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NOTE: No official live programs are scheduled for the winter/spring term, 2014. There may be a live program in a city near you that you can attend. However, that will be contingent upon whether a school has a group participating in the LEEWS $250,000 challenge. Mr. Miller will fly in to those cities to provide a two-day instruction program. We'll have to see how that progresses.

We suggest you form a group to participate in the challenge OR consider the equally effective (providing you do it!) audio program. There are unlikely to be live, one-day programs in future as in the past.

If no live program is scheduled near you, or the program near you comes late in the term, consider the equally effective audio CD program. (Equally effective IF you do it!) Note that you have a free 10-day trial of the audio CD program. Click here to order.

Those who do LEEWS prior to starting law school — a very good idea! — should revisit the instruction six weeks or so into the term. This not only reinforces facets of approach, especially abbreviated case briefing and class notetaking, but is important as a counter to what most everyone else is doing — briefing for class (not exams), taking mountains of useless class notes, posturing. (Good news! They're clueless. However, sometimes it is hard to imagine that so many smart, able people can be on the wrong track.)



LEEWS offers live one-day (8:45-5) programs in winter/spring [Feb.-Apr.] and in fall [Sept.-Dec.]. None in summer. The equally effective audio CD program is always available.

Below the schedule is information respecting program time, what to do before attending programs, suggestions respecting cheaper hotel rooms, cancellation policy, etc.

All scheduled programs are live, conducted by Wentworth Miller, LEEWS founder. (Click "About Your Instructor" for a profile of Mr. Miller.)

Price of Program

Prices: $135 for individual registration by Weds. prior to a program [includes book]; $150 thereafter and at door; $120 for members of group of 3-6; $115 for group of 7-12; $110 for larger [13+] groups; free course for organizer of group of 20+ (or group of 13+ if group members pay the $115 rate). $70 to repeat the program (including purchasers of the audio program), $60 if with a friend or part of a group (and bring the book!). The audio CD program is $175, which includes book, shipping, handling (3-4 day delivery). Go to "Live Program" for price and payment information, how to form a group, etc. See "Program Content" for description of the live program, photos of the book and audio program, etc.

Time of Program

Time: Live programs run from 8:45-5 or slightly after, with a break for lunch on your own. Registration is 8:15-8:45.

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Note: Because LEEWS is a system of day-to-day, week-to-week preparation as well as actual test taking, as noted above, we suggest you consider the equally effective audio CD program if a live date comes late in the term. (See Program Content for photo, description, etc.) However, students who take LEEWS even days before exams also typically report greatly improved exam performance. It is simply that you vault far beyond clueless classmates in so many respects.

(See useful advice below on what you should be doing prior to a LEEWS live program.)

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Location (normally a hotel)












Durham, NC*



Gainesville, FL





Los Angeles



New York City






San Francisco



Washington, DC



* Live program in fall term only.

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PROGRAM:  All programs are from 8.45-5 (including lunch hour on your own). Check-in in fall is from 8:00-8:45. (8:15-8:45 in winter/spring.) Seating is first come, first served. Unless a message at our 800 number (800.765.8246) or online indicates a program is closed (unlikely in most cities), one can register at the door — cash, check, money order, or credit card. Be sure to come rested. A note pad is a good idea, but not essential. Do not bring a laptop! (More thinking — about the law, its application, etc. — is what we are about, not endless note taking. Indeed, our grads typically report reducing note taking to well under a page per class hour.) Students — new 1Ls — who have not yet taken a law school exam will benefit from looking at old essay exams prior to coming. (Any exam, in any subject. We want you to have a feel for the complexity of "hypothetical" fact patterns and the confusion experienced when addressing them. Normally old exams can be found on file in the library. Or simply look at the sample exams at this website.) Prelaw? — try to find and read a couple actual "cases" (judicial opinions). Probably some can be found on the internet. Or visit any county law library or law school library.

ACCOMMODATIONS/PARKING:  As most attendees travel locally, LEEWS makes no arrangements with host hotels respecting accommodations, discounts. Generally, host hotels are expensive. If travelling overnight and expense is a concern, it is advisable to stay outside the city center. Less expensive accommodations — Red Roof Inn, Super 8, Sleep Inn, etc. — may typically be found at the intersections of major highways. Their 800 numbers can be gotten from information — 800.555.1212.

DIRECTIONS TO HOTEL:  Sometimes we — at LEEWS — can offer directions beyond what is provided above. However, if more is needed, you are advised to call the hotel (numbers above). Sites such as may be another solution.

PARKING:  As with accommodations, LEEWS normally makes no arrangements respecting parking. Sometimes discounts are extended by the hotel. Where we know that parking is problematic or a helpful suggestion can be made, we do so in the above advisements under "Location." In most other instances parking is free on hotel grounds.

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PREPARATION PRIOR TO LEEWS:  Essential exam-taking components of LEEWS — exam orientation, structured issue identification system, how to analyze as a lawyer and present concisely, etc. — can be grasped, practiced, and implemented within days of an exam (even during the exam period). However, ideally you want more time to practice these aspects. Certainly, day-to-day and week-to-week preparation aspects of LEEWS — e.g., 2-4 line case briefing (while getting more from class discussion), 10-30 page course outlining, etc. — are enhanced the more time you have before exams. Hence the above suggestion to consider the equally effective audio program.

If the live program remains your preference, we suggest the following prior to the program. (You won't be quite so off the mark as most law students, especially new 1Ls.)

  1. Concentrate on learning and grouping clear, complete statements of relevant "black letter law" (rules, principles suggested by cases), preferably prior to class. (Professors won't teach you the law. Knowing it before you go into class will greatly assist comprehension. How to think and analyze as a lawyer, and therefore how to know the law really well and think about its application to facts, in most instances must await our instruction.) You will need a — preferably used, to save $ — commercial outline to get a complete statement of the law (also to place it in a larger context of related principles) — Emanuel's (free on lexis nexis!, but why download all that?), Gilbert's, Legal Lines, etc. (whichever sets forth the law in a way you prefer). Group this law weekly in your developing course outlines by category — e.g., statute of frauds, consideration, forms of acceptance, offer, etc. in contracts; intentional torts, unintentional torts, negligence, strict liability, etc. in torts; easement, adverse possession, holder in due course, etc. in property; etc.
  2. Look at old exams of your professors to get a sense of what you're up against (sometimes on file in the library, but harder and harder to find, as profs don't want to have to make up new hypos every year and therefore husband them).
  3. Read any articles written by your professors in the past couple years to gain a sense of their thinking, concerns, pet interests and peeves.
  4. Come to the program rested. (Programs occupy a long day. There is much to digest. However, they are very interesting, even surprisingly enjoyable, as Mr. Miller is a witty, enthusiastic instructor.)

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CANCELLATION OR NO-SHOW BY REGISTRANT:  If you are registered for a program and unable to attend, you may cancel through the Thursday prior to that program (call the 800 number) and receive a full refund minus a $25 administrative fee. Thereafter you would be assessed a $40 fee. Alternatively, you may switch to another program (no charge through the Thursday prior, $25 thereafter) OR apply the full amount paid toward purchase of the audio CD program ($175, which includes packaging and shipping). You may purchase the Primer (book) only ($45), and the $25/40 respective assessments would be reduced to $15/25. (I.e., what you paid would be refunded minus $55-65, depending on when this option was exercised.)

PROGRAM CANCELLATION:  In the event a program is cancelled, an announcement of same will be posted both above and at the 800 number (800.765.8246). You should check this site or call the 800 number the Thursday eve prior to your program. If your program is cancelled, registrants will be offered the option of 1) a full refund; 2) the audio program (normally $175) at the $135 live program discount rate; 3) the ability to attend another program at no additional cost.

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