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We at LEEWS hope you enjoyed (or will enjoy) this book. It presents information and insights from Wentworth Miller's experience as a law student and a lawyer. In particular it presents information, positions, insights, points of view derived from his over 30 years of experience, instructing well over 100,000 law students in an innovative, exact science of law essay exam preparation and execution. We hope/trust you will find it empowering.

If you care to, you may contact us with comments and observations. Also, if need be, based upon your own knowledge and experience, additions, subtractions, corrections.

If you care to attest your remarks, please do so. You may include information about yourself, your occupation, your law school, if any, when you graduated. If you do not want remarks quoted and/or your name used, please indicate this.

It may not be possible to respond to all. Consideration and judiciousness in formulating responses will be appreciated.

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Gaming Emperor Law School Reaction/comments


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