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I've already started recommending [LEEWS] to people. I ended up at the top of my class last year, made law review, and have interviews, callbacks, and offers from the best firms in the country. Studying definitely played a large role, but the help from LEEWS was invaluable in aiding that study. I came to Cornell from a school that was not a top tier undergrad. To do so well is a testament to LEEWS, and how it helps you sift through the multitude of material and get to the meat professors want to see on an exam. I fared far better than I expected. Thanks so much.

— Sean Akins, Cornell '07

The simplest way to convey my satisfaction with LEEWS is to say that not only did the program live up to all the claims made on its flyers, but Mr. Miller was very funny as well! Overall, the program was entertaining as well as informative.

— Jason Peters, UVA '04

I almost didn't come. But once here the light bulbs just kept flashing on over and over. I learned more in eight hours than I have in five weeks of law school.

— Justin Heideman, Mercer (GA) '00

I was skeptical of the claims on the flyer. Now I feel you have more than fulfilled all your promises.

— Kevin Gates, U. Houston '98




The Best Assurances (anywhere!) of Satisfaction

(We can guarantee B's, because you'll compete for A's.)

It's not that you have to write such an excellent exam. The good news in law school is that most law students, even at Harvard, write poor exams. If you can write a reasonably competent exam, it will look so good in comparison, that you will impress and compete for rare law school A's.

— Wentworth Miller, LEEWS founder, to LEEWS live attendees


Give up a day of study to attend a program in a hotel somewhere? We understand the skepticism. And why LEEWS, as opposed to some other program or aid? Won't the two-hour session on exam writing given by a professor (or upperclassman) at my school be enough? (The answer to the latter question is an emphatic "NO!") Click on The Standard Advice – Free! to learn why.

You have perhaps noted the glowing recommendations of LEEWS by Planet Law School and The Princeton Review Guide to Law Schools (at the Homepage). For many years word-of-mouth from friends, upperclassmen, lawyers, and, increasingly, law professors (LEEWS grads!) has fueled our success where competitor programs have gone bust. "You have to go," students are told.

Beyond our many years in business, and the student reactions and detailed information provided elsewhere on our website, we offer the following concrete assurances of satisfaction. No other program or study aid offers, or CAN offer assurances to match these -- not even close. That should be reason enough to appreciate that what we offer goes far beyond the standard IRAC-based fare offered by ALL other sources (which has never been enough to effectively compete for A's). Why settle for anything less than the following assurances?

A reference at your school

Visit the section of this website that provides Reactions to LEEWS of nearly 900+ past and current students at over 190 law schools. Or call. We can provide references at over 160 schools. A large proportion of our attendees are referred by friends, upperclassmen, lawyers, judges, and law professors (all of them among the well over 100,000 who have taken LEEWS over the years).

Better grades, top third finish, or money back

Money back guarantee: Simple. If you don't finish in the top third of your class first term and/or achieve mostly B's in essay exam subjects in the term you attend LEEWS (2.7 gpa or equivalent*), OR, if you already have law school essay exam grades, better grades (even if your gpa is already a 3.1, 3.3 or 3.5!) and at least a 2.7 or equivalent in essay exam grades, send a copy of an official transcript or grade report reflecting this by the following March (fall attendees; July for winter/spring attendees). We'll refund what you paid minus a $65 materials/administration fee.

NOTE: Because we cannot guarantee the use to which the audio program is put (e.g., some never get around to doing the audio program), this guarantee does not apply to the LEEWS audio CD program. You do, however, have the assurance of a ten day free trial of the audio program. (See following.)

Free trial of live or audio CD program

If, by the first scheduled break in the live program (approximately 75 min.), or within 10 days of receipt of the audio program you don't feel it's worth your time and money, return your book unmarked at the break, or your audio program as received. We'll give you a full refund, no questions asked.


* Admittedly, grade inflation in recent years has diluted the meaningfulness of our guarantee of B's. All B's once put you comfortably in the top half of the class at most law schools. (Still does at some.) However, what we are about is making rare law school A's possible, even likely. And we do guarantee a top 1/3 finish first term.

Many students grasp and efficiently apply the facets of the LEEWS system right out of the chute, and get A's. Others take longer to get skilled at the process. Admittedly, and here is where individual cleverness enters the picture, some never get quite good enough at analysis to break the difficult B-B+ barrier. However, so new, varied, and difficult to comprehend are the skills needed to handle law essay exams successfully, irrespective of intelligence and diligence, that it is almost inevitable that our students will perform better on exams than most of their clueless peers.

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