Miller presents his program on-site around the country, as does his associate, JoAnne Page.  In 2000, I (again) sat in on the full session each one presented.  These two are magnificent teachers.  Their styles differ, but each is amazingly good.  The program runs on a tight schedule: roughly six hours [seven actually -- LEEWS note], with short breaks and a short lunchtime.  But Miller and Page are each so good that the time passes quickly.

It is truly disgraceful that a LEEWS-type program is not part-and-parcel of every law school's pedagogy.  It is even more disgraceful that many law school professors tell students “Don't take LEEWS.” ...  These [law professors] are serious about making law school as difficult as possible for you.

— Atticus Falcon, author of Planet Law School II (2003), p.165



— From Law School: Getting In, Getting Good, Getting the Gold, The Fine Print Press (2008), p.304

*    *    *    *

January '11 e-mail from the U. Texas Law School “Grand Chancellor”

Mr. Miller:

I’m a 3L and currently “Grand Chancellor,” class of 2011. (1st in my class w/a 4.13 GPA.) I believe in giving credit where credit is due. LEEWS factored significantly in my academic success. [Audio program, summer before starting.] (This despite a median -- for my school -- LSAT score.) It framed not just my approach to taking exams, but my approach to thinking about the law, and thus what I took away from my classes. Scored several highest grade awards. In one where the final was out of 50 points, I ended up with 37 -- and the median score was 12!

(Mr.) Kris Teng, Univ. Texas ’11

February ’09 e-mail from a 3L at U. Kansas Law School responding to our phone message inquiring whether he would be willing to distribute literature

Mr. Miller:

I apologize for the delayed response.  I would be happy to do some advertising aroung the law school for you.  I think the [live] LEEWS program [taken in first term] was incredibly helpful to me, and I would definitely like to encourage others to take it.  I really do believe it set me off on the right foot in law school... leading me to 19 A's so far, a position as Editor in Chief of the Law Review, and a job at a prominent Washington D.C. intellectual property law firm following graduation

Just give me the materials, and I'll gladly pass them out.

My current address is: [...]

Justin Hendrix, KU '09

May '08 e-mail from the graduating LEEWS rep at Brooklyn Law School who took LEEWS after a (typical) disappointing first semester

Mr. Miller:

It has been a pleasure both using the LEEWS method and encouraging others to learn it.  I still can't express enough how grateful I am that you designed this program.  It has helped me immensely over the years.  My first semester at law school -- before I'd taken LEEWS -- I barely pulled off a 3.0.  I was accordingly devastated that all my hard work had not paid off.  Since taking the program I've managed a 3.66 (A- average) or higher every semester, and I've earned the highest grade in my class 3 times (2 classes with approximately 120 students, 1 with approximately 50 students).  I cannot thank you enough.  I'm sure you hear this a lot, but LEEWS really was THE most valuable class I ever attended in law school.  I don't know that I would have been able to stick with it if I hadn't learned how to translate my knowledge into proper exam answers.  I'm sure I will continue to realize the benefits of the method as I prepare for and take the New York bar.

I've enjoyed working with you on advertising LEEWS.  I hope that our paths will cross again in the future.  Thanks again and best of luck.


Rebecca [Worden] '08

August '07 e-mail from a woman with a learning disability (ADHD) who took LEEWS second semester after being placed on academic probation following first term

Went from academic probation with my lowest grade being a D+ in Civ Pro, to an A in Civ Pro 2nd semester, the Book Award [highest grade] for Crim law with an A+, and this summer I earned an A in Crim Pro.... an awesome return of investment!

Thanks for everything!

Catharine M. Gagnon, Ohio Northern College of Law '09

June '07 e-mail from older Arizona State U. student pursuing law as a second career

Your program was great.  I bought the audio program [first semester] and then took the live program in LA my second semester.  First semester my highest grade on an essay final was 86.  Second semester I received two 89's, a 93, and a 95, and I know your program helped.  It makes you think a different way about the problems, and avoid coming to a conclusion too soon and ignoring the other side of the argument.

I will recommend your program to anyone looking for help.  Thanks.

Agnes Felton '09

In-class reaction of a South Texas College of Law student repeating as a 2L

The proof is in the pudding.  My first semester, I busted ass.  I studied more in one semester than in 4.5 years of undergrad.  I made B's & C's.  I took LEEWS [audio CD program].  The next semester I made all A's and B's, won the “Best Brief ”award, and Am Jur'd [highest grade] LRWII!

Wes Hobbs '08

September '05 e-mail from a Cornell 2L who took the LEEWS audio program his first term

I've already started recommending [LEEWS] to people.  I ended up at the top of my class last year, made law review, and have interviews, callbacks, and offers for employment from the best firms in the country.  So I've been telling all the 1Ls in my section [in which I am a T.A.] about the benefits of actually knowing how to take a law school exam.

Feel free to refer anyone here at Cornell to me if they have questions about the program and its benefits.

Studying definitely played a large role, but the help from LEEWS was invaluable in helping to aid that studying.  I came to Cornell from a school that was not a top tier undergrad [George Washington], and certainly one of the lower ranked schools represented at Cornell.  To do so well is a testament to LEEWS, and how it helps people sift through the multitude of material that one learns at law school and get to the meat that professors really want to see on an exam.  I fared far better than I ever expected, and it has opened up far more opportunities than I ever thought possible.

Thanks again so much, and if there's anything I can do, let me know.


Sean Akins '07

June '05 Letter from a Fall '04 Student who took LEEWS late in the term

Mr. Miller:

I took your class in Miami less than one week before my first law school exam.  Indeed, of my 3 friends who attended, I was the skeptic.  Imagine my surprise, astonishment, etc., when fall grades came back -- A, A, A, B+, B.  I made Dean's List (top 20% of the class)!!

I didn't think it could possibly get any better ...  BUT, somehow (OK, due to your system) it did.  Spring semester grades came back yesterday, and (drum roll) ...  A, A, A, A, A!!!

I was amazed.  Thank you so much.  Your program was incredibly informative and gave me the skills I needed to perform the way I did.  I still cannot believe how wonderful your program strategy and my grades are!

It's remarkable how much the LEEWS method changed my perception of law school exams.  Call me crazy (or a complete nerd), but I actually had FUN taking my exams this past semester, in whole because I was confident and prepared, not only with respect to the material, but more so with respect to the method/strategy of how to approach and structure an exam.

I will be a mentor for the incoming 1L class.  I am telling them about LEEWS asap!

Regards, Lauren J. Grous, University of Miami, 2007

[Here's what Lauren said on the questionnaire we handed her at the 11/28/04 live program: “Very valuable program.  Exams begin 12/3 (next Friday), but I feel as if my possible study/freak-out time was well spent.  Thank you!”]

Selected reactions over the years (click on “Reactions by State/School ”for many more):

LEEWS introduces the first scientific approach to breaking the mystique of the law school hypothetical. Invaluable for 1Ls. —Weldon Williams, Harvard '83

I'm a 2nd semester 2L.  I'm kicking myself for not taking this a year ago. —Sean Foster, South Texas College of Law '08

Very valuable.  LEEWS is the most comprehensive approach to doing well in law school.— Jonathan Thessin, Harvard '04

A fantastic program.  It opened my eyes and my mind to a number of fundamental truths about law school, and gave me the tools to succeed.  Go now.  Don't procrastinate.  It sounds silly, but you really could “win with LEEWS. ”— Adam Orford, Columbia '06

A friend told me that his friend at Georgetown took LEEWS and scored the highest in two of his classes.  Great lecturer. — Lawrence Wu, Columbia '99  [Mr. Wu took LEEWS as a 1L.  He was editor-in-chief of the Columbia Law Review for '98-'99.]

Great program!  Day flew by.  Wish I had had this 3 months ago.  Both my cousins will be 1Ls next year.  I am recommending it to both of them. — Brandt Swardenski, Univ. Colorado '06

I came last year [fall '02] and made Law Review.  It's a great system.  LEEWS did not make me smarter.  LEEWS made it much easier to effectively show how smart I am. — Mike Henry, Villanova '05

The [LEEWS] instructor grabs you by the hand and takes you step by step. You sit wondering why this was never taught your first semester of law school. When law professors teach you how to write exams they basically say, “here are some engine parts. Go figure out how to put it together. ”LEEWS says, “here is what each engine part consists of and how it works, and this is how you put it together. ” Thank you LEEWS. I truly feel I have an advantage over my classmates. — Maria Farias, Whittier (CA) '03

I feel like I'm cheating by coming [to LEEWS].  I would've paid 5X the price had I known this course was going to be so invaluable! — Jason Glantz, U. San Diego '05

The mystique about law school exams is perpetrated largely by those who have done well. They want everyone to think that they have an uncanny ability to master the whole supposedly esoteric process. There is nothing uncanny about it at all. It's simply a matter of organization and application. I now realize that I'm as capable as my peers who received better grades. They just happened to learn about LEEWS before me. — Carol Vassallo, Georgetown '85

Wonderful and concise.  It's the first time yet I have felt just a little confidence.  Thanks. — Jordan Ginsberg, U. Chicago '04

The simplest way to convey my satisfaction with LEEWS is to say that not only did the program live up to all the claims made on its flyer, but Mr. Miller was very funny as well! — Jason Peters, Univ. Virginia '04

I learned more about lawyering in one $75 seminar than I did in my entire $18,700 first year at Stanford. — Ann Pease, Stanford '95

Note: Be sure to see Messages/advice of the moment for useful and timely advice.  For reactions of students from your school and over 150 others, see “Attested reactions (over 900+) by state/school.”


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