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(Feb. '09 e-mail. Results from live program in first term.)

Mr. Miller:

I apologize for the delayed response. I would be happy to do some advertising aroung the law school for you. I think the [live] LEEWS program [taken in first term] was incredibly helpful to me, and I would definitely like to encourage others to take it. I really do believe it set me off on the right foot in law school... leading me to 19 A's so far, a position as Editor in Chief of the Law Review, and a job at a prominent Washington D.C. intellectual property law firm following graduation.

Just give me the materials, and I'll gladly pass them out.

— Justin Hendrix, U. Kansas '09

LEEWS is fantastic. It really explains how to write law school exams better than IRAC by teaching the specifics of analysis. It provides a surefire way to find most/all of the issues, and teaches students everything they need to know to prepare. It's the best kept secret in our school!

— Kristin Ketelhut, U. Miami '08

I've already started recommending [LEEWS] to people. I ended up at the top of my class last year, made law review, and have interviews, callbacks, and offers from the best firms in the country. Studying definitely played a large role, but the help from LEEWS was invaluable in aiding that study. I came to Cornell from a school that was not top tier undergrad. To do so well is a testament to LEEWS, and how it helps you sift through the multitude of material and get to the meat professors want to see on an exam. I fared far better than I expected. Thanks so much.

— Sean Akins, Cornell '07

I took LEEWS first semester. Since then I've received five A's and a B+, directly attributable to your methods. While others sweat and groan, I cooly write meaningful, organized answers. Thanks for the edge. The small amount you charge is one of the bargains of the century.

— Dr. Clifford Kraft, IIT - Kent (Chicago) law '96E

The lessons, tools, confidence, and insight was worth 10 times the cost! If my grades improve, it will have been worth even more.

— Barnett Walker, SMU '04

Wentworth Miller's LEEWS is a steal for what he charges.


(Feb. '09 e-mail. Results with LEEWS CDs as a 2L.)

Mr. Miller,
I received your message the other day about putting fliers in first year mailboxes and putting up some posters at Pepperdine. I would certainly be willing to do that for you.
I also want to thank you for the help that I received by way of the CD's I ordered. My GPA was about 2.49 after my first year, and I had seen more grades with the letter C than I care to enumerate. I listened to the program, utilized the strategy, and my grades this last semester were much better (A, A-, B+, B, B). Put simply, it worked.

— Joseph Moore, Pepperdine '10



LEEWS Live One-Day Program (NOTE. Information below has been retained for perspective purposes. However, it is no longer applicable or relevant.)

NOTE: One-day live LEEWS programs have not been scheduled since fall, 2013.

The audio (CD) version of LEEWS is available (incl. book—“Primer” [Tenth Edition, copyright 2016]). The audio program has always been equally, if not more effective than the live program (so long as you do it!).

Program Cost, Registration (NOTE. This information retained. However, it is no longer applicable or relevant.)

Individual Registration for Live, One-day Program (includes book [Primer])

COST: $135 (includes book), if payment made by Wednesday prior to date of program [actually prior to 9 a.m. EST start of business on Thursday]. $150 afterwards and at door.*

As noted, the cost of the live, one-day (7 hour) program, including the Primer, is $135, if you register by or on the Wednesday prior to the program. The cost thereafter, and at the door, providing space is available, is $150. You can register online with a credit card (VISA, MC, AMEX, DISC.), through the mail (form below) with check, money order, or credit card, or over the phone with a credit card (1-800-765-8246). All forms of payment, including cash, are accepted at the door. Note that you can join a group (see requirements below) at any time PRIOR to 7:30 a.m. the day of the program and receive the group rate. No one may join a group after 7:30 a.m.

* $40.00 of any registration payment is non-refundable, unless you advise of inability to attend by the Thursday prior to program. Then a $25.00 processing/cancellation fee will be assessed.

Click here for Schedule of Live, One-Day Programs

Register Now

Group Registration, Discounts, Advice on Forming a Group (No longer applicable or relevant.)

GROUP RATES (include book): $120.00 — 3-6; $115.00 — 7-12; $110 — 13 or more, or free course to organizer of group (and $115/per). No deadline, but groups must form prior to program. (See below.)

As noted above, if you register as part of a group of 3-6 persons, the individual cost is $120; 7-12 = $115 per; and 13 or more = $110 per. There is no deadline for obtaining the group rate. However, the group must form in advance of the program. This means

  1. the group must have a name (e.g., "Smith" group; "Lawmasters"; "Harvard '13 Section 1"; etc.);
  2. your name must be associated with the group name; and
  3. we must be advised in advance of the group and the names of its members, if only by telephone by 7:30 a.m. the morning of the program. (Leave a message — 800-765-8246.)

Payment may be made in advance or at the door, individually, or as part of a group. But we must have the name of groups and group members on our class list. Individuals may be added to a group at any time prior to 7:30 a.m. the day of the program. Should additions to or deletions from a group trigger a different rate, appropriate adjustments to each individual cost may be made, at the discretion of the presenter and LEEWS, if necessary on the day of the program. (E.g., a $5 deduction in a large group rate triggered by a day of payment or addition will normally not be awarded.)

How to form a group — If you know of friends or others planning to attend LEEWS, simply say, "Let's go as a group." Give the group a name (your last name, for example — i.e., "Smith group"), and give the group name and its anticipated size when registering. An easy way to form a group, especially a large group, is to make an announcement like the following in class, then post a signup sheet:

"The LEEWS exam writing program is coming on (date). It will be at the (hotel location). If you are interested, we should go as a group and get the group discount. A signup sheet will be posted (location). Or see me. The group will be called [make up a name]. Call or mail in your registration. Give the group name when doing so."

Another easy option is to post such an announcement by e-mail. So long as a person calling gives the group name, we will collect the registrants into a group and charge the applicable rate, making adjustments if necessary as the group grows. The organizing person(s) may call periodically to find out how large the group is.

NOTE: We at LEEWS will tell you whether a group exists, its approximate size, the year of its members, and whether it is evening or day division. However, WE WILL NOT TELL YOU THE NAME OF THE GROUP OR THE NAME OF A GROUP MEMBER. The quid pro quo for getting the group rate is the hope that you will talk to others about the possibility of attending LEEWS. Therefore, it is your responsibility to form a group or seek out an existing group.

Will I automatically be grouped with others from my school? — "No." Students are grouped by school on class lists, but no group can form under the school name alone — e.g., "Harvard group." Too much confusion would ensue. (E.g., "Hey, I'm from Harvard, too. Why can't I be in the group?") You MAY form a group under your school name and class year — e.g., "Harvard '13." School and class or school and section (e.g., "Harvard '13, Section A") is an excellent way to encourage participation. Even better is school mascot names — e.g., "Blue Devils," "Blue Devils '13," "Fighting Irish," etc. However, students wishing to join such a group must give the exact name — e.g., "Harvard eleven " or "Harvard class of eleven" — when registering (or provide the name of someone else in the group).

Because space in fall programs is sometimes limited, groups should try to form and advise us of their existence by the Wednesday prior to the program.

Free course for group organizer

Should a group equal or exceed 20 in number, a free course will automatically be extended to the organizer of that group, providing such individual is apparent (i.e., that person is known to us — because we have talked to him/her — as having started or organized the group). The organizer of a group of 12+ may also claim a free course, providing all members of the group pay the 7-12 rate ($115). If you plan to organize a group of over 12, but less than 20 for the purpose of claiming a free course, it should be made clear to those joining that they will pay $115, not $110. Most won't mind, as they will still get a substantial discount.

Register Now

Cancellation/No-show Policy (No longer applicable or relevant.)

If a registrant cancels by the Thursday prior to a live program, the full amount paid minus a $25 fee is refundable. After that the full amount minus a $40 fee will be refunded.

Cancellation (or no-show) by registrant
In the event a registrant does not appear at the program, what the registrant paid, minus a $40 no-show fee, will be refunded. However, the registrant must contact LEEWS! At which time he or she will be offered the option of a) applying the full amount toward purchase of the audio program; b) transferring to another program for a $25 fee; c) obtaining the Primer (book) only, in which event $50 will be deducted from the amount paid.

Cancellation by LEEWS
LEEWS has conducted well over 1,000 live programs(!!). Very rarely are programs cancelled. However, LEEWS reserves the discretion to cancel a program owing to illness, insufficient response, etc. If a decision to cancel is made, this will be posted at the website (Live Program Schedule) by the Thursday evening prior. Registrants as of that time will each be contacted, and will be offered the option of a) a full refund; b) the audio program in lieu of the live program at no additional cost; c) transfer to a different program with a $25 credit.

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Online Registration (No longer applicable or relevant.)

We offer both a secure online payment option for ordering products and a partial online ordering option. The latter is for those who would rather not leave credit/debit card information online. You may transfer to this option when you click to the order form (whereby you complete your order by phoning in your credit/debit card information to our 800 number [24/7]).

NOTE: The secure online ordering option is offered for your convenience. Should you have any problems with our secure online option, please click over to use the partial online ordering option. We apologize in advance should you encounter any inconvenience.

You may also simply call the 800 number — 1.800.765.8246 — 9-5 pm eastern standard time (sometimes later) and order from a representative. (Best to leave all but credit/debit card information online, then call, in the event you do not reach a live person.)

You may also send a check through the mail with an order form (or the information requested). Click on the "mail order form" option below or at the top. Normal turnaround for mail orders is 7-10 days.

Click here —> Click Here to Register Now to register for a live program.

Completion of partial Online Registration — Complete your order or registration by calling our 800 number (800.765.8246) at any time to leave 1) your name, 2) your credit/debit card number [VISA/MC, AMEX, DISCOVERCARD], 3) your phone number. During non business hours, or should no one answer, leave the required information on the message tape. This information will be secure. No information you provide will be shared with a third party. Note that you are not registered for a live program until payment is made.

Confirmation of registration
To avoid unnecessary communication, the immediate online confirmation you will receive of receipt of e-mailed registration information will be your only confirmation of registration. Secure online registration will receive an additional e-mail confirmation once authorization is approved. You will receive no further communication or confirmation unless a) information is incomplete, b) a problem processing payment has been encountered, or c) there is a problem or change of information regarding the program for which you have registered. Then you will be contacted by either e-mail or telephone. Otherwise, you may assume that you are duly registered . Merely show up at the indicated program to check in (between 8:15 and the 8:45 a.m. start).

Within one to two working days of receipt of your online registration and payment, your name will be entered on the class list for the live program indicated.

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Online & Thru-the-mail Registration (No longer applicable or relevant.)

(NOTE: After Thursday and just prior to a live program, YOU MUST REGISTER AT THE DOOR, NOT HERE. Come by 8:15-8:30. If you are part of a group, leave your name, school, the name of the group, or the name of someone in the group at the 800 number [800.765.8246].)

Click here —> Live Program Registration to pre-register for a live program. (Note: You are not registered until followup payment is made by phone.)
Click here —> Mail order form, if registering through the mail.

$40.00 of any registration payment is non-refundable, unless you advise of inability to attend by the Thursday prior to program. Then a $25.00 processing/cancellation fee will be assessed.


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