doesn't really teach concrete methods for test taking.

Carol Nordhaus '05 — Miller is an engaging, practical speaker. Presents a clear, practical system. No theories, just what to do!

Barbara Dunlop '04 (as a 2L) — I'm sorry that I became aware of the program so late in my law school career. It would have been tremendously helpful when I was a prelaw or 1L. Very well organized and presented. Looking forward to applying principles.

Aleido Barrera '05 — I've taken one semester, and my exam writing was all over the place. I feel more confident, because I now know how to attack the exam.

Loyola University School of Law — Chicago

Eric Owens '00 — I teach for The Princeton Review. LEEWS demystifies the law school exam with the same kind of intellectual analysis and humor and (almost) fun that The Princeton Review demystifies the SAT. It's invaluable information. I recommend it to every law student who wants to make top grades.

Alec Egizi '08 (attended live after doing audio program) — Very valuable program. Very systematic, lots of practice, small discrete steps. UBE helps write in active voice among other things. My first attempt at a legal memo followed many LEEWS ideas. My memo was used as a "good example" in class. The teacher asked, "Where did you learn to write like this?"

[LEEWS note: "Ugly but effective" = LEEWS format for learning and presenting analysis in concise paragraphs.]

Chris Shelton '10 — Valuable program. Good presentation.

Aaron Cole Johnson '08 — Mr. Miller absolutely empathized with my anxiety. He seemed to read my mind during my midterm last week! I feel that I have a much more comprehensive framework now with which to attack my exams in December.

Ruth Solomon '08E — Very valuable program. Instructor [Mr. Miller] was awesome!

Ray Sagun '07 — The LEEWS method is 1) easy to understand, 2) systematic, and 3) easy to apply.

Cheystan Carlton '06 — Very valuable program. Really filled in the blanks of IRAC. In school everyone says "IRAC, IRAC, IRAC," but they don't tell you the what of what comes first.

Ram Natarajan '04 — Excellent presentation. Helps provide a great approach to exam writing, and really delves into analyzing the instructor's needs. Overall — outstanding!

Jackie Cyriac '02 — LEEWS is the legal community's best kept secret. Miller's tips demystify the law school essay exam.

Ellen Sugrue Hyman '96 — Presenter very articulate. I especially liked the presentation of steps 1 and 2, the in depth teaching of skills involved, and the direct method (steps) of attacking exams without feeling overwhelmed.

Northern Illinois University

Craig Boston '09 — Very valuable program. The instructor [Mr. Miller] is very energetic and lively. The presentation was both informative and interesting. I am looking forward to applying the concepts and principles taught in the class.

Stephen Clark '08 — This course is great. I was able to put together what I need to do to be a capable student who can act like a lawyer. I was lost and not engaged with my classes before. Now I have a plan.

Luke Niemiro '08 — Valuable program. I thought the instructor was very charismatic. He used much of his enthusiasm to not only keep the classes attention, but to prove his point.

Adam Watson '08 — For the first time I actually feel like I have the ability to break down and defeat hypos. Had I implemented this system back in 2003, I wouldn't have failed out of school.

Rachel Conradt '07 — When I came to law school I was misled into thinking about "case law history" excessively. Now I really see how to determine the "real" black letter law and how to apply it to bizarre exam questions.

Kim Sackman '07 — I feel a lot more confident going into my exams. There really is a lot more to exams than IRAC.

Elizabeth Nixon '06 — This was really helpful! I need to practice though. I would definitely be a LEEWS rep.

Angela Watkowski '05 (as a 2L) — Valuable program. Good pace. Pointed out what I've been doing wrong and how to correct it.

Scarlett A. Puckett '05 — Very valuable. I was told by a friend that if I didn't do anything else, I needed to take the LEEWS course and learn it and black letter law cold. Mr. Miller was energetic, engaging, and thoroughly enjoyable.

Northwestern University School of Law

Jennifer Watson '01 — I found the discussion of conclusory v. analytical extremely helpful. I was having a problem with being conclusory, but my professors never explained how I was not analytical. This clear distinction you taught addressed my major weakness. Thank you.

Andrew Joseph '12 — In one day the course clarified how I can articulate what I have learned. I definitely feel more confident.

Craig Schwartz '11 — Very valuable program.  Happy to recommend.

Cassidey Davis '10 — Very valuable program. I knew my preparation was ineffective. I just didn't know why. This course put everything into perspective and showed me how to work smarter, not just harder. To date, this is the most productive day I have had as a 1L.

Yondi Morris '10 — LEEWS was very helpful I am excited about applying what I learned today on practice exams and finals!

Merlin Camozzi '06 — Very valuable. The best part was that it was taught by the guy who developed the program, rather than some lackey who doesn't really care about the program.

Ellen Endrizzi '02 — A full day of important information, without a moment wasted. Throughly engaging and relevant. I am no longer so wary of my exams.

Southern Illinois University School of Law

John Murph '12 — Very valuable program. Has geiven me a new focus for preparing for final exams. LEEWS serves as a much needed reality check.

Dennis Barnard '06 — Valuable program. Mr. Miller was very entertaining and kept my interest. I think this can work if I put in my work.

Tracy Loos '98 — Very valuable, interesting, easy to follow. The presenter was very well prepared.

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I. U. — Bloomington School of Law

Deirdre Smith '11 — Very valuable program.  Excellent presentation.  I enjoyed the presentation and the fact that the information is applicable to all subjects.

Lance Lindeen '10 — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation and materials.

Bryan Hamblin '07 — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation. Especially liked learning tools that help lead to the close (& beautiful) lawyerlike analysis.

Deborah Mesdag '06 — Very valuable program. Great presentation. Packed with real advice on how to do well. I took both Law Preview and LEEWS. Law Preview was good at many things, but LEEWS gave me the tools I need day to day in learning the law and preparing for exams.

Tracey Wilson '06 — The live presentation is awesome! I'm glad I chose it over the tapes.

Pamela Shipp '06 — Very valuable. Emphasis on how to learn black letter law and apply it to hypotheticals and class preparation. Demystifies many "terms" that float around law school. I have a math/science background, so formula for writing exams is just what I needed.

Megan Tucker '05 — Recommended by an upperclassman. Very valuable program. Excellent presentation.

Daniel Meadors '01 [taken as a 2L] — I suddenly feel invigorated and empowered — more confident about what I will accomplish in upcoming exams.

Joann Helferich '99 — The presentation opened my eyes to a whole new way of tackling law studies. It was presented in a fun manner, and helps to relieve the confusion of first year. I was truly skeptical at first, but it was worth the money.

Kyra Steward '99 — I learned more about exam writing in one day from LEEWS than from the whole semester with my professors.

I. U. — Indianapolis School of Law

(Ms.) Portland Schnitzius '93 (who made law review) — This is guidance I've been unable to obtain anywhere else. Even in talking with the successful "law review" types, no concrete advice is to be had, because they have no idea how (exactly) they did it — i.e., no system! I'm actually looking forward to taking exams. Thank you!

Amber Finley '11 — Very valuable program.  Excellent presentation.  I enjoyed how engaging Mr. Miller was.

Justin Hall '05 — Valuable program. Excellent presentation. Enjoyed it, Mr. Miller!

Deb McKee '05 — Very valuable! I love the disciplined method.

Amber York '00 — Excellent! A priceless boost to my confidence after a shaky first semester. Much of my fear was replaced with enthusiasm and a desire to jump into law school exams again. It was also fun.

University of Notre Dame Law School

Matthew Pepping '08 — I enjoyed the program. I wish it had been offered the summer before my 1L year began. I have more confidence, especially worrying less about case briefing and more about gathering "tools."

John Gunnigle '06 — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation. Particularly liked the shock value of the program.

Hillary Maki '06 — Instructor [Mr. Miller] is enthusiastic but not overbearing. I feel much more confident about approaching exams, but know that I have a lot to do.

Esther Slater ’03 — A TA on law review recommended the program. I liked the direct, to-the-point approach. Gave me a plan of attack.

Darrell Taylor ’03 — This blueprint is what I was missing. I’ve been able to grasp classes, but I had no idea how to display what I knew on an exam.

J. Davidio '01 — Phenomenal presentation. The LEEWS method has empowered me to take my first semester exams with great confidence.

Valparaiso University School of Law

Amy Molloy '10  Very valuable program.  Mr. Miller breaks down the law school exams into segments that are easy to handle and understand.  His presenting style is engaging and informative.  This program eliminates the "oh crap" moment everyone gets reading the first hypo on a law exam.

Angela Crossin '02 — Very valuable program. I quickly learned that law school was not about spending hours briefing cases, nor making yourself known to professors. It was nice to have professional affirmation.

Carla Morgan '06 — I really feel this has been useful. Very thorough. Helped me make sense of what I'm doing in class. It's like the difference between practicing scales versus learning to play a song. It really helps one understand and prepare for "performing" on exams. Thanks a lot!

Jordan Mayer '05 — Mr. Miller's dynamic public speaking skills and use of comedy in his presentation were extremely helpful in learning the LEEWS way. The LEEWS system is a "Lawyerly fishing rod" which helps to hook the "A analysis" in a sea of "Abstract Professor Babble."

James Rowings '04 — Very valuable. The style of delivery with the abundant humor kept it interesting. There are a lot of good tips and strategies that I see can be helpful, yet I have no idea where they would have come from if I had not taken this program. I'm looking forward to applying what was presented.

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University of Iowa College of Law

Tom McMahon '01 [taken as a 2L] — Would highly recommend this course to others.

Shingai S. Giurira '97 — Very valuable. Particularly liked the focus on application of law. Very much enjoyed presenter's style — kept it interesting throughout. He knew perfectly what I, as a first year, was going through. Very reassuring.

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University of Kansas School of Law

Justin Hendrix, '09 [Ed-in-chief of KU Law Review!]  [A Feb. 2009 e-mail in response to our phone message inquiring whether he would be willing to distribute our literature on campus.] —  Mr Miller. I apologize for the delayed response.  I would be happy to do some advertising around the law school for you.  I think the LEEWS program was incredibly helpful to me, and I would definitely like to encourage others to take it.  I really do believe it set me off on the right foot in law school... leading me to 19 A's so far, a position as Editor in Chief of the Law Review, and a job at a prominent Washington D.C. intellectual property law firm following graduation.  Just give me the materials and I'll gladly pass them out.  My current address is: [...] Thanks, Justin Hendrix.

[LEEWS note:  We knew Justin had done well, having talked to him as he began his second year.  (To tell him "Thanks, but no thanks," re his offer at the time to distribute flyers, as we already had someone else.  Tsk!)  But we didn't know he had done this well.  What a great, unassuming guy!  Like the ed-in-chief of the Stanford Law Review a couple years back? ... Also a LEEWS grad, ... also our rep?!]

Mike LeCourt ’03 — Very valuable program. Extremely logical and follow-friendly. Common sensical approach really cuts through to important “need to know” content. A personal recommendation from an upperclassman was invaluable in persuading me to come.

Joshua Monteiro '08 — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation.

Mark Eldridge '05 — The presentation was lively, entertaining, and thought provoking. LEEWS provides a quick recipe to not only analyze, but extends one's mind in argumentation.

John Winegar ’02 (as a 2L) — I’m surprised how much more confidence I have after one day of instruction. The program delivers.

Deland J. Shore '02E — Very helpful. Now I have a basis point for outlining, studying, and taking my exams. I feel much more confident.

Washburn University School of Law

Nicole Edwards '06 — The class has relieved a lot of my anxiety and made me feel more confident to compete for A's.

Kimbra Caywood '05 — Thanks for the new insight. I look forward to tackling my exams with skills that will put me at a level above my classmates.

Darla Goodrich '05 — Very interesting! Excellent material! Engaging delivery! Well worth the time and money! I can use this throughout law school.

Andy Wimmer ’03 — After 8 hours with Wentworth Miller, I am now confident that I can attack exams in December and rise to the top of my class. I was nervous about the exam format in law school, but because of Miller’s teachings, I say “BRING IT ON!!!”

Ann DeAngelo '99 — I cannot imagine taking an exam without using this process.

Mike Gayoso '99 — The course is comprehensive, engaging, and thought provoking. If someone is looking for not only a bargain, but a test taking learning experience, then look no further.

Mary Ellen Stanley '99 — Like having a lawyer in the family, and worth the price.

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University of Kentucky College of Law

T. Baskin '00 — I stayed interested throughout the program. I can already see where I went wrong last semester, and how I can get to where I want to be this semester.

Matthew Boyd '99 — I was thoroughly enlightened! I came in as a 1L with no real comprehension of what was expected. Now I feel like I am the aggressor, not the prey!

University of Louisville School of Law

Brent Smith '92 — It is not how much law you know that sets you apart. It is how well you can organize the facts and them apply the law to them in your bluebook. Your method provides the organizational formula necessary to write the outstanding exam.

Jonathan Savitch '98E — Cleared up every doubt I've had so far. Worth two months of class time.

Northern Kentucky Univ. Salmon P. Chase College of Law

Sarah Bailey '08 — Miller took the complex and broke it down to a simple formula anyone can understand and apply. Great program!

James Owens '08 — I feel like I now have the tools to be as successful as I am willing to be.

Brandi Buchanan '07 — My anxiety level over exams has seriously decreased. Everything I was afraid or confused about regarding exams was explained.

Cathy Gunn '01E — LEEWS was great. I particularly liked the torts analysis, the comedy, the new way of approaching the volume of material in law school.

Mary Cleveland '00 — Very valuable. I was very impressed with the subject matter and approach. I would (and will) highly recommend LEEWS to others!

Rene Heinrich '00 — I can't wait to see exactly how much these methods help. At this point I feel I am light years from where I was this morning.

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Louisiana State University Law Center

Chaile Bowman '09 — Very valuable program. This finally helped me get a grip on how to organize and structure my studying.

Joshua Rees '08 (as a 2L) — Valuable program. Excellent presentation.

Andreas Bojesen ’03 — Before this course I didn’t have the first clue of how to begin an exam!

Bernice Archie '00 — Very valuable. I enjoyed the program, and will recommend it to others. However, I am sitting here braindead, because there is so much information. Loved it, though!

Loyola University School of Law

Chris Minias '10 — Valuable program. Excellent presentation and materials.

Julie Weber '09 — Miller made systematic legal writing very enjoyable. That will undoubtedly will give me the edge to play the game.

William Gibson '08E — This was very useful — provided tools and structure, lessened likelihood of anxiety. I think it will be very helpful

Julie Ell ‘04E — Very valuable. Midterms scared me! Made me realize I was missing the most important element of my grade – the tools to write the final exam. Miller, although a Yankee, combines Zig Zigler and southern baptist preacher tactics that keep you engaged ALL DAY.

Matthew Friedman ‘04E — I wish this program was taught before school started. I learned more today than I expected. I am actually excited to go home and open the books so I can apply what I learned.

Ronald McClain '04 — For a busy law student with no extra time, this has been time very well spent!

Jessica H. ’03 — I wish this program lasted longer. They definitely don’t teach you this in law school. Best info I’ve gotten so far.

Dana Boyle ’02 (as a 2L) — Very valuable. This seminar taught me skills I never knew existed.

Karla Baker '98 — I don't think I would survive law school without this course. Thank goodness you are as intelligent and as enterprising as you are! I would have paid you twice!'

Mary Ehret '98 — A welcome insight into the world of writing law exams. Should be attended by all 1st year students.

Claudia Hayden '98 — 7 great hours of useful information! The day went so quickly. Exams are no longer the unknown'

Meryl Tracey '98 — This course opened my eyes to the logical and simple process involved in organizing exam responses. Making A's and B's now seems possible.

Southern University Law Center

Tiffani Davis '05 — Professors said, "Excellent program. Great at helping students organize thoughts for exams." I feel like someone has "cracked the code" to taking law school exams. I know now that taking my finals is "doable." I'm glad I was one of the fortunate students who attended. Thanks, LEEWS.

Tonya Robertson ’00 (taken as 3L) — I was very impressed with the program. It really filled in the blanks by providing a systematic approach. I wish I had known about LEEWS earlier. However, I feel these same skills will be very useful for the bar exam, as well as carry over into practice (real life). I will recommend this course to incoming freshmen.

Tulane University Law School

John Rabalais '90 — I never believed it would help; most of these seminars don't. But this one did. It works! I've gained a substantial amount of confidence, and I have a game plan for finals. I'm ready to go!

Josh Chesser '09 — LEEWS is an absolute jewel. My only regret is that it isn't offered earlier, perhaps before the semester begins.

Jessica Keefe '07 — It's helpful and confidence building to have a system to follow, a plan of attack. IRAC simply doesn't cover it, doesn't give you a real system, only an order sequence. I finally understand what my professors mean when they say the "Analysis" is the heart of IRAC.

Paul Drevenstedt '04 — Very valuable program. I listened to the tapes over the summer and used the techniques from day one. I never felt lost or confused. LEEWS has been a big advantage.

Helynn Stephens '04 — LEEWS unlocks the mystery of law school. This was a wonderful sacrifice of time and money. I'm sure it'll pay off tenfold! Thank you!

Michelle Ferrara ’03 — [Mr. Miller] was incredible. He grabs the attention of the group and breaks down the secret to exam writing. I found the course to be very useful, and I certainly recommend it to everyone!

John Michael ’03 — The program was great. I have a practice exam in crim law tomorrow, and I am actually looking forward to taking it so I can practice the LEEWS method. Thanks!

Robin Jones ’02 — The LEEWS course is Absolutely Fantabulous!

Jennifer Brown '02 — Very valuable [program]. Wentworth Miller kept my attention from 9 a.m. 'til 5 p.m. I don't know a law professor who could do that. Hell, I don't know many comedians who could do that!

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University of Maine School of Law

Sorry, there are currently no evaluations on file. We are in need of a rep.

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University of Baltimore School of Law

[Note: See letter from now retired UB law professor, Alfred Porro, Jr. —Results—, relating the success of his daughter after taking LEEWS.]

Garrett Fitzgerald '12 — There is an intro to law school program offered in the summer. It [Law Preview] advertises like it is the greatest thing ever. Everybody says it's not. So I was very skeptical about this. I found it very helpful though. Excellent presentation.

Lisa Armstrong '05 — I wish I had known about this system earlier, so I could have implemented it and not wasted my time with busywork. I have some catching up to do. (And I have to admit I was skeptical.)

Camille Jennings '03E — If it wasn't on before, the lightbulb is on now! I can't wait to practice this stuff for proficiency. Thanks for not withholding the key to real success — classes, exams, the bar, and the courtroom. My analysis is much sharper now. This should be mandatory for incoming law students. Thanks!

Susan Palmer-Portee '03E — I came to this seminar dreading exams, and now find it amazing that I'm looking forward to them.

Nicole Merson '02E — Even if I learned nothing, I feel so much more confident! This confidence is amplified, because I now have a grasp on everything I need to practice! This course was the missing link I needed — if only for my sanity.

University of Maryland School of Law

Martin Shives '85 — At last someone has taken the time to compile all of the study techniques, at a reasonable cost, and reinforce the skills that law professors leave floating in the air!

Scott Allen '10 — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation. I was searching for a strategy.

Joy Green '10E — Valuable program. I particularly liked the straightforward approach of [Ms. Page].

E.A. "Mo" Davis III '03E — Enjoyed the presentation. It helped me understand how you can answer the call of the question with a "C' answer or an "A" answer.

Teresa Lancaster '03E — Very valuable [program]. Recommended by my father (lawyer) and brother (lawyer).

Marlow Henderson '02 — When I was approached by peers regarding the possibility of taking LEEWS, I was extremely skeptical of what good the course would do. On my way out of the class, however, I had a new-found confidence level to push me toward the exam.

Joseph Henriquez '01E — Well worth the time and money spent. My only regret is not taking this course before my first semester exams.

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Boston College Law School

Salama Abdurrahim '07 — As a 1L I found this program extremely helpful. I was so confused and nervous about exams, but now I feel I really have the skills to do well!

Jen Nichols '06 (as a 2L) — I thought the presenter [Mr. Miller] had an amazing sense of humor! I only wish I had taken the course as a 1L. I'm sure it would have made a difference.

Orville Thomas '06 (as a 2L) — This is a course that is essential for every first year law student.

Vanessa Olivier '06 (as a 2L) — If law school was structured more like LEEWS, students would be able to remember more easily why they went to law school — their love of learning, working with, and using the law.

Haig Panossian '05 — Most sources warning about law school exams tell you what not to do, why and how exams are so important, and state that they differ from standard undergrad exams. However, they give you nothing to "hold on to" and effectively use. Basically, they scare you without relieving your fear. LEEWS relieved my fears by providing a clear, structured (yet not over-simplified at all) approach that makes law school exam taking seem like a science rather than an enigma.

T. Sullivan '01 — Miller was outstanding. His enthusiasm throughout the day was inspiring. I feel well equipped to identify my "tools" and appropriately "play the game."

Michael J. Pina '01 — This shed light on the PROCESS of preparing for exams. A demystifying experience! Thank you.'

Earl Adams '01 — This was a great investment! Don't let the price or your classmates scare you away!

Lissa Jolivert '99 — Mr. Miller's seminar provided me with clarity, encouragement, and enthusiasm, three things I had given up on encountering in law school.

Boston University School of Law

Daniel Feldman '95 — A woman from my school got an A and an A+ first semester after taking LEEWS. The whole day's presentation went by faster than some of my hour-long classes.

Ariel Soiffer '10 — Very valuable program. I wish I had attended earlier in the semester. Very thorough.

Brad Green '08 — Very valuable program. After 7 hours I already feel more confident, and that's before 1 minute of practice using my newfound knowledge and skills. Mr. Miller was insightful, humorous, well-spoken, and clear. I was a bit apprehensive and a bit skeptical of LEEWS, but now I understand why it and Mr. Miller have received rave reviews. I'm looking forward to practicing the skills I've learned today, and I'm now excited to tackle and master my finals.

Viral Mehta '08 — Finally someone who just tells you what to do, how to do it, and why.

Ken Boucher '03 — Very valuable. After my first semester I had one A, one C, and everything in between, and I thought the C was my best exam. I found out why at LEEWS.

Judith Joseph '03 — This was eye-opening. Now I have a workable framework for preparing and answering exam questions.

Christian Cammayo '02 — Law school has been befuddling, but Wentworth Miller helps take what is already in your mind and translate it into legalese.

Arthur DiMattia, Jr. '98 — Although even the most astute student will leave Mr. Miller's lecture overwhelmed, his approach leaves you with an extremely helpful framework for tackling the most complex hypos that a law professor could throw at you. I feel much more confident than at any other time in the semester.

Harvard Law School

Note: See in depth letter — Results— from Margaret Watson '90.]

Weldon Williams, '83 — LEEWS introduces the first scientific approach to breaking the mystique of the law school hypothetical. Invaluable for 1Ls.

Paul Michalski '86 — This was worth 2-3 time the cost. I now realize how much time I have wasted in unproductive reading. I would hate to have found all this out next year or the year after. Bravo!

Kristina Oliver '07 (attending as a 2L) — Very valuable program. Addressed some of the mistakes I made, and presented a clear method to avoid similar faults. I found this day very helpful.

Jonathan Theissin '04 — Very valuable. LEEWS is the most comprehensive approach to doing well in law school.

Ashley Hibbett '04 — Very valuable program. Hands on, comical, organized and well developed, to the point. My mentors at the firm I worked for recommended LEEWS. I am a first semester 1L, and this course took awat my fear of exams.

Chris Larson ’03 — Very valuable program. [Mr. Miller’s] speaking style was great. Kept me interested all day.

Bill Burke-White '02 — Mr. Miller's energy and enthusiasm and style are refreshing, and his exam system insightful.

Laura Garrett '02 — Valuable [program]. Mostly came on high recommendation of a 2L.

Massachusetts School of Law

Rita Dafir '07E (as a 2L) — Very valuable program. I was skeptical, but now I have to say every penny spent was well worth it. I have a much clearer understanding of what is expected. I'm thrilled.

Jennifer Crowder '07 (attending as a 2L) — I wanted my final exams to be unique and set above the rest. I didn't want another semester of being "stuck in the curve." I think LEEWS has given me the tools to write an effective exam!

E. James Perullo '07 — Overall, more than worth it!

Eddie Starr '07E (as a 2L) — This course did indeed pump me/us up for final! Very helpful. Wish I had taken it in my first year!

New England School of Law

Nancy Bezemes-Farley '00E — I wish Wentworth were one of my profs! He is so enjoyable, knowledgeable, and able to present in a logical way this outrageous amount of information. [Ms. Bezemes-Farley went on to make law review and be a LEEWS rep.]

Lori Rusling '09 — I learned more intentional torts in one day of LEEWS than in an entire semester of going to class! The best part of the course is that you gain confidence along with a plan of action!

Uma Arunachalam '04 — Very valuable program. Wentworth Miller's humor is great! It's what kept the session running and the clock ticking. Moreover, it didn't matter if the clock was moving or not, as it was just fun being here. Inspirational!

Alan Feldman '99 — Finally, a clear perspective and convincing strategies for attacking law exams. Miller is a great lecturer. I would kill for a law professor as good as him.

Southern New England School of Law

Dr. Ron Coulombe '11 — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation.

Guessippina Bonner '01 — I wish I had been given this information sooner.

Suffolk University Law School

Lindsay Breed '11-'12 [who took LEEWS in second term] — Invaluable program. Demystifies exam writing and breaks it down into a science. Empowers students with a formulaic approach with which to attack essay questions. [Lindsay later reported improvement/results from a C+ in contracts at mid year to A- final grade; B- in Civ. Pro. at mid year to A- final grade; A- in Practical Legal Skills; and B+ in Torts with (tough grading) Professor Glannon.  See her email at the Results section describing her complete change in attitude and approach (" ... from defense [fall] to offense [spring] ...") as a result of taking LEEWS live just weeks before spring finals.]

[LEEWS note: Tragically, Lindsay passed away in the summer of 2009. She had agreed to be our rep at Suffolk. She was a beuatiful, vivacious, and caring young woman, and our thoughts go out to her family. We maintain her remarks as a tribute to her, and because we know that she would want others to experience the same renewal of confidence and enthusiasm for law school that she did.]

John Brinkman '00 — This program clears up 3 months of confusion, myths, and bad advice in 8 hours.

Denise Ross '00 — I cannot believe on 5 hours of sleep you have held my undivided attention for 8 hours. I am greatly relieved. THANK YOU!

Anthony Dellorfano '00E — Mr. Miller's presentation was exactly what I needed: a clear, workable, systematic approach to demystifying the law school exam. If I did not have this training, my studying would have included hours of unnecessary work. I'll study the same amount of time, but much more efficiently.

Jessica Claire Dean '01 — Very engaging, very illuminating. I think that after the information has had a chance to to sink in the potential for writing an "A" exam will have increased exponentially.

Jessica Natale ’02 (as a 2L) — Very valuable. As a second year student, it goes to show that there is always more to learn.

Hetal J. Mehta '02 — I found this program to be a breath of fresh air — more educational and informative than all my classroom experiences and education put together throughout the semester.

Western New England College of Law

Sarah Oulton '12 — Very valuable program. Mr. Miller is a high-energy, highly entertaining, and extremely knowledgeable individual. And -- most important -- he truly cares that we students learn how to learn the law. 

Sanjiv Reej '11 (as an upperclassman) — I think the program was worthwhile. I am a 3rd year part-time. This would have been more practical (yet no less helpful) had I taken it in my 1L year. This will still help me with upper level classes like "Health Law."

Stephanie Schlatter '07 — As a repeater, I learned as much this time as I did the first time. Excellent program!

Kathleen A. Cavanaugh ’02 (as a 2L) — Fresh approach, great ideas. I wish I had taken this seminar two years ago.

Simone Dion '03E — Outstanding. I would have made all the classic mistakes! Now I may have a chance at doing fairly well.

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Ave Maria School of Law

Nathan Dineen '10 — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation and materials.

Matthew Sercely '09 — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation.

Barry Poulson '05 — Very valuable. Excellent presentation. Realized I was thinking "inside a box" that I did not realize existed.

Thomas M. Cooley Law School

[Note: See letters — Results page — from Adam Reddick '07 (taken as a 2L) and Karenn Florante '97.]

[We may further note that Cooley's elaborate academic support program for 1Ls, while admirable in intent, ends up producing little more benefit than the same old same old, IRAC-based conventional wisdom. Many of our Cooley attendees come in their 2nd and 3rd semester.]

Khadeeja Ahsan '09 — Very valuable program. Mr. Miller's approach was easy to understand and explained all the concepts that a 1L is nervous and unsure about.

Mark Thalberg '09 — Useful program. Good presentation.

Ary Avnet '08 — Class filled me with info. I know it works for some because my TA took [LEEWS] and got all A's. My turn.

[LEEWS note: Ary's turn indeed! Ary received 2 A's and 2 A-'s!!]

James Lee '08 — I believe that you are a fool if you do not take this program and utilize it. This program makes "Hide the Ball" a non factor.

Loren Pardue '08 — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation.

Adam Reddick '07 (taken as a 2L) — Immediately after the (Chicago) program I realized that the information that was presented would be helpful, but I failed to realize just how valuable the program was. Well, I am proud to report that I just received my grades for this past semester and they consisted of all "A's" with a Certificate of Merit award for the highest grade in my property course.

Rhonda Seefeld (taken as a 3L) — Valuable program. As a 3L, I wish I had taken this earlier in my law school career. I thought the program was wonderful, and would strongly advise first year students to take advantage of this to get a leg up on classmates early on.

Nancy Dlugokenski '08E — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation.

Judy S. '07 — The LEEWS program really introduced me to the "light at the end of the tunnel" that first term students have trouble finding. I have realized what it is I must focus on in preparing a successful essay exam.

Ed Lenchitz '07 — Very valuable program. Final judgment cannot be established until I see my grades. Will let you know then.

[LEEWS note: Ed reported getting nothing lower than an A- his first term (fall '04), and the highest grade in two classes.]

Keemya Richards '08E — Mr. Miller was fantastic, entertaining, energetic, and humorous. The money spent was extremely nominal compared to what is gained.

Rick Frank '06 — I attended LEEWS a few weeks before finals, and it helped everything that I had been studying make sense. It takes all that information packed in your brain and lays out an attack plan to put it into a law school essay. I received three A's my first term and the top grade in contracts!

Michael Hess '07E — The presentation of material was fantastic in every way. I learned more in 8 hours than in any legal writing or analysis class or seminar that I have had all year.

Noel Caldwell '06 — I thought the program provided exactly what I was seeking, which was how to truly analyze. It gave me something more than IRAC.

Jonathan Hadaya '06 — Very valuable. Miller is very entertaining. Did not feel like an 8-hour course. Can't look at law school the same ever again.

Tracey Hampton '91 — I now see why former students have a hard time explaining the class. You have to experience it. It was great! I'm truly motivated and looking forward to exams.

Duane Ramer '98 — Awesome! I went from being a C student to an A-B student after taking LEEWS.

John Beisty ['02 at St. Mary's Law School, San Antonio] — It was awesome. Asked my girlfriend about it who had tapes. She was top 10% at Thomas Cooley because of the tapes. [LEEWS note: Now an audio CD program.]

L.M. Kohler '01 [taken as a 2L] — An attorney strongly recommended taking this, as did peers. It doesn't matter if you "IRAC," if you can't understand the issues first! LEEWS provides a perspective, practice, and approach to test taking I've never been told by any professor or peer. I was lost and all over the map until LEEWS. Thank you for the directions.

Bernie Grall '02 — The most rewarding, valuable, enriching class about law school exam preparation I have had.

University of Detroit Mercy School of Law

Fred Peebles '08E — This was very well structured. The premises espoused shot holes in many things law school administration reps portray to 1L's as being true.

Gary Coin '05E — Straightforward talk, insightful tips for taking exams. As other people said today, I don't want to give anyone in my class an edge!

Jeffrey Thau '01 — [Mr. Miller's] ability to keep my attention, considering no one else can, was remarkable.

Charles Fedewa '00 — A very enlightening program that helped reduce the stress and mystique of preparing for exams.

Judy Greenia '00E — Instructor's presentation was very valuable. It made sense of every aspect of a law school exam. It touched on all aspects, and the professor's humor made the course easy to follow.

Michigan State U. [Formerly Detroit College of Law]

K. Scott Williamson '09E — Very valuable program. A Nicholson-like cadence to the lecture + A Michael Douglas delivery + A workable system = Worth my time!

Tanya Irwin '06 — Very valuable program. I learned more in one day than in all the previous books and workshops I've bought/attended. Highly recommend!

Andy Merriman '06 — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation. I heard about LEEWS from an older friend in law school a year before I attended my first class. I was skeptical, but I am overjoyed that I remembered.

Kristan Tetens ‘03E — Very valuable. Practical, process-oriented. Made exam process relevant to lawyering. Thank you!

Carolyn Krieg '02E — Fantastic! I did not expect there to be so much precise and needed guidance.

Laurie Lange '01E — I am carrying 12 credits and working a full time job. I am always afraid to waste precious time. This was NOT a waste.

Stanette Amy '00E — Very valuable. Although it sounds impossible after a year of law school, no one ever explained the phrases "black letter law" and "rule of law;" and how to find them in class and apply them on the exam. Your "been there, done that" approach is effective and refreshing.'

K. Torrenti '99 — Valuable [program]. Miller has an interesting Jack Nicholson, Hunter S. Thompson-esque approach, captivating to anyone wanting to think of things in a different, yet specific way.

David Russell '05 — The program instills the confidence I was lacking before attending.

University of Michigan School of Law

Elizabeth R. '07 — Tangible, entertaining, and a huge relief/confidence builder looking toward exams. Your method will inform my approach for the rest of my legal career. I cannot thank you enough!

Douglas Park '04 — Very valuable program. Miller makes his point powerfully by working through hypos. I'm confident that his recommendations will make my studying more focused and productive.

Joel Karansky '01 — Very valuable. The course lived up to its reputation. Mr. Miller provided a thorough and systematic method for test taking and test preparation. Well worth the money and time.

Kelly Bailer '97 — This is the most useful class I've taken since I started law school last year. Everyone should take this class first year!!

Wayne State University Law School

Christie McGahan '05 — Mr. Miller's presentation was energetic, motivating, and provided me with the direction I needed. I can't wait to utilize the tools he provided.

Ida Smith '04 — Valuable program. Speaker was very engaging. I can't wait to use this technique on my first exam. I am not afraid now. Thanks.

Katrina Brown '99 — The instructor was fascinating and kept the class alive with humor! The simplicity of the method and clarity of presentation. I feel much much more confident and will definitely recommend to 1Ls next year. Why doesn't the Legal Research course teach this method? This is true legal analysis!

Tawanda Van Horn '99 — The morning of the LEEWS program I was sick, and was thinking I'm not going — but I'm so-o-o-o glad I came. The techniques are very useful! I have an advantage over other students.

Kevin Himebaugh '98 — IRAC is the middle of the law exam trilogy. This course provided the first and third episodes, making IRAC more useful.

Karen Swann '98 — The seminar gave me, inter alia, a map to follow. Before today I was lost and didn't really know how to go about anything. But now I know I'm looking for "elephant.''

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Hamline University School of Law

Anonymous '01 — Very valuable. The research and writing program director at Hamline, Alice Silkey, said she had heard LEEWS was very good.

Sonnie Braih '98 — Superb presentation. Everything you need to know about the law school examination that nobody wants to tell you. LEEWS is a must attend. This is the academic map to law school success.

W. Brooks '02 — Wonderful information , fantastic tools! Thanks.

University of Minnesota Law School

Derek Allen '11 — Excellent presentation. Excellent materials.

Richard Sarohia '11 — Very valuable. The program presents a unique paradigm on how to interpret information that law school never clues you into.

Michael Stinson '11 — I didn't realize I was merely skimming the surface of law school until I signed up and took the LEEWS seminar. (And later via email) — LEEWS put me in a position to succeed first semester, and I am greatly indebted to you for that.  As you know, your course helped me achieve a 3.833 gpa first semester.

[LEEWS update:  Michael slipped to a 3.641 second term, but made law review.  See his full email in the Results section, in which he notes that the three U of M 1Ls who attended the Fall '08 live Mpls. program with him achieved 4.0, 3.66, and 3.733 first term.  The 4.0 person transferred to the U. of Chicago Law School. The 3.66, who transferred to Georgetown Law, was a Korean national who had only learned English the year before (!!).  The latter very much proves the point of LEEWS' founder, Mr. Miller, that success on law exams, far from requiring literary skill (being a "good writer"), more requires mathematic thinking. Hence the seeming advantage of math/science types when it comes to predictions of who is likely to do well on law exams (without LEEWS).]

Sarah Moseley '07 — I bought and worked through the audio presentation, and then due to anxiety decided to come to the live program. I actually preferred the live program, because the development of the visual aids at the same time as the oral presentation helped me grasp it better. I'm sold.

Anne Johnson '06 — The program elucidated what professors refer to as "issues." Based on the professors' descriptions of issues, I never would have guessed they are what Wentworth showed us they really are. Thank you for the class, and thank you for making it so affordable!

David Weber '05 — Some friends of mine didn't take the course, because they didn't want one more thing freaking them out, but I find it to be the opposite. I feel much more confident about the whole exam taking process.

Vija Brookshire '99 — I learned a ton! Thought I did great, then got my grades back from fall semester. I totally needed this . I actually am excited to put my information together and practice taking exams.

Azhar M. Usman '99 — People who don't take this seminar for money reasons or mere skepticism are definitely being left out. I am excited to apply the knowledge and system of today's program.

William Mitchell College of Law

Patrick Arenz '06 — Very valuable program. Wentworth Miller put on an entertaining and enlightening seminar.

Matt Martin '06 — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation. Great passion for helping the confused.

Molly Wills '04 — An eight hour [minus lunch] presentation went by faster than some of my courses. LEEWS gave me the confidence I've been missing since I started law school.

Troy Schmitz '04E (attending as a 2L) — I wish I had attended before my first year. I understand now what I could have done better in my essay exams.

Jill Sonnek '04E (as a 2L) — Very valuable program. A friend bought the tapes and liked them. I liked the live presentation better.

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Mississippi College School of Law

Mark Lyon '07 — This was a great program that has given me a set plan for attacking my exams instead of the haphazard method I used first semester.

Dana Powers '05 — I just wish I had known about this program in the summer. Thank you!

Mary Margaret Ratcliff '02 — The presenter made the material exciting and intriguing by adding an element of fun to the challenge and anxiousness of taking law school exams! Well done!

Jeff Carson '00 — Definitely a confidence builder. Every 1L should experience LEEWS, if only for the reassurance that everyone else is in the same situation, and there is a systematic way to approach exams.

University of Mississippi School of Law

Tara Morris '97 — I am so glad I attended this seminar. Mr. Miller made clear the answers to questions I have been asking professors since after my first exams. My professors could only tell me, "Well, you know the law. You just don't know how to write it." This seminar was well worth the trip and the money.

Stephanie Bailey '01 — Today was like somebody finally turned on the lightbulb for me. Thank you.

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University of Missouri School of Law — Columbia

Scott Sommers '06 — The best $100 I have spent for law school. Mr. Miller was an excellent teacher, and the information was USEABLE [original emphasis] and valuable. ... Take this course!

Jennifer Graddy '01 — [as a 2L repeating] — I throughly found this program to be beneficial and outstanding. I feel it provides students with the techniques for writing "A" exams. I attended last year and returned for further mastery of exam taking. I will continue to recommend LEEWS, because it has been so helpful and useful to me.

Jennifer Graddy '01 — I truly enjoyed the program and found it to be extremely beneficial. LEEWS was recommended to me by a 3L who heard great things about the program. I would highly recommend it to classmates and first years next year.

Jalilah Chilcoat '02 — Very valuable [program]. Miller is amazing. I didn't fall asleep once, unlike my first year law classes!

Michael Blum '98 — W. M. knows his method works and knows how to teach it. Impressive. I'm convinced that if I study and use his method (intelligently), I'll succeed.

University of Missouri School of Law — Kansas City

Ryan Finnegan '07 — This program brought so much clarity to the whole law school experience.

Toni Hendricks '07 — By lunch time I was excited to take my torts midterm.

Gwen Davis '07 — I thought Miller was a great instructor, and the course was extremely helpful. If nothing else, it cured some of my anxieties about taking exams. Worth every penny!

C. Kennel Windland '01 [taken as a 2L] — LEEWS illustrated where I have been wasting my time the past year. The light has finally appeared at the end of the tunnel.

Valerie Vance '97 — Thanks for the clear-cut method!!! I've been waiting for this. Extremely humorous presentation . Mr. Miller borders on brilliance.

Deborah Smith '97 — Very valuable. People said this program was helpful. Great instructor — very truthful, insightful, and humorous.

Carol Kyanka '04 — Valuable program. Looking forward to practicing and applying lessons to exams.

Saint Louis University School of Law

Christopher Rausch '92 (attending as a 2L) — It makes me sick that I did not take this last year.

Monique brown '12 — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation. 

Alvaro Muniz '11 — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation. Brought the entire semester into perspective: what the bottom line in exams is. You learn how to prepare for the exam throughout the semester.

Courtney Green '10 — Very valuable program. An older, practicing attorney friend recommended it. Mr. Miller provided exceptional tools for organization, now and exam time.

Martha Ferdinand '09E — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation. Particularly liked the animated speaker [Mr. Miller] and the hands-on practice.

Jeremy Juenger '09E — Well organized. Humor was great. Points made excellent. Brought order out of chaos by giving me necessary tools and techniques.

Erin Zielinski '03E — Very valuable program. The humor incorporated in the presentation made me feel relieved for the first time since I started law school. Everything was so true it was scary.

Bob Reeser '99 — Mr. Miller provides a refreshing breath of air not normally experienced or felt with law school instructors. The combination of his experience and great sense of humor make the seminar both educational and enjoyable.

Washington University School of Law

[LEEWS fact: 40% of 2000-2001 members of WU Law Quarterly took LEEWS as 1Ls, including 50% of editors and the editor-in-chief (!!)]

David Engman '00 — I'm very glad I skipped the negotiation competition for this. It's more valuable than anything I've done, especially class.

Kemba Logan '99 — Very valuable. The attorney I work for encouraged me to take this.

Alisha C. Smith '00 — [Taken as 2L] Very valuable. It's great, because the class is geared toward 2Ls and 3Ls, too. It's too bad I didn't take the course in my first year!

David Osborne '11 — Valuable program.  Good initial starting strategy.

Wade Carr '10 — Very valuable program. I feel like I have a much more organized plan of attack for the rest of the semester — and, of course, my preparation for exams. Thanks!

Lauren Sabol '10 — Program provided useful information about exams that I would never have realized on my own. [LEEWS note: Ms. Sabol did well enough to transfer to NYU Law School in NYC.]

Misty Coombs '06 — I am now inspired to approach exams with confidence and the right attitude.

Rick Abelmann '05 — This is a highly entertaining way to learn skills that will lead you to exam success! Definitely worth the time investment.

Julie Gabel '04 — This program is the first glimmer of hope that I have encountered in the law school process. Mr. Miller showed me that I can not only do this; I can do it well.

James Hughes '02 — Very valuable [program].When I looked at the practice exams I felt terrified at what was being asked. I now know what is being asked in any question.

Kelly Karase '02 — I was dreading spending an entire Saturday, but I am very glad I came. I feel sorry for classmates who missed out by deciding not to come. It was very useful.

Irina Kogan '02 — Incredibly dynamic presentation, and great insight into what professors are looking for and how to get there efficiently and clearly.

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Creighton University School of Law

Stacy Ferrel '06 — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation. Put me at ease regarding what to expect and how to handle each exam.

Chanda Hall ’03 — Very valuable. The program provided a new way of rationalizing on exams.

John Keane ’03 — I’m glad I took one day out of my first year to learn the steps of success in law school. Thanks, Miller!

University of Nebraska School of Law

Aretha Hilton '03 (joint degree) — Enjoyed the speaker's enthusiasm and putting exam taking into perspective. They are not to be feared, but defeated!

Jamie Cox '99 — Having gone through the program, I now realize that the $85 it cost is but a small fraction in value compared to the insights I attained.

Gretchen Hall '99 — Particularly liked the practical approach to the vast body of ambiguity out there. This course convinced me to drop the busy work and get down to learning the real issues. Thanks.

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University of Nevada - Las Vegas

(LEEWS note: Most UNLV students order the audio program.)

Jim Roach '02 (taken in Los Angeles) — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation.

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New Hampshire

Franklin Pierce Law Center

Vicenc Felin '04 — Great program. I attended last semester and got great grades in all my classes.

Hugh Brady '04 — I would recommend this to a new 1L — once I'm a 2L. Mr. Miller keeps you interested all day. Breaks down the mystique of law school exams.

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New Jersey

Rutgers University School of Law — Camden

William Young '09 — Valuable program. Excellent presentation.

Tanya Alm '06 — We all learn "find the issues," but don't REALLY know what that means or how to do it. ... This program teaches that.

Danielle Pennino '05 — Excellent speaker [Mr. Miller]. Everything was so organized. I am confident I will be able to use these techniques.

W. Merillat '04 — Very valuable. Turned a fear of exam taking into confidence. It was scary learning/seeing how unprepared I really was.

Daniel Pantzer '99 — Practical, hands-on method to get the essay writing ball rolling. I particularly liked the "blender" approach to starting. I believe Miller's approach offers much-needed focus for exam writing, as well as valuable tools for preparation.

Bevin Bermingham ’03 — Very valuable program. Everyone talks about doing course outlines, but no one tells you how to do them. I feel confident that I know what I need to include and what I can let go.

Pat Haynes, Jr. '02E — A logical, systematic approach that transforms the seemingly improbable task of mastering law school exams into a tangible, definable, segmented process that anyone can apply.

Rutgers University School of Law — Newark

Kosla Saavedra '12 — This was great. I feel empowered. I came in intimidated, especially because I keep hearing that con law is a different beast to master. But now I have a plan of attack to break it down. 

Ryan Hanlon '06 — Very valuable program. Gave me the roadmap to 1L that I had been looking for.

Mark Greenbaum '05 — The program was very well done. Despite being seven hours in length, it was interesting throughout. Ms. Page kept the class following the entire time. What we learned will certainly be valuable in excelling in law school.

Kathleen Shifley '05 — This program gave me direction at the most crucial and most confusing time. 1L students need this course to aim at the right target instead of flying blind. The instructor [JoAnne Page] was excellent — clear, concise, knowledgeable. I will recommend this program to friends.

Carol Willner '03 — Very valuable. I wish I had taken this course last semester. Second semester exams are much less intimidating, since my first semester mistakes were all addressed in this program.

Judith Rawcliffe '01E — Very valuable. The first real help I've been offered on how to "do" law school.

Seton Hall University School of Law

Melanie Chandler '08 — JoAnne [Page] is wonderful — informative and engaging. I've been shocked at how much is NOT taught in law school. (Original emphasis.)

Briana McGarry '08 — Valuable program. I liked how the law was given to us in class so we could really practice writing an exam.

Wanda Brown '08E — With a background in pharmacy and science I was extremely nervous about law school exams. But after your course I am very confident.

Ariella Schreiber '05 — Definitely worth the money. Wentworth Miller is worthy of a two-drink minimum and a tenured position teaching legal writing. His method keeps you entertained for 7 hours, and his manner leaves everyone at ease.

Jaclyn Goldman '00 (taken as 2L) — Very valuable. Wish I had known about this during my first 2 semesters. I was a professional writer for eight years, and it was hard to adapt to this writing style and way of thinking. I am grateful for this course, and hope to finally excel at exam writing.

Kalimah Ahmad '04 (as a 2L) — It bothers me that I learned more about lawyerlike skills in one day for $105 than I learned in 2 years of law school for $60,000. I'm so completely satisfied that I'm at a loss for words ... Shocked.

Linda Donohue '04 — A very worthwhile seminar. Liked the straightforward approach to a very complicated process. I cannot imagine walking into law school exams without first attending LEEWS. All of the complex legal issues we've been studying now seem to have a clear-cut logical place in an exam. JoAnne Page is great.

Katherine Bierwas ’02 (as a 2L) — Excellent tool for becoming a lawyer. Learned more about lawyerlike analysis than in 1 ½ years of law school or 4 months working at a firm.

Pam Woods '01E — My friend dragged me here, but I gained valuable knowledge of how to navigate through the "law school maze" of preparing for and taking exams. This course is highly recommended!

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New Mexico

Univ. New Mexico School of Law

Bruce Puma '06 — Useful program. Good presentation.

Top of page

New York

Brooklyn Law School

Rebecca Worden '08 — Mr. Miller, I still can't express enough how grateful I am that you designed this program. It has helped me immensely over the years. My first semester at law school — before I'd taken LEEWS — I barely pulled off a 3.0. I was accordingly devastated that all my hard work had not paid off. Since taking the program I've managed a 3.66 (A- average) or higher every semester, and I've earned the highest grade in my class 3 times (2 classes with approximately 120 students, 1 class with approximately 50 students). I cannot thank you enough.

Meredith '05 — Everyone told me I would be "one up" because my grandfather is a professor at my law school. They were right — he recommended this program, and I definitely have the advantage now!

Cheryl Shammas '00 — Two friends took LEEWS and are in the top 5% of their classes (one at GW law and the other at Brooklyn law). I hope for the same.

Michael Baston '97 — When I was told by an alumna about her success with LEEWS, I knew I had to give it a try. I am sure glad that I did!

Jim Sargent '11 — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation. I can't imagine how I would seuccessfully tackle a law school exam without LEEWS. This was enormously helpful.

Nay Johnson '10 — Very valuable program. I definitely feel more prepared for my exams, and am confident and ready to get to tackle the work.

Stephanie Spell '10 — Excellent presentation and materials. Very valuable. I would definitely be interested in being a rep.

Vipin Varghese '10 — Valuable program. I particularly liked the discussion of lawyerlike analysis.

Syed Qamer '04 (taken as a 2L) — Great program. Every first year should take it. Nothing comes close to the quality of this program. Teacher's style [Mr. Miller] was great.

Ajanaclair Lynch '04 — I am so glad that i did not listen to people who said that this program would be a wasted Sunday right before finals, because the joke is on those who did not attend!

Ryan Patrick McCarthy '04 — It's nice to have so many disputes settled about where to allocate my efforts. I feel much better knowing that what I am doing is going to pay off!

Marcello Romanelli '00 — Nothing in or related to law school has made me feel as confident about my ability to find issues in exam questions.

Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law

[See — Results — for letter of Jeff Marz '96 detailing how LEEWS made the difference for him.]

Maria Yam '07 (attending as a 2L) — Very valuable program. The instructor [Ms. Page] was clear and concise, and engaging to listen to. Although there was a lot of material to digest, JoAnne Page did an excellent job conveying the information. I feel more confident about taking exms this semester.

Paul '05 — Whitebread came to our school . . . Heh, heh, heh. He was as plain as his name. Thanks for the meat & potatoes.

Shulamis Peltz '04 (taken as a 2L) — I always felt I was spending too much time on studying with the sinking feeling that I wa not doing so effectively. I constantly felt that no one taught me the right way to do this; there must be a better method than the one I'm using. I needed to be shown "how," and this course did it for me. Thanks!

Michael Cavino '04 — This course is worth every dollar. I highly recommend it. But don't tell your friends until you have learned and mastered the material.

Aaron Strauss ’02 — Very valuable. Wentworth is unbelievable! Incredibly funny and entertaining. Very enlightening.

Ronald Abraham '00 — Ms. Page was excellent, exciting, and very understandable. The best $100 I ever spent in my academic life.

City University of New York School of Law (CUNY)

Sneja Simeonova '01 — Systematic, clear approach. Great sense of humor. Thank you. After today's lecture I feel bad for my teachers at school.

Columbia University School of Law

[See 2005 note to "LEEWS team" from Ben Trachtenberg '05 in Results section. Ben and his roommate took LEEWS as 1Ls, and were named Kent Scholars. Ben was beginning a clerkship on the Second Circuit Court of Appeals. "Great program," he said. ""Helpful throughout law school." "Ms. Page's class was great."]

Lawrence Wu '99 — Valuable [program]. A friend at Georgetown took the program and scored the highest in two of his classes. Great lecturer. [Mr. Wu took LEEWS as a 1L. He was named editor-in-chief of the Columbia Law Review for 1998-99

April Navarro '12 — Valuable program. Demystifies law exams and the law exam preparation process.

Mia White '10 — Very valuable program. [Ms. Page] was kind, clear, personable, articulate, and humorous. I would definitely take another class with her and recommend this course to my friends.

Adam Orford '06 — A fantastic program. It opened my eyes and my mind to a number of fundamental truths about law school, and gave me the tools to succeed. Go now. Don't procrastinate. It sounds silly, but you really could win with LEEWS.

Stacey Bell '00 — What separates this course from others is there is a method to LEEWS. It provided a structured, systematic approach to exams.

Zahra Hamirani '99 — Very valuable [program]. "Ugly but effective" is revolutionary. It posits order on the chaos of my courses! Great presenter!

Cornell University Law School

[Fall '05 e-mail from a Cornell 2L who ordered the audio program.] Howdy:

I've already started recommending [LEEWS] to people. I ended up at the top of my class last year, made law review, and have interviews, callbacks, and offers for employment from the best firms in the country. So I've been telling all the 1Ls in my section [in which I am a T.A.] about the benefits of actually knowing how to take a law school exam.

Feel free to refer anyone here at Cornell to me if they have questions about the program and its benefits.

Studying definitely played a large role, but the help from LEEWS was invaluable in helping to aid that studying. I came to Cornell from a school that was not a top tier undergrad [George Washington], and certainly one of the lower ranked schools represented at Cornell. To do so well is a testament to LEEWS, and how it helps people sift through the multitude of material that one learns at law school and get to the meat that professors really want to see on an exam. I fared far better than I ever expected, and it has opened up far more opportunities than I ever thought possible.

Thanks again so much, and if there's anything I can do, let me know.

Best, Sean Akins '07

Christina Tretter '09 — Very valuable program. I feel I have been given a pragmatic, step-by-step tool with which to approach law school. Now I know where to look for points, and I will approach exams proactively rather than reactively.

Fordham University School of Law

Jeffrey Berenholz '98 — The course was so clearly and methodologically laid out, that except for the practicing I need to do, I feel that most of the method is ingrained in my head. The biggest plus, though, is the settling of my nerves and the confidence I now feel.

Sharron Williams Gelobter '01 — Although I wanted to take this course very much, I was afraid of the time commitment on a Sunday. The program was so informative and interesting. Ms. Page kept us on our toes, turned potentially dry information interesting and humorous, and made the time fly.

Joseph Rivera, Jr. '13E — Long day, but undoubtedly worth it. Makes you feel like you gained some insight into the underpinnings of the law school labyrinth.

Dimitri Teresh '11 (as a prelaw) — Valuable program. As an incoming law student, I found the instruction immensely helpful in preparing me for success in law school.

Megan Horn '11 — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation and materials. The instructor was engaging and extremely helpful. All of my questions about exams were answered.

Diana Smithens '10 — LEEWS is the best investment I've made in my law school education as a 1L.

Tembani Xaba '00 — This is my 2nd time. JoAnne Page was terrific. She gave me confidence that I can do this! Fabulous hypotheticals. Funny, memorable examples. I may even come back a 3rd time!

Hofstra University School of Law

Michael Schmitt '08E — I repeated to reinforce the concepts. I took LEEWS in the spring of my first year, and my G.P.A. went up an entire point from the fall.

Josh Rieger '09 — This program has helped to ease my fear, and helped me realize I can do this. I can stay calm, practice the LEEWS method, and hopefully succeed!

Megan Lynch '11 — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation and materials. Very thorough.

Elisa Rosenthal '11 — Very valuable program. Learning how to break down hypos gave me answers to questions everyone thinks and worries about, but no one ever answers. Every 1L has the same questions, same stress. Profs tell you to outline, but not how to outline. This class taught me what I need to do to be successful in law school.

Allison Dersch '10 — Very valuable. Our presenter [Ms. Page] was spectacular (original emphasis). She made a very complex problem very simple, and showed us how we could apply that knowledge to all of our exams.

Dave Kowalenko '10 — Very valuable program. My study group and I decided to attend after hearing rave reviews of the course from our classmates. We now feel we have a distinct advantage on all our exams, because Professor Miller opened our eyes in regard to what professors really want on exams.

Tyng Tsuei '07 — The day flew by and I left feeling confident about and looking forward to attacking my first exam successfully.

Sheila Hatami '06 — Good presentation; confidence building; real professor's point of view; good systematic approach; comfort of having materials and not needing to take notes — I enjoyed the time to process! Also pulled together all the tips my professors have been hinting at all semester.

Rashana Cain '04 — Very valuable program. Friends wanted to attend because of LEEWS' reputation.

Venessa Melly '04 — Mr. Miller is a great presenter. Very understandable and especially humorous. I feel very focused on how to prepare for my upcoming exams.

Randi Kassan ’03 — [JoAnne Page] was upbeat and very precise. I now have a technique for taking law school exams. Before, I would have gone into the exam and written gibberish, not a black and white clear answer.

Brian Walsh '03 (as a 2L) — I took this as a second year student in order to improve my mediocre first year grades. I now understand the errors I made, and I have the tools to fix them. This is a program everyone should take!

Bettina Elstroth '01 — LEEWS showed me things about writing and studying that would almost seem obvious, if I wasn't so caught up with briefing cases and participating in class. LEEWS seems logical. It gave me a sense of security I didn't have before.

Seth Kornbluth '99 — Excellent. It lasted all day, but it still felt shorter than a one hour, fifty minute law class!

New York Law School

Brian Graifman '88 — When I took your course first semester of law school some friends scoffed, and some thought the price was not worth it. Well, what an investment it was. I just graduated second in my class! Thanks for the road map.

Dilenia Frias '13E — Very valuable program. Wish I'd taken this earlier in the semester. But even at this last minute [12/6/09] I think it will help me do well.

Lisa Gora '13E — Very valuable. The presenter's style was extremely EASY to follow. He presents the material according to the realities of law school, which keeps you laughing, but also thinking, "Man, he knows exactly what I am thinking." [Mr. Miller's] style also disspelled many of my fears and instilled a new sense ofr confidence in my ability to work hard and succeed.

Mona Gora '13E — The advice was great. Just as [Mr. Miller] stated at the beginning of the program, I was completely overwhelmed and was skeptical that a one-day program could make me "feel better" about exam writing. But it's 5:15, and although I know that my workload hasn't lightened in any way, I feel 100% more confident in approaching my first law exam!

Stephanie McDougall '12E (as a 2L) — Very engaging and helpful. I am currently a 2L, and wish I had taken this class earlier! I feel more confident approaching exams.

Naveed Siddiq '12E — Finally I have learned what should have been taught first week!

Kadier Carter '11 — Valuable program. Necessary to survive law school. I wish I had known of this sooner.

Maya Cater '11 — Very valuable. I took the program twice; once at the beginning of the semester, and now at the end. Best decision I could have made!

Veronica Frosen '09 — This program makes finals seem wholly doable and clears up the mystique that creates the extreme nervousness so prevalent in law school.

Bill Primavera '08 — The program is excellent. The material and instructor [Ms. Page] were clear, concise, and realistic.

Andrea Popovich '06E — I was initially suspicious that "I know this all already." I left feeling totally prepared to answer exam and discussion questions with confidence. I also had a lot of fun. It was a Sunday well spent. Worth every penny. Thank you.

Lauren Uhler '05 — Very valuable program. Mr. Miller's ability to build confidence through logic and humour has helped me feel a lot less in the dark and a lot less scared about 1L exams.

Tamara LeFranc '03 — Very valuable. A professor recommended LEEWS. This program opened my eyes on how to effectively spot issues and concisely write legal analysis.

Kelli J. Brownewell ’02 (as a 2L) — I definitely received a lot more guidance on how to write an exam essay than I was ever given with IRAC! IRAC is only 25% of the essay.

Dana Stewart '03E — [2nd time in first term] — This was the best use of my valuable time! I spent 8 hours at LEEWS, but saved 10 hours a week not wasting time. I love LEEWS!

Jim Price '01E — JoAnne Page cuts to the chase in demystifying year 1L. She demonstrates how to slay the hypothetical minotaur, and how to survive the law school maze unscathed!

New York University School of Law

Scot Goins '12 — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation.

Jamie Picard '12 — Very valuable program. Engaging and encouraging instruction.

Lauren Sabol '10 (transfer from Washington U. in St. Louis) — Program presented useful information about exams that I never would have realized on my own.

Kemi F. '09 — Very valuable. I found Mr. Miller's authoritative manner reassuring, and his vast content knowledge was impressive. The comprehensiveness of his course was very helpful, and I left with a sense of purpose and direction.

Will Edmonson '05 — Great program. Combining tapes and lecture makes it clearer, particularly if JoAnne Page does the class (because then you hear two differing explanations).

John D. Cooke '04 — Magnificent in its sweep, brilliant in its nuanced treatment, and refreshingly simple in its organization.

Gabrielle Prisco ’03 — I was truly astounded by the program. It matched up to all of the guarantees, quotes, statements in your advertising. I cannot believe how much this class simplified the things that I feel I need to think about and focus on. I also feel much more confident both in terms of effectively using my preparation time and in terms of taking my actual exams. All law schools should offer this class.

Cora Schmid ’03 — JoAnne [Page] was amazing! After a long week of classes she kept us engaged, thinking, and laughing. The method is really exciting. I feel like I have my work cut out for me, but I’m convinced I will be working effectively, and that I can use the skills I develop throughout my career. Thanks so much!

Tabare Depaep '00 — Very valuable. I loved the instructor [JoAnne Page] — brilliant, to the point. Thank heavens for your class.

Cindy Tzvi '01 — Simplifies the goal of a student facing any law school exam. Demystifies the writing process that felt overwhelming before. Breaks down the mystery of the exclusive "A" club!

Pace University School of Law

Stephanie Melowsky '09E (2nd term) — Very valuable program. I can't believe that I am looking forward to taking exams.

John Montes '09E (2nd term) — LEEWS was recommended by a practicing attorney. I would fully recommend this course/seminar. Where law school fails to explain why certain grades were given or why one exam is better than another, LEEWS tells you why and how to do better.

Jorge Figueroa '07 — Thank you. Ms. Page rocks! Could not be a better teacher.

Roseanne Byrnes '94E — The very best of all the seminars I have attended, which are numerous.

Keith Sullivan '98 — A lively, entertaining, and, most of all, incredibly useful seminar. A definite don't miss day!

St. John's University Law School

Craig Kavanagh '10E — Such a great class! Money well spent. The day went fast, was never dull, and I left feeling confident about taking my first law school exams.

Kristen Vasselman '05E — Very valuable. I feel tremendously more confident about taking my exams next month and feel that I have obtained an edge over students who chose not to take LEEWS.

Ekaterini Saoulis '04 — I really enjoyed the class. It was nice to finally attend a writing program that explained everything in a simple, understandable way. Thank you.

Daniel Solinsky '02 — This cut the "fat" of law school to show what is needed to excel.

Howard Fishbein '00 — Great speaker [J. Page]. I feel like a new man. I've never felt so confident in my life.

Jeff Brown '99 — Great course! Great instructor! [JoAnne Page] I now feel confident that I am ready to get ready for my first set of finals . I am so glad that I took this course my first semester.

State University of New York @ Buffalo School of Law

(Sorry. No attested reactions currently on file. Normally the audio program is ordered.)

Syracuse University College of Law

Andrea Rachiele '01 — [2 weeks before exams] This class remotivated me after my midterm rut. I do not feel overwhelmed any longer. Even though I do not have every single black letter principle down cold, I feel that using the system will give me points that make up for my slight lack of knowledge. Thank you so very much. Thinking of exams like a game takes off so much pressure!

Richard Greenhaus 12 (as a prelaw) — Valuable program, excellent presentation. Extremely knowledgeable presenter [Mr. Miller]. Made boring material interesting and kept my attention. Michael King '08 (2nd term) —Great program!!! Nobody (professors) really explains exam writing.

[LEEWS Note: Law professors don't think exam writing can be explained. Not beyond minimally helpful IRAC and a few hints. (E.g., "argue both sides," "support your position."). They believe that if you have the "right stuff," if you are a "natural born genius of the law" (as they imagine they are!), then, if you work hard, a good exam will result. I.e., effective law exam writing can't be taught (!!). Thus, they have never sought to discover the science of exam preparation and writing that LEEWS represents.]

Rob Pariser '01 — I feel sorry for my friend, who decided at the last minute not to attend.

Touro College Law School

Gabrielle Rosen '97 — LEEWS helped me understand exactly what an essay question is really asking. "Open-ended" questions are no longer a complete mystery. The seminar further demonstrated how to think like a lawyer and play detective with each and every hypothetical on an essay exam.

Andrew VanSingel '10 (2nd term) — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation and materials. The program raised my confidence that I can do well. That in itself is well worth a Sunday of my life and the fee.

Derek Zisser '10 (2nd term) — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation and materials. Straightforward, humorous.

Eric Tuy '09 — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation. Great professor. [LEEWS note: Mr. Miller prefers to be thought of as a teacher, not a professor.

Patrick McGlashan '06E — Very valuable. The course taught me how to land the plane safely.

L. Kittrell '04 (taken as a 2L) — Useful methods, step by step logical techniques for exam writing. Presenter [Mr. Miller] very humorous. Everything seems like common sense, and time went by quickly.

Marjorie Mesidor '04 — The course increased my level of confidence, and Mr. Miller's humor made the 8 hours [minus lunch] fly by!!

DeWayne Gregory ‘04E — Very valuable. I found the program provided tools to manage the exam essay in a productive and effective manner.

Union University Albany Law School

(Sorry. There are no attested evaluations on file.)

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North Carolina

Campbell University Law School

Sarah Tackett '12 — Very valuable program. I was unsure of whether to attend, but figured any instruction would be great. My school and professors haven't mentioned much about exams, but I feel much better about how to "attack" and organize my thoughts.

Heather Seal '09 — Valuable program. I now have a much more narrow and focused approach to tackling exams.

Jennifer Allen '05 — Very valuable. I liked that Mr. Miller forced us to think quickly and efficiently through practice exercises, thus giving us valuable practice for our upcoming exams.

Nicole Gilliam '05 — Very valuable. Liked Mr. Miller's enthusiasm. This class was exactly what I needed to find that confidence necessary to prepare a good essay answer.

Raymond McGill III '05 — LEEWS is the light switch in the dark 1L exam room.

Duke University School of Law

[It came to our attention that 25 percent of members of 2001 Duke Law Review took LEEWS as 1Ls!]

Faith Kasparian '97 — A friend who had great improvements in grades recommended your course. Supportive, engaging discussion — geared to psyche you up for exams. Confidence booster, no hiding the ball. [Faith had a dramatic improvement in grades and made law review. Now a lawyer with a major DC firm, she has paid for several interns to attend LEEWS.]

Jessica Hartzog '09 — Very valuable. I think I will now feel confident going into my exams instead of terrified. Thanks.

Ranjan Emani '08 — Very valuable program. I was hesitant about attending, having been forewarned about commercial programs that "preyed on 1Ls" for their money. The program was informative, entertaining, and was worth my time and money. It gave me confidence and skills to prepare me that I didn't receive in the classroom. I highly recommend the program.

Monica Brown '04 [spring term] — The program re-invigorated me. I was feeling defeated by the prospect of [a second round of] exams, but now am eager to study and see if this works.

Jennifer D. Haile '02 — Very clear. This helped me think about things that are important in taking a law school test that I would not have considered before the program. The teacher was motivating and bave me so much confidence.

Mark Brown '93 — Some people won't take this course because of pride or money — BIG MISTAKE!

North Carolina Central School of Law

John Wiley '09 (2nd term) — This is a great program to attend. Everyone should try and wait for the results. Thank you, Mr. Miller!

Vince Hammer '05 — I feel fortunate to have had an opportunity to attend LEEWS. This is instruction that law students should receive IN LAW SCHOOL. [Original emphasis.] The law school enterprise should consider it an embarrassment that it fails to impart these skills to its students.

Mariah West '03 (taken as a 2L ) — Very valuable program. It expanded IRAC into a manageable method for exam preparation and attack.

University of North Carolina School of Law

Jessica Harden '12 — Very valuable program. I thought [Mr. Miller] was very entertaining and straight forward. I feel the method is straight forward, and will be helpful on exams.

Samuel Bickett '09 —aluable program. Clear, easy to understand and remember.

Meghan Carmody '09 — Very valuable program. Very funny — definitely helped me to stay awake and pay attention.

Barry L. Williams '04 — Spending one Saturday in LEEWS was more beneficial than sitting in a month of classes.

Shawn McMillam '02 — Very valuable program. Gave me what professors wouldn't — a dependable approach to exams. Thanks for your help.

Dennis Osborne '99 — Very valuable [program]. Superior [presentation]. Being told there's a game, and you're in it to win, but without knowing anything about the game is frustrating. LEEWS makes it possible to play the game at master level — all you have to do is practice. I particularly like the smooth integration of the components, the humor, the obvious correctness of the approach. Thanks!

Brian Roark '99 (President, UNC Law) — Valuable program. I felt like I was in the room with Matlock.

Pat Grotthau '98 — I believe this course will help immensely. Nothing in law schools comes close.

Kathleen Kennedy '98 (taken as a 2L) — Very valuable [program]. As a 2L, I have more confidence now than all of my first year experience combined. If this course was taught in school, there would definitely be better lawyers produced with more self confidence.

Dan Rua '98 — Great presentation. Finally, someone pins down the thought process involved in analyzing. Class preparation doesn't simulate the exam or future responsibilities as a lawyer.

Wake Forest University School of Law

Gaylynn Gee '90 — I considered not coming, due to a paper. But now I'm so grateful for this course. I can't imagine doing without it.

Brody Eldridge '08 — Very valuable program. Very entertaining. One of the most polished presentations I've ever seen.

Neal Robbins '07 (attending as a 2L) — Very valuable. Particularly liked the engaging nature of [Wentworth Miller]. As a 2L, this makes me wish I had this last year.

Kip Keener '02 — Best thing anybody could do before taking exams. Do it as soon as possible.

Allison Pauls '02 — The presenter was wonderful and engaging. Attending this program was one of the best decisions I have made this semester. I now have a new appreciation for law school, and am actually looking forward to exams.

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North Dakota

University of North Dakota School of Law

Troy Estenson '09 — Very valuable. The program is well laid out, clearly a product of the years of experience that have gone into it.

Anne Smith '09 (as a 2L) — Very valuable. I particularly liked seeing how my answers were mediocre and how to do better.

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University of Akron School of Law

J. McDowell '97 — Particularly liked the instructor's enthusiasm, preparation, knowledge, etc. Professors tend to be abstract and not really helpful when giving exam advice — i.e., they just scream IRAC, but don't teach how to issue spot. This information is workable, practical, "common sense." Not some lofty formulas that confuse more than clarify.

Mary Swann '06 — Very valuable program. I think easing the fear is the most important tool before ever learning how to take an exam. I feel more confident without knowing any more law than I did this morning. Thank you.

Linda Hayes '06E — Entertaining presentation, useful material. I feel as though I now have a system for approaching exams confidently.

Virginia Prochnow '06E — Very inclusive. Much more specific than other courses I've taken.

Meghan Brundege '05E — I feel so much more at ease about the impending final exams. You might say I'm not even scared now. I was especially pleased with the presenter [Mr. Miller], his knowledge and enthusiasm.

Lisa D. Fazedbaker '03E — A professor recommended this. This course made the law school essay exam seem so much more manageable. The speaker broke it down into organized components, rather than some nebulous blob.

Matthew Hudson ‘04E — I am very happy I attended. Just the fact that I have a system is a significant step for me. Thank you.

Capital University Law Center

M.C. Mayerski '98 — I've purchased 2 sets of tapes and attended 3 different live programs. LEEWS is the best!

Lisa Pask '97 — I waited to take this program in my second year. ... Don't wait! The techniques taught are too valuable not to have during the first year of law school.

Chris Grant '09 — Valuable program. Mr. Miller's effective teaching approach kept my attention.

Carmen Rosas '08 — I really enjoyed Prof. Miller's presentation. He held my attention throughout the day. I attended the class the day after my criminal law midterm and realized everything I did was exactly what a student shouldn't do!! I am looking forward to taking my exams and applying the new skills!

Kelly Jines-Story '07E — I'm speechless. I feel like the mystery of law school has been unlocked.

Allison Lyons '05 — Wow! If only I had known this my first semester. The program in one day clarified one semester, and will most definitely get me through to graduation! I learned great skills — what law professors don't tell you.

Amanda Volz ’03 — Presenter [Mr. Miller] was energetic and very informative. His practical explanations make me feel I can tackle any exam the professor throws my way.

Christine Barton '03E — The presentation was very animated! My attention never wandered. The advice was very applicable.

Case Western Reserve School of Law

Chris Keller '92 — I feel more focused, relaxed, and confident about exams now. LEEWS has given me the tools I was missing to approach complex essays in a logical manner.

Amelia Baisden '11 — Great presentation! Immensely informative and insightful.

Josh Bobrowsky '10 — Valuable program.

Tai Antoine '09 — [Mr. Miller's] style was great. Entertaining, never boring. A well-spent 9-5 day. I'm definitely glad I came.

Adam Bigg '06 — Very valuable program. Miller knows this system and teaches it with precision and efficiency. There are no wasted minutes or words.

Julie Pietrzen '04 — Very valuable. Wentworth Miller made the program enjoyable — a great thing, since it was on a Sunday! I'm excited to put these tools to work!

Becky Dimuro '04 — I really enjoyed the presentation. The speaker made me feel confident in the methods learned and feel like I could capably begin the reviewing process — motivated without being completely overwhelmed.

Laura Gorjanc '04 — I think the law school exam has finally been demystified. Call me crazy, but I actually look forward to studying!

Greg Kreutzberg '04 — I thought the last thing I would want would be to spend an entire day learning how to prepare for exams. However, Mr. Miller provided a very entertaining and (of course) informative seminar that was easy to endure/attend.

Melissa Wiechmann '04 — Presenter was full of enthusiasm and made me look forward to my exams. I recommend this class to every first year law student!

University of Cincinnati College of Law

Erica Gann '04 — Very valuable program. I finally got some questions answered! Thank you. [Ms. Gann am jured several classes, finished the year No. 1 in her class, made law review, and won most of the first year awards. As a 2L, she became the LEEWS rep. She gave birth four days after fall exams, yet still got A+'s in ALL her courses.]

[LEEWS note: LEEWS certainly does not eliminate the need for hard work. However, all work is exam-focused, and the path to "A" grades is clear.]

Adam Weeks '06 — Very helpful and worth the money. Ignore any skepticism and take a chance. ... You won't regret it.

Scott Nazzarine '04 — A great value. Gave me the confidence that I can do well. Thanks for everything.

Katie O’Conner ’03 — Very informative. Excited about test application. Thanks!

Cleveland State University Cleveland-Marshall College of Law

Daniel Dropko (manager, Academic Excellence Program at CSU!!) — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation. Liked the conciseness, enthusiasm, practicality — Approaching Law School & Law Exams as a lawyer would.

Stephanie Heibertshausen '06 — A professor spoke of finding the "light in the turkey." I think LEEWS has guided me to the light in the pumpkin. I feel like I'm a step ahead in the game with LEEWS' useful tools.

Angela Harrell-Norman '05E — I really felt I learned something in the first 2 hours of the program, and the rest was an excellent bonus! I would definitely recommend it, because I don't see how anyone could not get something out of it.

Nicole Richardson ‘04E — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation. This format helps take the mystery out of searching for issues. And, best of all, it supplements the IRAC form that my professors swear by and require.

Stephanie Davis '03 — I came to the program expecting the same kind of rhetoric I've heard before in programs I've attended, but I got more than I expected, and I was excited and satisfied! Well worth the money spent.

Abeer Saleh ’03 — Excellent. Gave me an extreme level of confidence and attitude to “GO GET ‘EM.”

Patty Stracker '02 — Simplified things big time! I think this course has really helped dispel some of the fear about impending exams. I feel there can be some simplification and organization to the mass of information I have accumulated since August.

Leland Vincent '02 — Instructor was very credible. Brought a normally mundane topic to life. His enthusiasm made me look forward to my exams.

John Kress '01E — I am fearful of how competitive law school would be if this became a mandatory seminar.

University of Dayton School of Law

[Letter from Collin Delaney '08, who took LEEWS his first semester and then became the LEEWS rep. Reprinted with his permission.]

Mr. Miller:

I wanted to inform you that I've been officially accepted as a transfer student to the University of Illinois College of Law. I won the CALI Award (highest grade) in my contracts class to boot. It would not be conjecture to state that your writing program helped a great deal.

All the best. Collin

Jason Andruff '00 — My first paper in law school, albeit only 10% of my grade, was a D+. My prof said I had the relevant issues, even some that other students missed, but they were poorly organized. Had I known what I've learned in this course, organization of the paper would have been easy. I wish I could write that paper again. But the final paper carries more weight, and I can't wait to get to work on it!

Dustin Looser '11 — The program really gave me an effective way to find multiple issues in exam hypotheticals. It gave me a sense of order to seeing so many facts, when it would be easy to let all the information swallow you up.

Cynthia Daugherty '10 — Excellent presentation. A system to approach the law school exam.

Jennifer Aprahamian '09 — The presentation was very engaging and kept me interested despite starting so early on a Saturday morning. The method is very clear and makes perfect sense. Most of the strategies are useful, but definitely not something that would have occurred to me if I were to improvise my own strategy.

Margie Bright '05 — Very valuable program. My friend, an upperclassman, is number one in his class and has been for all three years. He attributes it all to LEEWS and recommended I take it as well. [See also #1 in the class at U. Cinti. above.]

Stacey Smith '05 — This course was extremely beneficial. It is nice to know that I can start using my time more efficiently — by taking the law out of the cases in a short, concise manner and use the time I'd normally spend briefing on outlining and exam preparation. I think with practice of the skills you have given us, we can be much more organized as well as more in tune with what law professors are seeking.

Paulette Yiambilis '97 — Presentation was better than I expected it would be. I learned more than I thought I would. VERY IMPRESSIVE.

Jeanie McClellen '97 — Very valuable. This program has given me a new outlook on the task of law school exam taking and on the practice of law in the future. After 2 years in law school, and losing the desire to practice law, I feel enthused again by the "game."

Ohio Northern University College of Law

Catharine Gagnon '09 (2nd term) — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation. [Ms. Gagnon has a learning disability (AHDH), and had been placed on probation following her first term. Here is what she had to say to us via e-mail in August '07 just before beginning her second year: "Went from academic probation with my lowest grade (first term) being a D+ in Civ Pro, to an A in Civ Pro 2nd semester, the Book Award (highest grade) for Crim Law with an A+, and this summer I earned an A in Crim Pro. .... An awesome return of investment! Thanks for everything!"]

Heidi Bridegam '06 — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation. The LEEWS program is going to take the boredom out of the typical first year classes.

Shondra Longino '06 — Very valuable program. I came to law school having read briefs and with a good understanding of many parts of the law. However, I didn't know what the professors wanted on the exam. This information seemed esoteric. I worried incessantly about how to do well on the exams. LEEWS gave me the insight I need. I feel now that I know what it's all about, and can use my study time more wisely and effectively.

Doug Miller '06 — Great program. I feel ahead of the game already. It helped clear what hasn't been so clear.

Dale Albright '02 — LEEWS is a necessity for anyone who wants to succeed in law school and enjoy it at the same time.

Birgitta Tolvanen '01 — Very Valuable. Took away the mystery of writing law school essay. You identified many of the mistakes I made last semester. Now I have a formula that I can apply. I really appreciated how you explained the nitpicking, lawyerlike analysis that professors expect in an "A" exam.

Ohio State University College of Law

Briana Seagriff '10 — Excellent presentation. Mr. Miller is so engaging. I think this program has given me the confidence to attack the material and stay focused. Thank you so much!

Brad Stoll '08 — Having a system to attack an essay exam gives me confidence and structure, which will be invaluable.

Theran Selph '04 — The program was great. It answered the questions that I had, and I hope that it will serve me well. I believe that it will.

Matt Hover ’03 — Very valuable program. I am a very mechanically minded person, as opposed to an abstract thinker. I needed this course to give me a mechanical way to think abstractly. – It worked.

Steve Zigan '99 — The course motivates you to work harder at learning the law. LEEWS gives you the tools and exercises that you know will translate your work into great grades, not just a pile of useless case briefs.

University of Toledo College of Law

Kurt Wicklund '06 — Mr. Miller: I just wanted to thank you for LEEWS. I did very, very well last semester, and I'm certain I could not have done it without your program. Just thought you'd like to know. [LEEWS note: Indeed we do appreciate hearing about our grads' successes.]

Matthew Zito '05 — Very valuable program. The LEEWS session clarified and organized the strategy I knew but couldn't materialize on an exam. I know I am more prepared now, because I can visualize and explanation where I couldn't before.

Loretta Riddle '00E — Excellent job in covering all aspects that I felt I needed to know for good exam writing.

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Oklahoma City University School of Law

Elizabeth Smith '93 — Professors recommended LEEWS. I feel much more prepared for exams now.

Allison Creel '11 — Very valuable program. Wentworth Miller did a great job keeping me engaged in realizing how I was studying improperly. I'm not looking forward to finals, but I'm not as apprehensive as I have been.

Eric Davis '11 — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation.

Chris Adkins '06 — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation. Explained complex problems with basic, common sense ideas. Great program. Extremely informative.

Shiv Naimpally '06 — Very valuable program. Easy to use, excellent techniques to break down and answer exam hypos.

Sam Talley '06 — Very valuable program. Wentworth Miller is "Ve Ri Tas" of law school exams. Don't be lazy.

Kim Stevens '06E — Very valuable program. I had no idea or instruction on how to write for finals. This course not only showed me how, but showed me in an understandable and beneficial manner. It took all my fear and apprehension away. I am now eager, not afraid to take finals.

Shawn Webb '05 — Valuable program. I feel this program should be advertised more at my school. Only two were present at the seminar from OCU, over 35 from OU.

Kyle Davis '01 — The knowledge gained in one day of LEEWS compared to six weeks of law school is absolutely amazing.

Jerry Herberger '98E — I particularly like the logical step-by-step methodology. You gave us the way it really is, from professors' attitudes to the mistakes we will make. Thanks.

University of Oklahoma College of Law

Susan Pinkerton '97 — Valuable. 2 and 3L's said LEEWS was very helpful to them.

Elizabeth Burris '08 — Very valuable program. I feel that LEEWS has served to put all of the various suggestions given to me by professors, classmates, and upperclassmen into a synthesized, easy-to-understand whole that can be used to prepare for classes, write exams, and eventually be used in the work place.

Elizabeth Fucci '08 — Amazing speaker. Great motivation. I'm ready to go get it now — play the game.

Ryan Jenlink '08 — Very valuable program. I feel like I have direction. I know what to study and how to study. Most important, I know how to present it.

Mark Myles '08 — Quite frankly, I loved your presentation, your presentation style, and your insights seemingly developed from years of practicing law and observation of legal education trends and directions.

Joanne Horn '08 (attending as a 2L) — The presence of PMBR and BAR-BRI at my school is much more formidable — 4 reps in each class. When I got the flier last year, I asked my mentor and she said that she didn't think it was much. She hadn't heard of LEEWS. This program should be a required component of student orientation. The students and the professors would benefit.

Blake Beeler '02 — Very valuable program. LEEWS is easy to follow, and Wentworth Miller is an outstanding teacher.

Linda English '00 (taken as 2L) — I came in dreading the long day, and it flew by. So much information in so little time. Invaluable!

Sheila Nettles '00 (taken as 2L) — As a 2L I recognized I needed help — but what help?, on what? This helped identify my weaknesses!

University of Tulsa College of Law

[LEEWS note: It came to our attention that among three women who attended as a group in fall '06, one made law review, and two transferred to Georgetown Law.]

Christian Helm '10 — Everything was great! Very interactive and very funny! I definitely feel as though I have an advantage now! The seminar was incredibly informaive. Well worth the low price and one day.

Michael Manning '10 —Very valuable program. Particularly liked the witty way in which it was presented.

Chris Brecht '09 — Interesting. I thought it would be too dull, but was surprised. It makes law school seem like an attainable goal. The peace of mind I got was worth a day of my time.

Morgan McCain '05 (as a 2L) — I thought the lessons and examples taught were great. Applying the principles in this program will definitely achieve A's. Wentworth Miller's sense of humor was great.

Clint Patterson '05 — Very valuable program. Strategic approach to getting results. Fantastic!!

Scott Graham '03 — This presented a key to a whole new door that professors want to keep locked. These tools have suppressed my apprehension such that now I can apply them with clarity and ccompetence.

Larry King ’03 — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation. The eight hours flew by. Your [Mr. Miller] humor and energy is very entertaining.

Mike Schern ’03 — The most valuable investment I could have possibly made in my law school career.

Ami Schaffer ’03 — Excellent presentation! I think a great deal of the apprehension about testing for me has been in the mystery of the analytical process. At least now I feel I know how to practice being concise. I particularly liked the structured, linear approach to attacking any fact pattern.

Therese P. Coulter '01 — This is a practical, aggressive approach that actually gives me something to hold on to. I've searched everywhere, and this is the most solid guidance I've received.

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Lewis and Clark College Northwestern School of Law

[Note: At least two LEEWS grads we know of graduated No. 1 in their class at L & C.]

Jennifer Sanders '07 — Very valuable program. It was a lot easier to sit through the day than I expected. I am actually looking forward to starting a much more structured studying plan. Thanks!

Laura Donaldson '02E — Very informative, yet entertaining! Provided useful tools not easily acquired through other sources.

Cliff Watson '00 — [Taken as 2L] Nearly every myth-busting sentence out of [Mr. Miller's] mouth was confirmed by my 1L experience. I can't wait to put these techniques into practice.

Clarke Balcom '00 — Good communication of well thought out principles. Very direct, practical. Also very dynamic. Never got bored or felt anything was just opinion and not useful, practical.

University of Oregon School of Law

Elizabeth Dahl '00 — A student who had attended said it helped 2nd semester. I loved the enthusiasm.

Smilie Rogers '00 — You need this — you really do!

Willamette University College of Law

Jocelyn West '04 — Your course contributed greatly to my success. I will continue to recommend it to first year law students. [See Results for the full text of a note from Jocelyn, who took LEEWS as a 1L, graduated summa cum laude, first in her class (!!), and took a position at a major Portland law firm.]

Chris Boman '98 — Everything was great. A top 10% student recommended going — she was attending for a 2nd time. The course was a very beneficial use of time overall. I do believe a first semester 1L would not appreciate the insights you provide as well as one who has experienced a law exam. Thank you.

Michael Greene '04 — The best $100 I've spent this year at law school. [Mr. Greene became the LEEWS rep at Willamette during '03 and '04. He was named Editor in Chief of the Law Review his final year.]

Shirley Fostor '02 — Dynamic speaker, brilliant concepts. What a super investment of time and money. My friends who were "too busy" will be sorry. [Ms. Foster made law review.]

Jeff Lee '08 — Mr. Miller's presentation and insight into strategies for law school exams is invaluable and well worth the nominal price of the course. Highly recommended!

Jessica Shoup '08 — Very helpful. Positive it will prove to be worth the time and money when preparing and taking my finals. Presenter [Mr. Miller] was energetic and easy to follow. He kept me awake at a time when doing so has been difficult.

Erin Levine '07 — This was wonderful. I feel so much more prepared for the daunting task of exam writing. Funny, witty, brilliantly informative.

Matt Hemmert '05 — Very valuable program. I thought I was prepared for law school. I was totally wrong. I didn't know how to study, what to study. Now I do. I wish I had taken this course three weeks ago — before my first semester started. My spinning head isn't spinning anymore.

Casey Lucas ’03 — Very valuable program. I was a bit apprehensive when I first showed up, but I now have a confidence I didn’t have before. As odd as it may sound, I am looking forward to final exams.

Brad Macomber ’04 (Joint degree) — This was more helpful to understanding exams than any book or advice I have received to date. It clears up all of my apprehension about exams.

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Dickinson School of Law

Darryl Wishard '89 — After my first semester, I was ranked 120/168. In the spring I took LEEWS after talking with friends. For the spring semester I was 54/168, and for the fall of 1987 I was 41/174. I also wrote a comment for the Law Review. I now know what professors want on exams. I have a system to work from, and I am able to both think and write like a lawyer when the pressure is on . Thanks.

Georgina Howells '03 — I'm so glad I did this. The upperclassman who told me that this was "an epiphany" was right. Now I can see how many exam-writing mistakes I made last semester.

Ryan Calef '08 — Very valuable program. [Mr. Miller's] approach was inviting. I was able to clearly identify the concepts.

Kareem Calliste '06 — I had my doubts about the program, but when I sat through the class I was so glad that I made the choice to come. I missed out on a day that I could have been working on my case brief for Lawyering Skills. But tomorrow is another day. In addition I feel that I can also apply this style to my case briefs and memos.

Tim Prendergast (SBA VP) '03 — I found the instruction to be enlightening and entertaining. I feel that when I leave here I will have a much stronger grasp of the proper way to structure an exam response.

Drexel University School of Law

Shanay Ball '10 — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation. Definitely a well spent 7 hours. I envy those who have done it sooner.

Rachel Dineetz — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation.

Duquesne University School of Law

[Click on Results for a letter re "The Misery Wall" (where Duquesne grades are posted).]

Colleen Hoolahan '04 — I never thought learning how to take law school exams efficiently could be fun! I really enjoyed myself and learned a lot!

Angela Porco '02 — I'm really glad I came. The presentation has reduced some of my anxiety about upcoming exams. Exams are no longer frightening, because I've learned a whole system to tackle anything my professor throws at me! But I'm keeping all this info a secret from those who passed up a chance to come today!

J. Douglas Lyons, Jr. '98 — Very valuable [program]. Excellent [presentation & materials]. I particularly liked Wentworth's delivery, sense of humor, and common sense approach to exams and life in general. Remarkably, after taking out loans for $13,000 this year alone, many of my friends were cynical about paying $90 for a 1-day seminar!!!

University of Pennsylvania Law School

Carleen D. Gransaull '98 — The seminar was fast-paced, informative, educational, and surprisingly enjoyable. Eight hours sounded like an invaluable amount of time — not to be wasted. But the seminar justified and efficiently utilized every minute of it. I've learned techniques that will undoubtedly aid in the organization (and hopefully the final quality) of my exam — not just in the first year, but hopefully throughout my legal career. I feel armed to compete for top grades!

Seth Chertok '05 — Very valuable. Wentworth Miller does the impossible. Conscientiously, he breaks down the exam hypothetical into its most detailed basic elements.

Jacob Gurwitz '05 [as a prelaw] — I'm relieved to know that there is a method to the madness. I'm excited by the chance to make the most of my law school experience.

Bardia Bakhtari '05 — Very valuable program. I appreciated the blunt honesty about law school and the no-nonsense, cut-to-the-chase approach.

Melinda Rodon '04 — Very valuable. Particularly liked the different perspective and in depth practice of developing arguments and using facts.

Irene Barbarena '01 [taken as 2L] — I particularly like the practical approach, honesty, workability of the method. I should have taken this course last year. I realize now what I've been doing wrong exams. Now I know how to study, what to study , and how to use that information to answer exam questions.

Rachel Ehrlich '01 — I wish I hadn't thrown out the flyer last semester. Because if I knew then what I know now, I wouldn't have had to come this time!

Cicely Germain '00 — Hands on. Want to go home and immediately apply. Liked gamesmanship approach. Makes you develop attitude that "writing the exam can be exciting."

University of Pittsburgh School of Law

David Slavick '04 — Totally amazing program. The succinct structural analysis of law school exam writing provided by this course is the panacea for first year exam taking terrors!

Aaron Asher '04 — Very valuable. Excellent presentation. An unbelieveable effort by [Wentworth Miller].

Holly Wilkinson '04 — Very valuable program. [Mr. Miller] made the program very entertaining. It was great!

Stephanie Austria ’03 — Amazing! Energetic, clear, positive. Exams seem all the more possible! Thank you!

Laine Jasnow ’02 (as a 2L) — Very valuable program. The presenter was very effective, humorous, and got the message across.

Al Lubelski ’02 (as a 2L) — I wish I had taken this course in the first semester of my first year. Looking back at first-year exams, I know I would have been able to enlarge the number of issues analyzed and elevated my first-year grades. I’m actually looking forward to taking this year’s exams.

Rachel Fenger '02 — I particularly like the program's usefulness beyond law school exams — i.e., how to play the "lawyering game." Before I took the course I really had NO IDEA how to approach exams. Now I know how to study, what to study, and how to use that information to answer exam questions.

Luke McLaren '01 — What you need to know about the law and analysis is not taught in law school. It is clearly taught in LEEWS.

Temple University School of Law

A. Jarrett '91 — I wasn't going to come. I made that choice last semester.Three weeks ago I ran into one of the A's in my class, and I was surprised to find that 7 of the 10 A's attended LEEWS. Needless to say, I signed right up! [A.J. proceeded to raise every grade a full point and make dean's list.]

Jeff Hawkins '05E — Very valuable program. Gets me to an organized approach to law school without wasting my time. Strongly recommended by Professor Sevareid.

Kyle Nelson '11 — Valuable program. Excellent presentation.

Tammy Holmes '10 — Very valuable progra. Exam writing was succinctly explained in such a way that I feel cheated by not knowing about the LEEWS method. A cleaer snapshot of what is necessary for an excellent exam answer. (Original emphasis.)

Jeff Marshall '08 (2nd term) — Very valuable program. By lunch time I already felt more prepared for exams than I'd ever felt before.

James Newton '08 — Instructor (Ms. Page] was very helpful and enthusiastic. Seemed like she wants to help people. Encouraged people to use postsession help if necessary. I feel much more confident about briefing and testing after taking this class.

Jodi Bromberg '06E — Great program! Useful, concise, and enjoyable. I'd highly recommend LEEWS to any law student.

LaVanda Willis '05 — This presentation was invaluable. I feel [Mr. Miller] was not only thorough, but honest and effective. I don't feel quite so scared.

Ameer Shaikh '05 — Very valuable program. I had some idea that the methods of law school were ambiguous and useless, but I had no idea the disinformation campaign was so far reaching.

Kim McCarthy '04E [taken as a 2L] — The course was outstanding. I am a second year evening student, and I never understood the concept of the law school essay exam until today. I came to this class to go from a B student to an A. I feel confident this information is key to future success in essay exam writing.

Esther Abu '97 — This was an excellent seminar that offered me the tools needed to approach my exams with confidence. Everyone who took LEEWS last year recommended it with enthusiasm. It bothers me how poorly some of my professors are teaching me. I've learned more about criminal law today than I have all semester. [Note: LEEWS does not offer substantive instruction. However, one of our exercise hypos is in criminal law.]

John Bonaccorsi '00 — I loved all of it!! My professors have been teaching me the law. You have taught me how to learn it.

Nancy Crawford '99E — Most conferences are thin on content, but this was excellent all day long. I never had the feeling things were being stretched or repeated. Lots of integrity. I don't think I wasted any money. I'd recommend it.

Villanova University School of Law

Laura Sunstein '89 — Dear Wentworth: First semester, after your course, I was in the top 8 percent of my class. Now I have moved up to the top 2 percent. You can quote me on how helpful your course was in enabling me to see the whole gestalt of law school exam studying and test taking. You gave a wonderful overview and concrete practical approaches that served me well.

Klorkor Okai '08 (2nd term) — Concise, well-structured, easily comprehensible lecture on how to ace law school exams! [LEEWS note: Lecture instruction on various facets of the approach is followed by exercises in implementation. We do not believe that HOW to do can be learned by simply reading or being told WHAT to do.]

Erika Browne '05 — The book is very detailed, and it explains the system step by step. The class also made me think of exam questions in ways that did not occur to me before.

Kelly Charnley '05 — Very entertaining. Particularly liked the depth of explaining the writing (hypo) process. The (audio) tapes made so much sense and were so helpful, I wanted to repeat with the live session.

Mike Henry '05 (repeating as a 2L) — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation. I came last year and made Law Review. It's a great system. LEEWS did not make me smarter; LEEWS made it much easier to effectively show how smart I am.

Ed Goldis '01 — I love LEEWS!

W. T. Deely '99 — As a 2L, this course is better than any presentation I have had concerning test taking methodology. Should be required for every law student.

Jyoti Pandya '99 — Extremely realistic and practical. Thank goodness there is someone discussing what actually goes on in law school, and dispelling the mystery.

Rhode Island

Roger Williams University School of Law

Brooke DeAngelis '97 — My friend took LEEWS and said it was worth it! I wish I had taken it during my first year. Thank you. I got everything I wanted.

Brad Arlen '10 — Valuable program. Excellent presentation and materials. It eased my pain.

Tara Remley '08 — Great presentation — lively, interesting, excellent pace. The explanation of how to analyze was clear and concise — incredibly helpful.

Ronald Grant '05 — Three weeks out I was really getting anxious about finals. Now I am looking forward to getting back to school and Playing the Game.

Chandra Forshey '04 — Extremely helpful! I had no idea how to even begin writing an exam answer, and this program presented me with the ability to do just that in a very simple, concise manner. Can also brief more efficiently now!

J. Miller '04 — I learned more about how to apply the law in 7 hours than I did in my entire first semester of law school!

Chris Cobleigh ’02 (as a 2L) — The presenter [Mr. Miller] did a wonderful job of imparting practical, relevant exam-taking techniques in a lively and engaging manner. Well done!

Jackie L. Stringer '02 — LEEWS was a phenomenally impressive program. Especially helpful in demonstrating how not to panic upon receipt of the exam, and frame responses to difficult hypotheticals. Definitely worth the time and money spent.

Susan Cook '01 — I found LEEWS extremely helpful both for its future application and confidence boosting. Most law students are diligent. They simply lack the tools necessary to perform to their fullest. This program supplies the necessary tools. Thank you.

Sean Sette '98 — The conveyance of the method was incredible. It also was very effective. As a 2L I realize how helpful this course could have been during my first year. I highly recommend taking this course ASAP.

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South Carolina

Charleston School of Law

Traci Scott Dingle '10 (as a 3L) — As a 3L, I wish I had attended this program my first year. Any 1L who attends will have a huge advantage!

University of South Carolina School of Law

Robert Lamb '01 — The program delivered everything it promised, which was plenty. Again and again, I heard participants say, "I sure am glad I came."

Jenny Honeycutt '05 — A legal writing professor recommended LEEWS to me. He said it was "excellent," and he had excelled after the course. A good analogy for being ahead of fellow students: Two men were in a tent when they heard a bear approaching. One started putting on his shoes in a hurry. The other said, "you can't outrun that bear." Said the other, "I don't have to outrun the bear, only you!" I feel like I can outrun them all now.

Conor Duggan '12 — Valuable program. Excellent presentation.

Leah Fox '12 — Valuable program. Excellent presentation.

Colin Colverson '09 — This is an excellent program that offers a unique approach to tackling the confusing, sifting world of law school. I think it will equip me with the right tools and attitude to thrive.

Stephanie Lamb '09 — Valuable program. The charismatic qualities of our instructor [Mr. Miller] made all the difference!

Ryan Harris '07 — Valuable program. I like the stressing of hard studying with efficiency. I was worried I would be told to stop studying hard. Speaker was very interesting.

John Rogers '05 — There's no better way to spend a Saturday than LEEWS. [Also recommended by a legal writing professor.]

Octavia Wright '04 — It's definitely worth the time and money. My legal writing professor highly recommended it. The program gives you a new way to think about attacking the law. Great advice!

Allyson Beard ’03 — Very valuable program. Engaging, animated speaker. I didn’t have any concrete idea of how to approach my first year effectively until I attended the seminar. I always heard it’s better to study smart than just study hard, but didn’t know how to go about it in law school. Kudos to you!

Elizabeth Burkhalter '00 — I think the program helped get my attitude on track. Instead of dreading finals, I'm looking at them as a challenging opportunity!

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University of Memphis School of Law

[See letter in the Results section of Richard Townley, Sr. '09E, who wrote the top exams in civil procedure and contracts after taking LEEWS. His civ pro exam was the exemplar put on file by the professors who gave the exam, and it is reprinted here under Sample Exams. As noted by Mr. Townley, it is also an exemplar of the paragraphing format LEEWS inculcates. We also know that the No. 1 and 3 students in the class of '04 (both older, working women with children) ordered the audio program. The woman who was No. 1 scored so high in her civ pro class, that the professor told her he couldn't announce her grade, as it would skew the curve too badly. (PS — It was 109 on a curve to 100!)]

Nashville School of Law

Marjorie Haines '07E — Your seminar has helped me, and my grades have gone up. Probably would be a lot better if I didn't work fulltime, have three teenage girls, and a crisis every day in my life. Thanks.

University of Tennessee College of Law

Brooke Hyman '10E — Very valuable program.

Susan Bassal '07 (attending as a 2L) — This was an excellent program. I only wish I could have taken it earlier and for a longer period of time. The program is easily worth five times what you pay for it!

Whitney Bailey '07 — Valuable program. I particularly liked how the program demystified the exam process.

Tim Ferraris '07 — What an excellent program! This was probably the most valuable day of my semester. I wish I had attended earlier in the semester [e.g., early October in Atlanta, versus late November in Washington, D.C.], but I feel that this would help me even if exams were tomorrow.

Patrick Woodside '06 — The seminar was excellent. Mr. Miller should consider being a professional comedian. The insights give students confidence.

Tracy Clevenger '05 — Very valuable program. I was worried about how to start preparing for exams. The tought was so overwhelming. LEEWS gave me a strategy that is manageable and sequential. Now I know that I have the tools necessary to properly prepare for exams.

Andrea Kuban '05 — A 2L friend took LEEWS and claimed it changed everything. The class was really great. I was worried about the length, but it was really engaging and well worth the time and money. I definitely understand why the friend claimed it changed everything for him. It really does alleviate the anxiety by demystifying the dreaded Law School Exams. Thanks.

Michael penley '04 — This program changed my perspective on attending class and preparing for exams. The fear and unknown is gone.

William Miller '00 — I believe this seminar provided me with the opportunity to do my absolute best on exams. I actually feel re-energized and excited about those coming exams. In fact, they don't seem so looming, but anticipated. Thanks.

Pat Briggs '99 — Exceeded all my expectations. The best review class I've ever attended! It really does alleviate exam anxiety by providing a method to the madness.

Vanderbilt University Law School

Kevin Y. '08 — As a 1L it is easy to feel like you're just keeping up — treading water. LEEWS has given me a sense of confidence, because I now have a plan. That sense of security and preparedness is priceless.

Nikolai Zavastitsa '06 — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation. Mr. Miller presented a system of exam taking that breaks down the mysticism of law school exams.

Joel Henriod ’03 — Your information dissipate the mysticism surrounding success in law school. I now have confidence that my hard work, effectively focused, will prove fruitful.

V. Simmons '97 — Precise, exacting, useful. I feel MUCH more comfortable about taking my final exams. Mr. Miller is OUTSTANDING!

Vicky Harris '98 — Although I am a 2nd year, the seminar cleared cobwebs from the past and gave me a new outlook for my future law school career. It is never too late to be not a good, but a better law student.

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Baylor University Law School

Ed Kaplonski '08 — The insight I gained from this program has changed my thinking on law school exams. I feel more confident that I can walk into my finals with confidence and clarity. Professor Miller is a skilled orator, and his methodology has been proven over a quarter century. I would recommend it to any law student who really wishes to succeed.

Michael Keith Gee '07 — Very valuable program. LEEWS seems to take the mystery out of law school exams. I feel empowered such that I can handle with confidence what remains confusing to most students.

Tim Wilkins '07 — $100 is a drop in the bucket when you consider the value and import of the information received.

Keisha Dicks ’02 (as a 2L) — I really enjoyed the program. I now have a new approach to studying. I am excited about studying and preparing for the exam. I have a context in which to put my knowledge.

University of Houston Law Center

Whitney Blair ’02 (as a 2L) — Very valuable. I’m concerned because I’m a 2L and, honestly, I think your program would be great for 2Ls, especially people who were in the bottom half looking to get into the top half. There are still 4 sets of exams to go. People from my first year section took this class, and they did better than I did on exams. I believe this program helped them stand out. I’m impressed with your approach. I was very frustrated that everyone would say “it’s all about issue spotting” or “IRAC,” but never explain how to spot issues, and how to analyze effectively.

Kevin Gates '98 — I was skeptical of the claims on the flyer, but I chose to attend to be more familiar with law school exams. Now, I feel that you have more than fulfilled all of your promises. This program addresses how to be a lawyer more than half a semester of law school.

Josette M. LeDoux '98 — Very valuable program. Law review students recommended LEEWS.

Michael Eber '12 — I wanted more confidence heading into exams. I have it now.

Marion Phillips '12 — Valuable program. Excellent presentation.

Joe Radler '10 — Presentation was lively and kept my attention. The material and aproach was so good, I can't imagine a better way to take a law school exam.

Jahahreeh Finley '09 — Excellent presentation. Greast examples!! Very interesting!!

Corrie Alvarado '07 — Valuable program. Instructor [Mr. Miller] was enthusiastic, entertaining, and engaging. I enjoyed his use of humor to calm the nerves of anxious 1L students.

Robert Johnson '07 — Very valuable program. I did the audio program as well. I spoke to my entire section [Section B] at UH and told them how great it was. In fact it was so good that I wanted to pay again to do it live.

Angela Porter '07 — I would encourage students not to let the fact that it is all day discourage them. The instruction is done in a fun, lively, and humorous way. The time just flies by, and in the end you are surprised by how much you have learned.

Angela Spoede '07 — I'm glad to have this "tool" in my kit. Mr. Miller really addressed concerns/pressures and how to put them in context and deal with them.

Jane Male '05 — I finally have the tools I need to even compete for top grades. I knew there had to be a way to distinguish myself from my classmates, because I know that I'm not any smarter and am not working any harder than they are.

Kevin Kelley ’03 — Very valuable program. The presentation style was great. I attended the CLEO pre-law program, and the exam analysis here is much more detailed.

Joy Wagman ’03 — Very valuable. The seminar made the worries of life as a 1L go away. Life seems much more manageable and predictable now.

Cabrach Connor '02 — I am not now going to work less, I am going to work smarter. In fact, I will most likely work more, because you're right — I will be looking forward to exams.

Alllyssa D. Wheaton '02 — Very valuable. At first I was wary that the method was too technical to actually use. But once we actually started practicing, I found that is was relatively easy to apply. Now I just need practice.

St. Mary's University School of Law

John Curtis '86 — Just a brief note to inform you of another success story. I jumped up in my class standing from 101 of 271 to 48 of 252 (top 20%), in large part because of the techniques of your seminar.

Barbie Scharf '93 — At first, I threw the flyer away. But after talking to some 2L & 3Ls, I was convinced LEEWS would give me that extra edge.

Andie Champagne ’03 — Very valuable program. An upperclassman gave this course such a strong recommendation that I woke up at 4 a.m. and drove 3 ½ hours to attend – and it was well worth it.

Andrew Wolfe '12 — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation.

Jenny McCullough '08 — Very valuable program. I feel so much more prepared to tackle my first semester exams.

Tammy Wincott '06 (as a 2L) — Particularly liked the systematic approach. Instructor [Mr. Miller] was very dynamic, and was successful at holding attendee's interest.

Grace Uzomba '05 — Words are inadequate to express the fresh air I breathed from the moment Mr. Miller started speaking to the very end. Every word that came out of his mouth was a cupful of knowledge. I am very excited — more excited about law school. I am ready for my exams (with practice).

Daryl Harris '04 — The live program brought the audio program to life. An excellent means of handling the material in the casebook and class, and I can easily incorporate the steps into my personal study program. I'm glad I attented. The one prof that offered exam writing tips didn't mention LEEWS, but told me to do the steps.

Shannon Cottle '04 — In all the books I read about law school and all of the many commercial materials, this is the "Ah-ha" I've been looking for!

Dominique Collins '04 — [JoAnne Page] was great — actually outstanding. I wish she taught at my school. I had many "ah, ha" moments today. Thanks.

Ron Mackell ’03 — Oh, my God! I lost so much sleep this first semester, and most of it was for naught. What a great program you offer. I know I will benefit from attending this class. Many, many thanks.

John W. Beisty '02 — It was awesome. Asked my girlfriend about it who had tapes. She was top 10% at Thomas Cooley because of tapes.

Jose Fleming '01 — I am impressed by the price of the course. I am impressed by [Mr. Miller's] teaching style. I am surprised to think that law school can be fun. Thank you!

Raika Hammond '99 — Very valuable [program]. I'm glad I came all the way to Austin, leaving early on a Sunday. The step-by-step technique was exactly what I was hoping to get.

Southern Methodist University School of Law

J. Quitman Stephens '00 — I scored 169/98% on the LSAT, largely because I took 3-4 months taking practice tests and getting good at it. I feel pretty confident that this with this course I have been shown exactly how to do a similar preparation on the peculiar method of LS exams.

Jeff Kelle '99 — Unlike many undergrad programs, in law school everyone is quite intelligent. I wondered what factors would separate the A's from the B's and C's. After LEEWS, I know.

Jennifer Waddell '07 — Imagine taking the logic section of the LSAT without learning a systematic way to attack the problems. That's probably about what it would be like to walk into an exam without LEEWS. Learning a systematic approach to unraveling hypotheticals was invaluable — and it helped that the presentation was relevant and entertaining.

Ann Chao '11 — Valuable program. Excellent presentation.

ChibunduNnake '11E — Very valuable program. The issue/premise identificaation was eye opening. As well as the manner in which exams were covered. I feel, if applied, I should have no problem achieving my desired goals. Thanks Mr. Miller!

Homa Lewis '10E — Very valuable. An entertaining way to leearn practical information skills early in my law school career, which i think will give me a head start over my classmates. As a former teacher, this is a well-founded educational program.

Robert Bogdanovich '08 — Wentworth Miller is not only a brilliant speaker, but has created what should be a part of every law student's career. LEEWS not only develops significant law exam abilities, but illustrates a better way to approach the law itself through superior lawyerlike analysis.

Tom Misteli '08 — I learned more about "thinking like a lawyer" in one Saturday than I have from reading hundreds upon hundreds of casebook pages in my first five weeks of law school.

Sarah Roby '08 — Very thorough, insightful, and I'm hopeful about applying this on my exams. Thanks for a great presentation and great advice.

Alex Einspruch '06 — You cannot afford not to attend, and I cannot believe I waited until 2nd semester of 1L, even if 1st semester grades aren't a big deal!

Matt Mumm '06 — Very valuable program. Wentworth [Miller's] style is unbeatable. [Original emphasis.] The information seems to be exactly the direction I need to get the most out of my effort.

Jeff Pate '06 — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation. I came on the recommendation of two friends I respect at UT.

Christina Stephenson '06 — Program very valuable to intimidated 1Ls. I believe this will help give me a clear direction in studying instead of swimming in a deluge of information. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us.

Nadalynn Jenkins '05 — Miller's style of instructing was excellent. He kept the class alert with wit and humor. The strategies taught are extremely helpful. Before hearing about this program, I assumed that all law school exams were expected to be incoherent and unorganized due to lack of time. I would recommend this class to any and all 1Ls. It alleviated the fear of law school exams.

Kin Jessie '05 — The practicality of the approach is amazing. The systematic way of briefing, studying, and writing is incredibly valuable. I am now excited about taking exams!

Lee Lewis '05 — Heard about this from undergrad friend who is a 2L at Georgetown. No one at SMU talked about it to me, but I can't wait to go back and tell them.

Tim Rodgers '04 — I got more out of this than I ever thought I could.

Barnett Walker '04 — The lessons, tools, confidence, and insight was worth 10 times the cost! If my grades improve it will have en worth even more. I may actually be able to sleep for a change.

South Texas College of Law

[See letter — Results — from Stewart Hoffer '94, who took LEEWS as a 1L, about how it helped him, and how he subsequently was able to transfer from STCL to UT where he made law review. He recommended LEEWS to his 1L cousin at UT, who did well and transferred to Harvard (!!). Following a federal clerkship, Mr. Hoffer is currently a lawyer in a top Houston firm. He has sent several interns to LEEWS.]

Wes Hobbs '08 (repeating as a 2L) — The proof is in the pudding. My first semester, I busted my ass. I studied more in one semester than in 4.5 years of undergrad. I made B's & C's. I took LEEWS (audio CD program). The next semester I made all A's & B's, won the "Best Brief" award, and Am Jur'd LRWII!

Carol Shattuck '87 — My contracts professor informed me of your Steps 1 and 2 last semester and advised me to take the course. Using only a simulated version of this course increased my grades from a 70 average to nothing under 81 this past semester.

Eric Brown '97 — I heard about LEEWS years ago from a personal friend who was a law professor. Finally, a road map on how to do well on exams.

JB '10 — A very effective program that was recommended to me by a practicing attorney. I feel that with the LEEWS advice I have an edge over my fellow students. I feel more confident about my legal writing and organizational skills. Thank you!

Adriana Gonzalez (as a 2L) — Very valuable. My school instruction I attended as a 1L was ineffective. I can't believe the difference in your program. You pinpointed my weaknesses and how I can address them. Thank you.

Nazleen Faizullan '08 — The class puts things in perspective and gives you a great way of putting information together.

Lisa Willis '07 (as a 3L) — I feel thast the program was very helpful. I look forward to applying these techniques to my exams! Thank you for making something so difficult much easier to comprehend!

Robert North '07 — Revolutionary and insightful. I feel I have an unfair advantage now (and I'm not complaining!). Thanks for the Blender!

Emily Skrehot '07 — LEEWS helps to break down hypos into workable sections. I used to think they were like a foreign language, but now I'm more ready to effectively practice examples. I feel like I have a plan of attack.

Kevin Stubbs '07 — Wentworth's systematic, organized system gives a student a game plan to take into the exam!

Atiqua Lateef '05 — Valuable program. A lawyer I met in Starbucks recommended LEEWS to me. He attended in 1991.

Chad Griggs '02 — [Wentworth Miller's] positive, confident attitude was awesome, and very conducive to my understanding of the material. I have much more confidence after receiving your techniques for simple, concise exam writing.

George William Tennant, Jr. '02 — This program allowed me to "see" the big picture of law school exam writing in a manner I never would have considered from the "recommended" sources.

Cheryl Thompson '98 — Mr. Miller is a genius! I am completely in awe! Now I can go into the exam room with added confidence!

University of Texas School of Law

[See the letter from Stewart Hoffer '94 — Results — detailing how LEEWS helped him transfer to UT from South Texas College of Law, make law review, and earn a federal clerkship. His cousin took LEEWS and was able to transfer from UT to Harvard after her first year.] Isaac Sulemana '11 — Program is spectacular. I feel prepared and confident going into finals.

T. H. Waters III '06 — Upbeat, intelligent, and well worth the time and money. I wish LEEWS had been earlier in the semester.

Marisa Combs '05 — One upperclassman recommended LEEWS to our study group. A fellow student who attended in Atlanta said it was "great!" The program has calmed my nervousness about final exams. I feel informed enough to approach them with confidence because of LEEWS.

Edward Schroeder '05 — Very valuable program. Recommended by someone who finished top ten at the University of Oklahoma. Great presentation [by Ms. Page], provided direction and kept me engaged throughout.

Anne Gingrich '04 — [JoAnne Page] knew the material, successfully interjected her past interesting experiences to keep our attention, and most importantly, clearly taught us an exam-taking method which I was surprised to find so useful. This IS different from taking a college exam, so even if you did well as an undergrad, I think you can learn something new here.

Lisa Godwin '04 — Found it very beneficial. Gave me confidence that I could create an effective strategy to maximize my answers and really analyze the hypos.

Rob Greenlaw ’03 — Very valuable. Excellent presentation. I am finally excited about the law and the exam-taking process. Indeed, I am so relieved, I could cry, and I’m a brutish 23 year-old man.

Jesse Barba ’02 (re-attending) — I found the program was valuable. Professor Miller doesn’t cut corners. I am re-attending, but with me I dragged my study group and closest friends.

Jan Court '00 — I outlined my notes, reviewed the law, but still felt totally unprepared for upcoming exams. This class was exactly what I needed — the tools to confidently tackle the exam in a methodical way. My friends didn't want to sacrifice the day or pay $90. This course was well worth it. Not only has it saved me lots of time doing inefficient studying, but also pre-exam anxiety! Thanks.

Tanisa Jeffers '99 — For those of us who were not science majors, Miller's providing of a system gave me a tool to use that I could apply to all my exams. I thought the first semester was fuzzy, because I never quite knew what to do on the exam. Now I do . I'm sure second semester will be better.

Melody Granados '98 (fall semester) — It took me 2 years in undergraduate to figure out how to "Ace" exams in science. I didn't want to take that long in law school. Thanks very much!

Melody Granados '98 (repeating 2nd semester) — I personally felt the program was so effective, it was worth taking a refresher course. I'm not sure how effective flyers are. Talking to fellow law students has convinced me most are extremely skeptical about these types of programs. Law students are more likely to believe positive reports from other law students they know. Every person who came (in my group), I feel came because I strongly recommended the program. I recommend your encouraging students to spread the word.

[Note. We do ask students to tell others. Most, for competitive reasons, won't tell a classmate about us.]

Texas Southern University Thurgood Marshall School of Law

Chance Oliver '97 — How to use IRAC became so clear. I never dreamed I could feel so confident about an essay exam. Mr. Miller is really a down to earth teacher. I wish I had him for a professor (in all my classes).

Eduardo Martinez '09 — Great program! Law schools should require all students to take this progra. After attending twice, my confidence went up.

Erika Roberson '08 — Great program. Very valuable. [LEEWS note: Ms. Roberson did well and transferred to the University of Illinois School of Law.]

Texas Tech University School of Law

Melinda Ferro ’03 — The teacher [JoAnne Page] was so helpful, amusing, and comforting. I feel much more ready. Thanks! Lawrence D. Crawford '01 — Coming out of this program I have the confidence that I lacked beforehand. I feel I will no longer be intimidated when looking over professors' old exams.

Manuel Halter '01 — Very valuable. Provides an efficient and practical approach to law school testing.

Texas Wesleyan University School of Law

Tracy L. Abell '98E — Very valuable [program]. My legal analysis and writing instructor announced that she had heard good things about LEEWS. Humor kept the workshop from being dry!

Vicki Wiley '10E — Very valuable program. i enjoyed the live presentation very much, even after hearing some of the audio CDs. (I learn better live.) It was well worth the investment of time and money!

Marc Girling '09E — I absolutely enjoyed WM's presentation style. The 8 hours went by very quickly. The infusion of humor was extremely helpful!! Atticus Falcon [author, Planet Law School] hit the nail on the head by saying LEEWS is "the single most important key to success in law school." Grading in law school is a comparative process. The price of this program is a premium given the edge offered.

Chris Norris '08E — Very valuable program. Mr. Miller effectively and entertainingly demonstrates the depth of analysis professors seek on exams.

Jac Shuster '08E — Dramatically improves efficiency of study and helps relieve stress of final exams.

Paul Ghassemi '07E — Within the first hour of the program I knew that I would like to repeat it. Not just because of the wealth of information Mr. Miller had to offer, but for how motivated I became about learning the tools I would need in school and beyond. This program is underpriced.

Keli Aiken '05 — Very valuable program. LEEWS helped me to see ideas I had from my first year courses in a clear, easy-to-approach manner. I can't wait to go home and work through the book!

Denise Osterman '05 — Meaningful, practical information in a painless presentation. Very worthwhile!

Shiney Daniel ‘04E — Mr. Miller’s approach really took away the fear of taking law school exams!

Heather M. Hardy '02 — I am so glad I attended. I almost didn't come, because I questioned whether it would be worthwhile. That would have been a big mistake.

Lynnita Humphries-Diaz '02 — This was the best seminar that I ever attended!

Jackie Webb '01 — Excellent program. I can't believe how clear it made the whole law school process of taking exams.

Corby Bell '02E — A very practical, easy-to-follow, effective presentation of what the exam is about and how to look good taking it.

Tanette Hiler '99 — Excellent instruction with kid gloves. Easy to understand. [JoAnne Page] was great. She focused on issues and facts, not conclusions for our discussions. More advertising is needed. I only found out about this two weeks ago. My stress level would have been much lower.

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Brigham Young University School of Law

Garrett Whiting '05 [taken in LA] — I really enjoyed the presentation, and especially the content. I think it will help me prepare for my finals. You should come somewhere closer to Utah.

Joshua Covey '05 [taken in LA] — Very valuable. This program was what people should really tell you when you start school! Dynamic and fun learning experience!

University of Utah School of Law

Adam Buck '08 — Enjoyable and invigorating. I should have enrolled sooner.

Aurelio Borgia '07 — This is the best advice I have gotten about law school in general, and exams specifically. Before the course I was getting frightened by the looming tests. Now I am looking forward to writing the exam. Wentworth Miller gave me not only skills, but a feeling of confidence.

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Vermont Law School

Tim Corso '06 — Valuable program. Excellent presentation.

Ross Murray '97 — The most valuable thing I've done in law school. Extraordinarily insightful and clear.

A.M.Parent '96 — I will definitely recommend this seminar ... to students of NEXT year's class. I understand, finally, what I could have/should have done, and it wasn't re-reading the cases one more time. THANK YOU! This should be mandatory for all law students during orientation.

Carolyn Dorman '99 — Valuable [program]. I particularly liked Steps 1 and 2. I needed a strategy to counter the sinking sensation that occurs on an initial reading of the exam question.

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George Mason University School of Law

Rachel Schwartz '10 — Valuable program. I was impressed at how quickly the mystic property of a law exam dissipated. Knowing how to prepare makes the upcoming exam session significantly less daunting. Thanks.

C. Todd Marks '01 — Wonderfully concise and informative. Should lead to power-packed essay writing.

Andrew Cabana '03E — Excellent Program. Broke down the mystery of what the profs are doing on the exam.

Joel E. Traylor, Jr. '97 — PRACTICAL advice showing how to IMPLEMENT IRAC, not just what the I, R, A and C stand for.

Mark McGovern '98 — Nothing can match spending a full day going through this program. It provided me with motivation and new ideas for getting prepared for exams.

Lisa Williamson '98 — I liked the entire presentation. I finally have a systematic, common-sense approach suitable for every course. With these tools law school can be enjoyable.

Liberty University School of Law

Jenna Ellis '11 (who transferred to U. Richmond Law) — Very valuable program. (One professor said [LEEWS] was very helpful.) This class made me more confident to prepare for exams and have a directed plan. It also made me change my perspective completely on how and why to prepare outlines.

 Regent University School of Law

J. D. Secord '99 — I am a 2L, and I have learned more about essay organization and effective argument in this 8 hour course than I learned all year as a 1L.

Ginger Parker '03 (taken as a 2L) — Valuable program. Excellent presentation. [Ms. Parker raised her "B" average to an "A" average.]

Lauren Roche '08 (2nd term) — Very valuable program. Great scaffolding for building any exam essay. Not boring like most one-day reviews, seminars, preps. ... Presenter [Mr. Miller] has a personality! Odd to find in any law-related program.

Eugenia Morrissette '06 [special Feb '04 VA Beach program] — Very valuable program. For the first time since I began law school I can see a framework for analysis. I feel so much less confused and so much more prepared to write a clear essay answer. [Original emphasis.] Thanks.

Sara Schoenhals '06 [special Feb. 04 VA Beach program] — This was an enjoyable way to spend a Saturday. I enjoyed Mr. Miller's teaching style. He is energetic and makes the material fun to learn. It was well worth it.

Ada Williams '06 [special Feb. 04 VA Beach program] — Very valuable program. [Mr. Miller] is so snimated, he almost makes you forget you are dealing with the hardest time and courses in law school.

Sarah Elaine Benda '05 — A professor/dean recommended LEEWS. Very helpful way of analyzing exam questions and learning reasonable ways of applying information.

Amanda Forehand '05 — Mr. Miller's presentation was engaging, and his suggestions/formula both relevenat and practical. I find myself much more optimistic about my upcoming exams than I was when I arrived.

Linda Hansen '05 — The program helped me gain confidence that I can play the game. I'm inspired to face my final exams!

Rachel Hyde '05 — I really enjoyed this course. It was practical common sense. I was reminded for the first time (in a long time) what my objective is in law school and what I am supposed to learn.

Chantel Keys '05 — I really liked Wentworth's style and the humor he added to what could have been a boring topic. I found his method very useful in terms of organizing how to prepare and do well on exams. I have a new confidence and outlook on the tests to come. Thank you!

Rachelle Higgins '04 — Very valuable. I liked the program. I think a little more crunch time tools would have helped, since our exams are so close. However, this course was excellent. [LEEWS note: Hopefully, Ms. Higgins later noted the advice in the bookmark she was given to go to p. 84 of the text — "What to do when it's late in the game."]

Kathryn Pecht '04 — Mr. Miller immediately puts the room at ease with his bantering characteristics. That doesn't take away from the effectiveness of what he has to say. For the first time I can go into an exam with a surefire plan of attack that will get me through the panic stage. That alone makes it worth the time and money spent.

Beth Ann Lawson '04 — Very valuable. Dynamic, high energy presentation. I wish I had had this before law school began, with a review in mid semester of the first term. Truly enjoyed it and learned!

Rose Mellion '04 — Very valuable. The program takes the fear out of exams and allows you to rely on a simple system as an edifice. Simply impressed with the knowledge of the instructor.

[LEEWS note: We are pleased that our system seems "simple" once its various facets are introduced and practiced. However, overall it is actually very sophisticated. It has to be, if it is going to make ANY and ALL law essay exams a predictable exercise.]

Shevine Gadson ‘04E — Very valuable!!! Excellent presentation! I wish I had taken this at the beginning of my summer class. It would have made legal analysis much easier!!! Thanks!

William Phillips ‘04E — Very valuable program. The exercises are extremely helpful. I would have liked to have known about the program earlier.

Tami Langnes '00 [taken as a successful 3L] — I transferred schools at the end of my second year. As a 3L, and after four rounds of finals with a good GPA, I thought I was good at taking exams. I did many of these steps, but attending this course exposed some gaps in my thinking and skills. I feel those gaps have been filled, and I am looking forward to taking my skills to a higher level.

Shane M. Burroughs '03E — I feel that insight gleaned from this course is invaluable to success on the law school exam.

Kirk Nance '99 — LEEWS gives you a step by step method for finding all of the key issues, and dispensing with them in a well organized essay. Most students have a haphazard, shotgun approach to spotting and discussing issues. The result is that they waste time and miss the important issues on the exam.

University of Richmond T. C. Williams School of Law

Jenna Ellis '11 (transfer from Liberty U. School of Law) — Very valuable program. (One professor said [LEEWS] was very helpful.) This class made me more confident to prepare for exams and have a directed plan. It also made me change my perspective completely on how and why to prepare outlines.

Theresa Gryder '04 — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation.I particularly liked the energy of Mr. Miller, his humor, and the advice/insights into what professors want.

Dharmesh Vashee '01 — Very bold, unique and informative approach. The program offered powerful and practical information perfectly tailored to new law students.

David Falcon '99 — Excellent program. Worth the time and money. The techniques taught in the seminar can be applied to all classes and exam formats.

Katie Indelicato '99 — Really an excellent course. Offered a realistic approach for handling the information. Probably the best "study aid" I've bought. Thanks.

Josh Rahman '98 — The presentation was excellent. You would imagine the length would drag, but the time actually flies too quickly. Informative, effective, up to date, and honest!

Clint Vranian '98 — Very strongly recommended by the dean of admissions (Michelle Rahman, mom of Josh [above]). LEEWS made me realize the law school exams' bark is much worse than its bite, once you learn how to take them.

University of Virginia School of Law

Dean Barham '94 — LEEWS was great. Taught me what the hornbooks, professors, and outlines didn't — what's important and what's not when studying the law and being tested on it.

Kara Atkins '11 — [LEEWS] was absolutely wonderful. The best break from studying I have ever taken.

Eric Houlihan '11 — Very valuable program. The presentation was clear and helpful. Helped to reduce apprehension and give perspective. Created a framework to use for attacking the test.

Chris Tyrell '06 — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation. It changed the way I look at everything I'm doing in law school.

Jason Peters '04 — The simplest way to convey my satisfaction with LEEWS is to say that not only did the program live up to all of the claims made on its flyer, but Mr Miller was very funny as well! Overall, the program was entertaining as well as informative.

Darcey Rhoades ’03 — After this class I realized everything I did wrong on the mid-term I took 5 days ago. However, armed with my new knowledge, I am prepared to do much better on the final.

Genevieve Goodrow '00 — LEEWS helped change my attitude from frustration and even some fear to a more willing and excited approach to law and exams.

Matthew Zik '99 — Mr. Miller's instruction was brilliant. It was as if he knew my fears, hopes, expectations, and frustrations. Miller knows what law students and professors are thinking.

Washington & Lee University School of Law

Francesca Jean Baptiste '10 — Very valuable program. I thought the presentation was so helpful and informative. Particularly liked the lesson on analysis. Thanks!

Ya Marie Cham '10 — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation and materials.

Marti McCaleb '10 — Very valuable program. As helpful as the LEEWS audio has been, the live program, I think, is even more effective. Mr. Miller's engaging presentation is great live. It's easier to comprehend the whole of the system — particularly the UBE experience at the end.

[LEEWS note: UBE (ugly but effective) is the unique format for practicing analysis and concise pargraphed presentation of same.]

Kristal Lauren High '07 — This is the most excited I've felt about law school since I started! I can't wait to apply everything I've learned when I get back to school.

David Jordan ’03 — I don’t think I could have used this time in a more productive fashion. I was going in the wrong direction with my studying. Now I feel confident that I will be able to parse through any exam question. Thank you.

Telly Fathaly ’02 — I wish I could have the 10 days and $2,000 I sunk into [prelaw program sponsored by major bar review program] back. They taught me less in 10 days than I gained here in one. What a waste. I’m glad I didn’t give up on other programs like LEEWS!

College of William and Mary Marshall-Wythe Law School

Joe Massicotte '10 — Very valuable program. Mr. Miller's humor and insights transformed my apprehension about first semester exams into an excitement to take advantage of an opportunity to demonstrate my knowledge to my professor.

Ashley Edwards '05 — The course seemed very helpful and gave me insight into tools and methods I would never have considered.

Ward P. Griffin ’03 — Very valuable program. The presentation was excellent, the structure of the program superb. Definite confidence booster.

Elizabeth Sumner '99 — I came into the session very nervous about exams. I left with perspective, confidence, and a plan of attack!

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Washington State

Gonzaga University School of Law

[September '06 email from Jeremy Eveland, MBA, JD, class of '05:] Wentworth. Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that your materials assisted me in graduating cum laude and passing 3 bar exams (Utah, Nevada, California) Your work is excellent. I used the homestudy course and referred to the Primer several times in studying for classes and each bar exam. Thank you.

Elizabeth Meehan '08 — Valuable program. Particularly liked [Mr. Miller's] great sense of humor. He kept it moving.

Scott P. Bowman '98 — Valuable program. Gave hope. Should be a couple days.

Joseph A. Wagner '98 — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation & materials. After taking two exams, I realized it's not so much what you know, but how you write an exam.

Seattle University School of Law

Robyn Mellen '10 — Very valuable program. I enjoyed the humor, and how specific ideas were repeated and explained thoroughly, then put into practice.

Susan Prentice '04 — I took my first law school class this summer and received a B+. After taking this course, I have no idea how I managed to grade so high, other than by luck. I feel more confident going into the next set of exams, because this time I will have a strategy.

Michael Gordie ’03 — The enjoyable nature of the program transformed exam writing from a dreaded inevitability to an eagerly anticipated game.

Mike Keyser ’03 — I feel as if Wentworth Miller has empowered me to rise to the top of the class and succeed beyond my wildest dreams.

Aaron Reynolds ’03 — I feel I have been unplugged from the “matrix!” LEEWS is your opportunity to take the pill necessary to get unplugged and see your exams for what they are. You will learn to dodge bullets with confidence.

Barbara Konior '01 [taken as a 2L] — Wish I had taken the course last year! It explained what I still hadn't learned after being a 1L.

Margaret Bramnall '99E (spring term) — Systematic, applicable to all exams, something to do in the first few minutes, how to analyze. Am confidently expecting to change my B's to A's now that I have really grasped Step 3. I recommended this to all my friends, who will now be my competitio n. But I can use the techniques to get A's anyway. (Ms. Bramnall got all A's as a 3L.)

Jerry Guite '99E — Super. I've been out of school for 25 years (MBA 1972), and this course helped me regain my confidence in my ability to handle any exam. I should have taken it last semester. I will be more organized in the future, for sure.

Allen Nason '99E — First year students need this. There is no doubt in my mind. I have a competitive advantage now for a very reasonable price.

Christine Kilo '99E — Gave me an adrenalin surge — excitement I was losing from worries about class performance and too much reading. Learned more about action of actually lawyering. I enjoyed my first moot court experience, and felt like I was being challenged the same way here. THANK YOU.

University of Washington School of Law

Michael Furtado '89 — Integrates the hints that professors drop into an easily understood and applied system.

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West Virginia

West Virginia University College of Law

Courtney Richardson '12 — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation. I had it wrong the whole time! I wish I had done this before my first semester and not at the end.

G. R. Shaffer III '11— Very valuable program. I am looking forward to studying for exams now! This lecture was rejuvenating, because I feel like I am going after my exams, rather than have my exams come after me. This program should be required for all 1Ls before taking their first exam!

Scott McHenry '98 — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation & materials. I enjoyed it . I believe the information I received here will help me immediately, as well as on tests in later semesters. It has already relieved some of the anxiety I feel toward upcoming finals.

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University of Wisconsin School of Law

J. Hanover '97 — Valuable. Word-of-mouth from a top student performer made me choose LEEWS.

Patti Smith '97 — Mr. Miller's lively presentation made me laugh, made me think — and most of all, it made sense!


University of Wyoming Law School

Rick Hunter '97 — Very valuable program. Excellent presenter. A previous student recommended LEEWS.

Jack Crawford '01 — Best investment I've made in my law school career. I'd recommend LEEWS to all 1Ls.

Pre Law School Students ("prelaws")

[LEEWS note: Owing to recommendations in publications like Planet Law School and in internet chat rooms, more and more prelaws take LEEWS live and audio. We used to think it best that students be in law school for a few weeks before taking our program. No more. Prelaws grasp what we offer surprisingly well, possibly because they have not yet become confused by law school instruction.]

[LEEWS note: We still think there is something to be said for experiencing a few weeks of the frustration and futility of conventional briefing. Certainly, prelaws should at least go to a law school or their county law library and read a few cases, just to have a reference point when "cases" are discussed. However, why not be like the UVA '04 student who did LEEWS by audio the summer before law school, and was both amused and astonished at the classmate who came up to him after he asked, in an orientation week program, "where does black letter law fit in?" (Note — he must have been showing off, since, having taken LEEWS, he should have known the answer.) The classmate asked, sheepishly, "What is 'black letter law?'" There is so much new to be learned about the lawyering process, and especially exams, and — trust us — law school does an abysmal job instructing it.]

There follow attested reactions by (ambitious) prelaws. Despite the noted expected year of graduation, all took LEEWS live prior to beginning law school. We have added the school they expected to attend where they noted it. . . .

Richard Greenhaus (Syracuse '12) — Valuable program, excellent presentation. Extremely knowledgeable presenter [Mr. Miller]. Made boring material interesting and kept my attention.

Dimitri Teresh (Fordham '11) — Valuable program. As an incoming law student, I found the instruction immensely helpful in preparing me for success in law school.

Jesse Quinney, Jr. — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation and materials. I'm a 40 year old prelaw student enrolled in Excelsior College. I found out about your program from Planet Law School II. Thoroughly enjoyed the program. I look forward to attending law school and reporting my first semester grades to you next year.

Caitlin Cline (St. John's '10) — Mr. Miller is amazing! He kept my attention the entire day, and made the time pass so quickly. I am so happy I decided to take this course before starting law school. Don't change a thing!

Katrina Wallace (undecided between Rutgers-Camden, Penn State, and U. Balt.) '08 — Very valuable program. Excellent presentation.

Brian Goss (??) — Very valuable program. I'm not a law student, but my fiancee' is. I attended this program [in Chicago, Feb. '04] with her in the hopes of using my background in science to help translate the analytical method presented to her. The lecture was so clear, and the method so clear and robust, that my translation isn't necessary. In fact I believe we can study together!

Rishi Bagga '06 — Very valuable program. Lots of info! Excellent presentation.

Alan Fowler '06 — As a prelaw, while I'm not foolish enough to believe I am "prepared for law school," after taking this seminar I believe I am at an advantage over my future classmates.

[LEEWS note: Trust us. Alan is prepared enough. Law school isn't easy, but it's hardly rocket science.]

Johanna Clybourne '05 (undecided) — Excellent presentation. Very lively. Since I wasn't sure what law school was about, but knew enough from reading that the exams make or break you, I was relieved to see a methodology laid out on how to prepare and what to expect and how to do it. I feel less anxious about starting law school. Thank you.

Jodi Erickson '05 (Benjamin Cardozo, NY) — Very valuable. Was recommended by posts on the Princeton Review prelaw discussion board. Though as a prelaw I have no "toolbox" — LEEWSspeak for course outlines. — to speak of at present, I feel much more confident entering law school with a precise and methodical exam-taking system at my disposal.

Jacob Gurwitz '05 (U. Penn.) — I'm relieved to know that there is a method to the madness. I'm excited by the chance to make the most of my law school experience.

Tiffany Hill '05 (Stanford) — Very valuable. I can't wait to try the method out. This is what I've been looking for.

Marlon Munian '05 (U. Conn.) — Excellent program. Mr. Miller's enthusiasm, sense of humor, and organization made the material enjoyable and understandable. Looking forward to implementing it.

Shan Casteel '04 — Instilled confidence along with a methodology for attacking law exams. I'd definitely recommend this program to anyone planning on attending law school.

Paul Drevenstedt '04 (Tulane) — I listened to the tapes over the summer and used the techniques from day one. I've never felt lost or confused. LEEWS has been a big advantage.

Darren Hartman '04 — I felt [LEEWS] went beyond how to take exams and recommended a comprehensive approach to law school. Thank you!

Amy Wells '04 (U. Dayton) — I attended as a prelaw and feel the program has given me a much greater comfort level. I also believe the program has given me the proper frame of reference from day one. Thank you!

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