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[Mr. Miller's] style, manner is outstanding.  It is so so much to take in in just one day.  It couldn't have been done if the presenter were not so engaging and very effective in teaching as Wentworth Miller.

— Ana Gallegos, U. Southern Calif. '08

JoAnne is wonderful — informative and engaging.  I've been shocked at how much is not taught in law school.  I found her lecture to be a valuable experience.  I appreciate her willingness to answer any and all questions.  

— Melanie Chandler, Seton Hall '08


About Your Instructor

Wentworth Miller   |   JoAnne Page

Mr. Miller, LEEWS Founder/Instructor

Miller presents his program on-site around the country, as does his associate, JoAnne Page.  In 2000, I (again) sat in on the full session each one presented.  These two are magnificent teachers.  Their styles differ, but each is amazingly good.  The program runs on a tight schedule: roughly six hours [seven actually -- LEEWS note], with short breaks and a short lunchtime. But Miller and Page are each so good that the time passes quickly.


It is truly disgraceful that a LEEWS-type program is not part-and-parcel of every law school's pedagogy.  It is even more disgraceful that many law school professors tell students "Don't take LEEWS." ...  These [law professors] are serious about making law school as difficult as possible for you.
— Atticus Falcon, author of Planet Law School II (2003), p.165

WENTWORTH MILLER founded LEEWS in 1981 and conducts most programs.  A Rhodes scholar and Yale Law School graduate ('77), Mr. Miller is a former assistant United States attorney (EDNY) and a member of the New York bar.  He developed the unique LEEWS approach and insights while practicing law and tutoring law students and graduates in effective study and exam taking techniques.  Students are consistently enthusiastic about his energy, humorous style, and engaging teaching ability.

Mr. Miller is incredibly knowledgeable, charismatic, funny, and skilled in teaching. I have total confidence the techniques I learned today will set my exam apart and help me earn top grades.
— Leslie Simmons, Howard Univ. '12

Very valuable program.  After 7 hours I already feel more confident, and that's before 1 minute of practice using my newfound knowledge and skills.  Mr. Miller was insightful, humorous, well-spoken, and clear.  I was a bit apprehensive and a bit skeptical of LEEWS, but now I understand why it and Mr. Miller have received rave reviews.  I'm looking forward to practicing the skills I've learned today, and I'm now excited to tackle and master my finals.
— Brad Green, Boston Univ. '08

Amazing speaker.  Great motivation.  I'm ready to go get it now and play the game.  
— Elizabeth Tucci, Oklahoma Univ. '08

Very valuable.  I like the feeling that Mr Miller cares about students doing well, rather than this seminar only being a vehicle to make money.  This is shown by his availability before, during, and after the seminar.
— Cora Cooper, U. LaVerne School of Law '04E

Miller, although a Yankee, combines Zig Zigler and southern baptist preacher tactics that keep you engaged ALL DAY.
— Julie Ell, Tulane '04E.

[Mr. Miller] was fantastic.  He calmed my anxieties and made me want to focus on the task at hand.  He kept me awake and interested for all those hours.
— Mana Behbin, Univ. Penn. ‘03

Mr. Miller sounds just like Jack Nicholson, which is extremely entertaining.
— Dylan Howard, U. Georgia '02

Mr. Miller has a captivating style of oration.  His presentation is a fascinating and amusing synthesis of Jack Nicholson and George Bush [the senior -- LEEWS note]. You have to see it and hear it to believe it.  You can't afford not to take this class.
— Zach Roberts, U. San Diego '98

Mr. Miller's ability to captivate his audience and hold its attention all day is astounding.
— John Sisk, LSU '92

Absolutely mesmerizing!  The time flew by!
— Mike Robinson, Pepperdine '98

Note. The equally effective audio version of LEEWS is available. However, we ceased offering regularly scheduled live programs in 2013. Mr. Miller is available for 2-day live programs by invitation (25 student minimum). Take particular note of the LEEWS $250,000 challenge to all law schools.

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JOANNE PAGE is also a graduate of Yale Law ('80).  A onetime New York City Legal Aid Society trial attorney, Ms. Page has a full and active career apart from LEEWS as executive director of the Fortune Society, NYC, an enterprise that conducts and advocates alternatives to incarceration.  She instructs a limited number of LEEWS programs because she loves to teach and finds LEEWS to be such a worthwhile subject to impart.  As energetic and humorous as Mr. Miller, Ms. Page's style and manner is possibly more engaging.  Her ratings by students during 20+ years with LEEWS have been uniformly superlative.

The program was quite helpful.  I wish all of my professors were as competent and fun as Ms. Page.
— Marissa, Seton Hall '08

Thank you.  Ms. Page rocks!  Could not be a better teacher. — Jorge Figueroa, Seton Hall '07
[JoAnne Page] was great -- actually outstanding. I wish she taught at my school.  I had many "ah, ha" moments today.  Thanks.
— Dominique Collins, St. Mary's (San Antonio) '04

JoAnne was amazing!  After a long week of classes she kept us engaged, thinking, and laughing.  She was clear, convincing, and seemed to genuinely care about us.
— Cora Schmid, NYU ‘03

I loved the instructor [Ms. Page] -- brilliant, to the point, really effective style.
— Tabare Depaep, NYU '00

This instructor [Ms. Page] is superb.  I got more than I bargained for.
— Sandra Mayoral, Catholic Univ., (DC) '00

Ms. Page is spectacular.
— Kim Owens, Columbia '99

The presenter (JoAnne Page) is as good as it is possible for a human being to be.
— Mitchell Medina, Seton Hall (NJ) '98E

Suffice to say that both Mr. Miller and Ms. Page bring to each program a typical Yale Law grad's intelligence and commitment to changing the world and the people in it for the better.  Both love teaching, both are extremely experienced and down to earth, and both have the rare ability to amuse and entertain while effectively conveying vast amounts of information.


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