An alternative to reading the extensive content at this website?

There is a lot of content at this website. Too much! The introduction to LEEWS alone is extensive.

For many years we have greeted and congratulated new “1Ls.” (That would likely be you!) We have endeavored via extensive discussion to overcome understandable skepticism that your professors and law school will not provide what you need to do well in law school. (Namely, get “A” grades.) We have endeavored to overcome suspicion that LEEWS is merely a scam; doubts about our claims of being very different from all other law school study aids; doubts about our claims of making a big difference; skepticism respecting our pooh-poohing of “IRAC” and conventional law essay exam-writing advice. (What you will receive in your orientation program, from professors, from your school's chapter of the Student Bar Association [SBA], from all other sources.)

All that content remains if you want to plough through it – results, nearly 1,000 quotes from students over the years, guarantees, etc. (Doubtless including quotes from past students at your school.)


Click on the following link to our new book – Gaming Emperor Law School. Scan the Table of Contents. Do you want to see the proof that something is systematically wrong with all law school instruction (your school included!), and this can and will hurt you; the reasons you are not likely to get a single “A” grade, no matter how smart you are or how hard you study (A-’s, perhaps; solid A’s, unlikely. Your high LSAT and 4.0 college GPA are meaningless!); why and how LEEWS is different and has to make such a difference (hint: law students are not trained to be lawyers!); etc.?

READ THE FREE BOOK! Please tell us what you think of it in the comments section.

At the very least it contains 30+ years of the accumulated wisdom of a lawyer, Yale Law grad, who has spent all that time observing and working on the problem of law essay exam writing and preparation. It contains tons of information you need to know about law school and the profession, but won't hear in your law school. (E.g., nature of law essay exams, and why they cause such problems [You can even match your skill against others, including Harvard Law students, in a brief exercise]; history of law schools [they never were about training lawyers!]; the extensive [and confusing] state and federal court structure; why lesser-ranked law schools often charge far more than higher-ranked [state] schools; legal terminology; etc.) You can experience what the first day of law school feels like. (It's much the same in all law schools. It hasn't changed in 50 years.)

In any event, good luck to you! (If luck, brains, and diligence is all you bring to the table, you'll need lots of luck!)


Wentworth Miller
LEEWS founder, instructor, author of Gaming Emperor Law School


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